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Hundreds of free candle craft projects, free soap craft projects and other bath craft projects. Learn how to make candles for home decor or give homemade candles as gifts. Make your own soap or give bath salts. Create holiday candles and decorative s

How to Make Teacup Candles

Upcycled teacup candles are so cute and simple to make. You can use family… More

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Scenting and Coloring Melt and Pour Soap Like a…

Using a melt and pour base for your soapmaking can save time and give you… More

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Easy Candle Image Transfer

"Learn how to transfer an image onto any candle with only a couple… More

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Pine Resin-Infused Soaps

Pine resin (oleoresin), produced by pine trees when injured, is a natural… More

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Radiant Ribbon DIY Candles

"When I picked up an old candelabra at a thrift store, instead of running… More

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Succulent Bath Salts

These adorable bath salts are so easy to make, but they look like a… More

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Homemade Hand Scrub

"Revitalize your hands with this simple DIY hand scrub that smells… More

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Home Blessing Candle

Add a blessing to anywhere in your home with a lovely paper frame set on a… More

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Painted Butterflies Candle Pillar

"When Spring is just around the corner thoughts turn to pastel decor. This… More

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Homemade Lilac Soap Recipe

How to make homemade lilac soap recipe. This is an easy melt and pour… More

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Dead Sea Soap

The 50-plus recipes and tutorials in Jan Berrys new book, Easy Homemade… More

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Victorian Lace Candles

Dramatic candle lighting is sometimes the only thing you need to create an… More

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Calming Lavender Shower Melts

I have found a love for shower melts because they help to provide a… More

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Wildflower Honey Soap

Loaded with real honey and goats milk base, this soap is a personal… More

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Lemon Mojito Sugar Scrub Recipe

How to make a lemon mojito homemade body scrub for glowing skin. This… More

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