Thrift Store Pedestals


Thrift Store PedestalsTake a quick trip to the thrift store and find all the materials you need for these adorable Thrift Store Pedestals. This thrift store DIY looks antique and vintage, but is actually made with old plates and candlestick holders. Decorative crafts are a great way to brighten up your space if you're on a budget. The mismatched plates and pedestals help to create a whimsical aesthetic that's unlike anything you'll find in a store.



  • Thrift store plates and saucers
  • Glass candle holders
  • Non-glossy spray paint
  • Fine grit sanding sponge
  • Mod Podge and foam brush
  • E-6000 glue
  • Vintage paper and/or cutouts (optional)


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  1. To make your candle holders swanky, wash them with soapy water. Then dry them thoroughly.  Spray paint them with non-glossy spray paint.  Usually two or three light coats of paint will do the trick. 

    thrift store pedestals
  2. Once thoroughly dry, use a fine grit sanding sponge and sand off some of the paint on your candle holder. Concentrate on the edges and ridges. I used paint-on pearl paint by Martha Stewart, and it flaked off. Spray paint is easier to control when you are sanding.
  3. Here are the bases for my pedestals after sanding with the sanding sponge.

    thrift store pedestals
  4. Now for the saucers or plates. If the center has no design, I used a scalloped punch to punch out pieces of floral vintage wallpaper. Scrapbook paper could be used as a substitute here. One of my plates has a copied vintage perfume label in the center, which I just cut out with scissors. 

    thrift store pedestals
  5. Mod Podge Matte was applied to the back of the paper pieces with a foam brush. Press the paper onto the saucer, cleaning up any excess glue. Topcoat with Mod Podge. After the piece dries, a second coat of Mod Podge can be applied.
  6. To attach the candle holder to the plate, I used E-6000 glue.  It needs to set overnight.


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These would make great gifts.

Tried this craft? What did you think?

I love making these. I have made all glass ones too. I found colored glass plates and clear glass candle sticks at the dollar store. It came out just beautifully. A friend had me make one for her too. I added some glass beads to hers. Thanks for inspiring me with this.

What a great idea. These are so pretty and each piece is unique. I have been looking for a double tier serving platter but have not really found anything to my liking in retail stores. I will make a couple of these in precisely the pattern I like. I may even attempt a double tier.

This gave me a great idea for a vintage cake stand. I know traditional ones are usually glass but I bet an ivory and gold stand would be perfect. I like hat I can find the pedestals in a thrift store so that saves me some more money to buy the paint. Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions.

I would love to make these pedestal plates for Halloween, believe it or not. I want to make a big buffet with all different kinds of sweets and candies. I would spray paint the candlestick holders in black, purple, or orange... and the plates I would do with the Mod Podge adding scrapbook papers from the craft store, or if I am lucky enough I'd find some old or vintage papers to adhere to the plate. Oh! Those paper doilies would be great, too!

My friend made these in a similar way, but used clear glass candlesticks in various colors for the pedestals and old vintage china plates with colorful flowers and patterns already on them, so,it basically was a matter of gluing the plate to the candlestick pedestal. Since these were regular porcelain plates to begin with, there was no worry or issue regarding eating off them - no,problem! Just hand wash carefully. These are quite pretty at a tea party or Sunday brunch, even with several,different styles and types together!

This Thrift Store Pedestals craft is so cute and easy to do. I have not done the Mod Podge thing before so I have a question. Is it food safe and how well does it hold up to being washed? I'm thinking these would make great candy and nut dishes to put on the tables for my daughters wedding. There are always so many cute saucers at the restore that we can put a picture of the bride and groom on. I so have to show my daughter this, and go shopping.. Thank you for sharing this free craft.

this is a really good and simple idea another craft that children can do, perhaps with a little help at some ages to make gifts and learn that handcrafted is special

I love these pedestals they are so cute. I have not seen one of these in years. Some of these look very vintage. Love that you can paint the candle holder. I did not think that you could paint them and it not peel? Can you put a sealant on paint to make sure the paint does not peel? I like the idea of putting scrapbook paper in center to give it a nice effect. Thanks for the helpful tips in your tutorial. I am adding this to my craft list to make.

These are just amazing! I made one from thrift store finds and placed it with a candy dish basket and they look made as a set! I had so many compliments how nice they looked. There were some shocked expressions when explained I made this one. The best part was, I was able to find the candlestick and plate at the animal shelter thrift shop, so while finding some beautiful pieces to us, I also helped the pets waiting to be adopted. All four of our boys are rescued from their shelter.

i am going to give this a try

I have made these with floral clay and then took it apart after use. You can turn any glass upside down and add a plate on the top. Makes a great cake plate when the glass is wide and sturdy. Stemware can be interesting for lightweight things. I sold crystal at one point and it was fun to stick different dishes together for serving pieces. Hint: For glass plates, cover the floral clay with a doily on the plate. If you have a clear glass plate with a design, you can color the underside with dry erase.

Love this girlfriend and I do something very similar with tea cups and saucers, either matching or odds and ends. We use a product call adhesive wax that really holds but can still be taken apart if needed. We use the result as a sugar cube holder or small dessert server. If the saucer is a deeper sort it is even better.


we made these a long time ago in homemaker's club. I put them outside and fill with different types of birdseed. When it rains they become little birdbaths.

This sounds awesome...I'll let you know how mine turn out!

I really like this idea and would like to make some of these. My question is does the glue dry clear??? I have several pieces of glassware that I want to use but they are clear glass and would need a glue that dried clear. Thanks for any info that you can give me.

I have made several of these out of clear glass plates and candleholders and the E6000 does dry clear. One tip - when working with clear plates, I usually try to find the center of the plate and put a small dot or x on the top with a dry erase marker, that way when I go to place the candle stick on the bottom I can get it in the right spot on the first try and not smear the glue.


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