How to Resize Crochet Afghan Patterns


How to Resize Crochet Afghan Patterns

Learn how to resize your favorite crochet projects for many more options!

How to Resize Crochet Afghan Patterns
How to Resize Crochet Afghan Patterns

Almost daily, we receive comments on regarding how a reader can resize a crochet afghan pattern or crochet blanket pattern. Oftentimes, readers love the pattern and hate the size! That is why we have decided to create this helpful crochet tips for beginners list on how to resize a crochet pattern. The tips below can be used to make a crochet afghan pattern bigger as well as done in reverse to make a crochet an afghan pattern smaller. Just scroll down, bookmark, print out, or save How to Resize Crochet Afghan Patterns for all the info you need to modify a crochet pattern.

These easy tips for crocheting are about to change your life! They even work for some other free crochet patterns like scarves, cowls, and shawls. With these tips for resizing a pattern, you now have even more free crochet patterns at your fingertips! A crochet baby blanket can be a throw with just a few modifications! Even better, a larger afghan pattern can be scaled down to create small throw. With these tips by your side, every single crochet pattern can turn into several more with just a few adjustments.

Ways to Re-size a Crochet Pattern

  1. Add chains to the pattern.

    Adding chains to your crochet pattern is one of the easiest ways to make it larger or smaller. You don’t even have to do that much math in order to make this happen! Simply crochet the chain of your afghan pattern to your desired length while keeping count. Once you have reached that limit, just keep crocheting that many until you’re through with the pattern.

    Do the same if you are trying to create a smaller crochet pattern, just work the chains to the smaller size and repeat until you have finished the project. Remember to finish off the project like the pattern suggests.

    Note from Marie Segares of the Underground Crafter: ​If you’re not sure what to do with any extra chains you may have left, check out this post: Easy fixes for a foundation chain with too few or too many chains.

  2. Use a larger hook size.

    Using a larger hook size (usually just a few steps above the recommend size) can make your patterns just a hint bigger. A larger hook with create just a little bit more space between your stitches, allowing you to stretch your project out a big more in order to add width and height to your project. This is a super simple way to resize your afghan patterns.
    Keep in mind that creating an afghan or blanket with a little more space between stitches can make the project just a little more airy and breezy. If you are planning to crochet a blanket or afghan to keep you warm, this is not your best solution.

    The reverse is true, as well, for making a crochet blanket or afghan pattern smaller. A hook a size or two down will allow you to create a tighter, more crowded stitch and thereby making a smaller crochet project. Just be careful of your tension (how tight you pull your stitches) when you do this so that your blanket does not curl and warp from being too tight.

  3. Double strand the yarn.

    If you are looking to make your blanket and afghan patterns bigger, double stranding the yarn is a fantastic solution. Not only can this add width and height to your project, but it can also make your project much denser and warmer. This makes it a fantastic solution for those winter pieces and holiday gifts.

    Keep in mind that this is, by far, the most expensive option as you will undoubtedly use much more yarn than if you followed one of these other tips.

  4. Resize the stitches.

    This is one of the easiest ways to resize a pattern, but does take some concentration. Resizing your stitches in your crochet pattern can add or take away height depending. To make a pattern bigger, use double chains instead or single. To make a pattern smaller, decrease double chains down to one.

    If you decide to use this method, we recommend printing out your pattern and making the notes of your changes so you can remember when to do so as you repeat portions of the pattern.

  5. Use thicker yarn.

    This one is kind of a no brainer! If you want to make a bigger (and fluffier!) crochet afghan pattern, simply use yarn that is thicker. Trade in worsted weights for bulky yarns for bigger patterns and projects. Scale down from bulky to worsted to make crochet afghan patterns just a touch smaller.

    Keep in mind that if you do use this method, you may have to readjust the amount of yarn and the hook size you use for your project.

Let us know:

How do you resize your crochet patterns?

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This How to Resize Crochet Afghan Patterns is very helpful. The only one I don't like is using double strands of yarn. It is so much cheaper to buy a bulker yarn for sure. For hat patterns I find it better to go up or down a hook size if using the yarn size called for. Thank you for sharing this how to that I have saved and more than likely, I will be coming back to use it.

I found a pattern I really like. Calls for super bulky yarn and N hook. The yarn I want to use a Canon Cake medium with 4.5 hook. Now I am pretty sure if I follow their pattern, it will end up smaller. How can I figure out the right number of stitches to get it a big as original pattern?

These tips are amazing and they make so much more sense now. It's time to get back to those patterns I abandoned weeks ago.

These are great tips but I want to know how to figure out the Multiple of a pattern. Al ot of patterns tell us the Multiple is 7 plus 3 as an example, but how do they figure it out?

I usually can find the stitch counts by looking at the repeats in a pattern, then make a few swatches, then voila! I resized that pattern. It is just a simple adjustment I never try to ever use a yarn other than what the pattern states because it seems as if most are worsted weight, I just got into the habit of making swatches to figure out the repeats then the stitch counts.

Thanks for giving us tips on how to resize crochet patterns. This is indeed very useful to crocheters who have to constantly make adjustments on their projects. Thanks again.

These excellent resizing tips can apply to both crochet and knitting especially if you are creating something where actual measurements are not critical. It should go without saying that enlarging a sweater or a hat by adding stitches or using heavier yarn or a bigger needle doesn't always work. For fitted items its best to make a swatch and follow the instructions for the size you intend.


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