Felt Caroling Birds


Felt Caroling Birds

Felt Caroling Birds
Felt Caroling Birds

If you're looking for some fun Christmas craft ideas, look no further than these Felt Caroling Birds from Floracraft! These adorable little birds are the perfect way to add some flare to your Christmas decor. These birds make a great home accent or even a fun table centerpiece. This easy craft project uses Floarcraft Make It Fun Foam balls, felt, jewelry wire, and a little paint to create a set of adorable birds that you'll want to display front and center this Christmas and for many Christmases to come!

MaterialsCraft Foam, Felt, Paint, Other



HolidayChristmas, Winter

Project TypeMake a Project

Materials List

  • Floarcraft Make It: Fun Foam Balls: (3) 3" and (2) 1-1/2" Balls
  • Felt: Black,White, Blue, Red, Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Orange
  • 12 Gauge Jewlery Wire
  • 4mm Half Round Eyes: Black
  • Spray Paint:Black
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun
  • Needle-Nose Jewlery Pliers
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Large Needle

Project Instructions

  1. Cut three 2-½” circles from the felt: one red, one white and one blue. Glue a felt circle to each of the 3” balls. This is the bottom of the birds.

  2. Cut the 1-½” balls in half and set aside one half for a future project. Firmly press and twist the half ball in place on top of the body until it forms to the rounded shape of the ball. The half ball edges should be flush with the top of the ball. Glue the heads in place.

  3. Cut a 2-¼” black felt circle. Glue it to cover the head of the white bird body. Gather the excess felt at the back of the head and trim to fit. Glue in place. Cut a 2-¼” blue felt circle to cover the head of the blue body in the same way. Cut a 2-½” x 1-¾” blue felt triangle. Glue the felt to the front of the head with the top of the triangle standing up to create a feather. Cut smaller triangles from the black, blue and dark grey felt. Glue these feathers to the head one behind the other as shown. 

  4. Cut a 2-½” circle from red felt. Glue one edge of the circle around the front of the head. Gather the excess at the back of the head. Pinch and glue a pleat at the back to create the look of a feather at the top of the head. 

  5. Cut ¾” strips of blue, white and red felt to cover the bodies. Cut a scalloped edge on one side of each felt strip. Starting at the bottom of the body, cut a strip long enough to glue around the 2-½” felt circle. Glue the straight edge of the strip around the body, leaving the scalloped edge hang free. Continue gluing strips up the body, slightly overlapping as shown. When you reach the top row you may need to cut the felt strips a little thinner to fit.

  6. Glue a light grey felt heart to the blue bird for the face and glue the eyes in place as shown. Cut a small black felt oval and glue it to the red bird’s face. Glue the eyes just above the black oval as shown. Glue the eyes to the head of the white bird as shown. Glue a small black felt heart to the chest of the white bird. Cut two tiny triangles each from the black and orange felt for beaks. Glue the beaks in place as shown. Cut small hearts from the black, white and light grey felts for the wings and glue in place as shown. 

  7. Bend three consecutive 1” loops in one end of the wire. Pinch the loops to shape the foot. At the ankle coil three wraps of wire around the nose of the pliers. Bend the wire straight up the leg to the knee. The distance between the ankle and the knee determines the height of the bird. At the knee coil three wraps of wire around the pliers again. Continue the wire up to the body and cut at the desired height. Allow an extra 2” of wire at the top to glue into the body. Repeat to create three sets of legs. Insert the large needle through the felt at the bottom of the body to pilot a hole for the legs. Glue the legs into the bodies.

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Cute! Cute! Cute! I so love birds and really like how how plump these look! It reminds me of the birds during winter when it is really cold. When they fluff up their feathers to keep warm, they begin to to take the shape of little tennis balls on legs. D

These felt birds are super looking! I have never seen a project quite as clever as this design! It is nice and simple and easy to replicate! If you wanted to,change these design up a little bit, you could also add some little faux feathers tucked in here and there. These would look so cute lined up in a row in a window display and would make a nice gift for any bird lover! Thanks for sharing!

How cute are these fun and colorful little birds! I really like how easy they are to make. Can you really make a flamingo like mulberrygalprinces s says you can? That would be so cute to make. I love the idea of making several kinds of birds. My stepdad loves birds, so I can see making all kinds of these for him to add to the christmas tree or just to decorate the house.

I love these Felt Caroling Birds! I just seen these in a big craft store selling for $15.00 to $25.00 each. I was so shocked to see how easy they are to make! The written pattern is a easy to read and follow. Thank you so much! I will be making these little felted birds for sure. I have a book of birds that I can use to help guide me to make different types of birds with this pattern. Thank you again for sharing this free craft project.

I flipped past this one and then went back. It's just too cute and too easy to not make a set. I love it and since I live in Florida, one of them has to be a pink flamingo. Maybe an ibis too. Oh the possibilities are only limited by the imagination. Thank you so much for the inspiration and instructions.


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