Bed Pockets


Bed Pockets


Create these crafty bed pockets for a great do-it-yourself storage solution for the bedroom. Perfect for storing books, magazines, and other items, kids especially will enjoy using these unique storage containers to keep their rooms clean and their belongings safe.



  • Main fabric:85cm x 40cm
  • Top flap: 15cm x 40cm
  • Inside drawer magic grip: 20cm x 34cm
  • Stitch in velcro 10cm piece


  1. First you need to choose your fabric, and cut the materials according to above sizes

  2. Take the top flat piece and make all 4 edges neat by double turning them and stitching

  3. Then stitch one side of the velcro piece centrally and close to one edge

  4. Next take your main fabric piece, double turn and stitch one of the shorter edges to neaten, then stitch on the other velcro piece centrally and 3cm down from the finished edge

  5. Next fold the main piece of fabric right sides together to form the pocket. From the fold to the finished edge should be 28cm. Stitch both sides

  6. Next you need to box out the corners of the pocket so you can fit lots of books in! To do this, reach your hand inside the pocket you just created and flatten out the corner with the seam in the middle

  7. Make sure the seam is central on your fold, then stitch across the triangle fo the fold 4cm in from the point. It's worth doing a double row of stitching here for extra strength

  8. Then snip off the triangle of corner just below the stitching, and repeat with the second corner

  9. Now turn the pocket right side out. For the next part, I finished off the edge of the fabric that will sit under the mattress. This part will not be seen, but is worth doing to prevent fraying. Of course it depends on the type of fabric you have used as to whether it will fray...Just double turn the edges over and stitch

  10. Next you need to attach the grip material. Just place this on the right side of the main fabric piece above the pocket

  11. Pin in place and stitch around the edge. I found that I needed to firmly hold the fabric behind the needle as I sewed so the foot would move along the rubber grip

  12. Finally you need to attach the top flap. Place this above the pocket, slightly below the line of stitching from the grip material on the other side. Then pin and stitch on

  13. Now you are ready to put your pocket in place . Lift up the mattress and place the top piece of fabric with the grip material stitched on where you want it to hang on top of the bed base. Put the mattress back down, and fill with books!




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This is an ideal project and storage system I wish we had over the past several months. My mother was in bed for a couple of months after an extended hospital stay. Right now she has a chair that has deep pockets for her crossword books and magazines. If she has to be bedridden again I will make sure to make this set of bed pockets for her. I'd love one for my own bed actually. What a great space saver.

These bed pockets are a fantastic project for me to attempt. I can purchase extra sheets to match my bedding. Thanks to the designer.

This is just perfect for my grand daughters bed. She is an avid reader and would stay up all night reading if she could. I need to make it for her but I am afraid it will just slide out from between the mattress and box springs so I am going to make one for noth sides of the bed and then attach them to a long strip of eithe material or elastic running across the top of the box springs.

This is genius, genius, genius! I wish I had found this before I bought a bed with drawers. I'll have to remember this for next time. Thanks!

I haven't tried this one, but I bought one for my bed and the problem is it doesn't stay put slides off the box spring. I suggest making pockets like saddle bags where they hang on either side of the bed, connected by a piece of cloth.

I used two very large safety pins to secure the pocket to the box springs (which no one knows or sees). No problems!!!

I love this idea! I'm going to make one for both my husband and I. I already have some of the grip stuff too. You know I remember reading somewhere else about putting scotch tape on the bottom of the sewing foot when sewing things like leather or faux leather to get it to slide easier. I bet that would help with this too.

What a great idea. This would come in real handy. I'm always knocking things off my night stand at night feeling around for something in the dark. This would make things so much easier, just slide my hand in the pocket and pull what I need out. (-; Thanks for sharing your step by step tutorial.


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