Japanese Afternoon Quilt


Japanese Afternoon Quilt


Japanese Afternoon Quilt

A Japanese-inspired assortment of fabrics complete with cherry blossoms and umbrellas combines for a beautiful quilt. This intermediate quilt pattern includes a helpful assembly diagram.  Great for hanging on your wall or draping over your couch, this lovely handmade quilt also makes a sweet gift for a loved one.  With simple sewing techniques, even the most novice of sewists can create this lovely quilt.  This pattern could also be used with any fabric pattern of your choice, making it a great tutorial that you'll find yourself coming back to again and again.

This tutorial shows you exactly how to make a quilt from start to finishing. From the cutting instructions to the detailed template, you are going to love learning how to quilt with this lovely idea. Add a touch of traditional sewing and some Eastern flair to your home with this free quilting pattern. Put it on your bed or hang it on the wall. The gorgeous pattern will shine anywhere.

Making a Quilt: The Japanese Afternoon Quilt


  • Fabric A (Scenic) - 3/8 yard
  • Fabric B (Script Allover) - 1/2 yard
  • Fabric C (Orange Umbrellas Outline) - 1/2 yard
  • Fabric D (Green Cherry Blossom Stripe) - 1/8 yard or 1 fat eighth
  • Fabric E (Bird Floral) - 3/8 yard or 1 fat quarter
  • Fabric F (Blue Floral Texture Weave) - 1/2 yard
  • Fabric G (Blue Portrait Frames) - 3/8 yard
  • Fabric H (Blue Cherry Blossom Stripe) - 7/8 yard
  • Backing (Your Choice) - 23/4 yards


Cutting Instructions:

  • Fabric A - Cut two 121/2” squares
  • Fabric B - Cut four 91/2” squares. Cut four 31/2” squares
  • Fabric C - Cut four 61/2” squares. Cut four 31/2” squares. Cut four 31/2” x 121/2” strips
  • Fabric D - Cut six 31/2” squares
  • Fabric E - Cut two 91/2” squares
  • Fabric F - Cut two 121/2” squares. Cut ten 31/2” squares
  • Fabric G - Cut two 121/2” squares
  • Fabric H - Cut two 31/2” x 241/2” strips. Cut two 31/2” x 181/2” strips. Cut two 31/2” x 151/2” strips. Cut two 31/2” x 121/2” strips. Cut six 21/4” x width of fabric strips. Piece the strips together for the binding.

Approx. Finished Size: 39 x 54

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  1. Join pieces into sections (Fig. 1).
  2. Join sections to complete quilt top.
  3. Layer, quilt and bind as desired.

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This is very pretty. I love all the extra tips, and diagrams, along with a video. It should be very easy to follow along and make this. I want to make a wall hanging for my bedroom but not a Japanese design. I want a shabby chic type design. But I can still follow the directions for this.

What a beautiful quilt and I love the Japanese fabric. I would love to make this for my bedroom. Does anyone know where you can get the best Japanese prints? And is there suppose to be a space between the cuts(like it says cut two 121/2" squares. Is that suppose to be two 12 1/2" squares). I have started quilts but never finished and this looks easy enough to do. I can see this on a sofa or chair too. Thanks.

I would like to make Japanese Spring Garden Quilt. However, the pattern does not give the finished size. Can you help me?

Hi there! The Approx. Finished Size is 39 x 54. I'll add this information to the pattern instructions right now! Thank you so much for asking.

What are the chances that I ordered Japanese fabric just yesterday? I have a friend whose mother is from Japan. She was recently placed in a nursing home. I am going to make her a lap quilt for her wheelchair. This is perfect. I will share a photo when done!

I love how the pattern pieces are laid out so clearly to help give a more accurate visual perspective. The pattern is very reminiscent of linoleum floor patterns of homes from the 1940's or so, and it really has a very nostalgic feel for me. Perhaps it is the colors used in this sample that does it for me, this is such a lovely creation. Thanks for sharing!

Your quilts are beautiful,I was looking at the Japanese one one question where do people get their fabric??

At first glance I saw this hanging on a wall as a headboard and if there were still the energy and interest, a matching quilt on the bed -- with pillow shams to complete ... probably 1/4" seam allowance?

A very good way to use up some of my fabrics. The design looks more complex to assemble then the instructions lead on, though. What should be the seam allowance be? Is this pattern for more advanced sewers? The article says there is a full tutorial, but where is it? The instructions provided do not seem to be enough.

I look forward to starting this. I too,would like the measurement on this so I may adapt to my needs. I saw that some people were,rude. I hate that for you. It is uncalled for.

I have all my fabrics together, I'm still a learning, so does anybody know if the seam allowances are included in the listed measurements, or should I add an extra 1/4" to the cutting instructions? Does anybody know the measurements of the finished quilt?

i am pretty sure that the 1/2" size additions take into account the 1/4" seam allowances.

I found all the fabrics except Script allover. What are the measurements after finishing?

If finding material is a problem, try online fabric site. My go to site is fabric.com.

Really like this pattern and definitely want to make it up.

I would love to be able to obtain some of the above Japanese fabric but do not know where to purchase them from. I live in Central Engand and there are not so many outlets for fabrics as when I was young. Thank you for any advice you can give me. I am not so young, nor mobile but would be grateful to know if there is a website - thank you. (C>C United Kingdom)

I would start with www.equilter.com Also a local shop here, Shibori dragon, sells fabric online and they specialize in oriental prints. After spending time in Germany I ended up shopping almost exclusively online for quilt fabric.

Silk ties are readily available at resale shops. Maybe you could adjust your patterns to fit.

Try debsews2.com if you call her she will assist you. Deb is really really nice. Free fabric if you order there.


What a FANTASTIC pattern!!! I'm new to quilting, and this pattern is just the thing to push my creativity. I think it'd be a great way to use up some tiny pieces I have left over from some other projects. Thank you!!

@The Very Fat Quarter that's so great to hear! Do you know we have an entire quilting site? Check out www.favequilts.com for even more great ideas and tutorials!

Because someone doesn't like a pattern, they're a bigot? I think it's lovely but to each his/her own.

Who said you have to use THOSE prints?!?!? Is it THAT difficult to choose others?

I think this will work up great with other prints as the focus fabrics and so on. It does work very well with the coordinated prints shown, though.


wow, Aunt Lizzie, aren't you a nasty old bitty. glad you're not my aunt!!

Beautiful! I don't know if I can find those prints though

Love this quilt! Where do I get this exact material?

Happy quilting. Jo-Anne Fabrics has the umbrellas. They also have a wonderful delicate patterned deep red flower print "kyoto hollyhock red". I would dye my own fabric for this theme using Shibori techniques and indigo dye. I find dyeing is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and experiment. It also lends uniqueness to a piece. Aloha. Re-posting this pattern with usable instructions, http://www.springscreative.com/media/pdf/project-sheets/FujiAfternoonQuilt.pdf


I Think the quilt is very beautiful I would not change anything at all,And if any body has rude comments to say about it.They are the ones with severe problems.

Love what you have done here. Gives me all kinds of ideas to do other themes. You really nailed this one!

Looks like the size is approximately 36x48 inches. Make it larger by adding borders. A nice lap size. I have seen these done in various themes: birds, baseball, animals for kids and adults and bugs. Its a wonderful quilt.

Now I know what to do with some of the Japanese prints that I bought while living here in Hawaii. If you don't like the fabrics as shown, it is a simple matter to use your own choices. I must comment on one fact for certain...there are certainly a lot of posts with nasty racial overtones in them here. Are they really necessary...it is a nap quilt after all not taking over the world. I am from the east coast of the mainland and have lived here in Hawaii for 4 years. I am the only "white woman" in my neighborhood and yet no one has treated me as if I am better or worse then they. We are all friends. The quilt groups I have been a member of over the years were like that as well. What gives with soem of the posters on this site?

It's a great pattern, what's the finished size?

My son was on leave in Singapore and got some beautiful fabrics now I know just how to make them into something useful and artsy for him.

I think it is beautiful, but if you don't like it quit griping and use a different fabric. How hard is that????

Lots of Bigots here? Hmmm Wonder where your all from? How sad. Look a the fabric and figure out where a title comes from. Make it with pretty birds as the focus if you like...but for the Love...move on!

i didn't find it helpful because none of the patterns that i have looked at so far gives the finished size

I like the design and layout for other ideas

I love the pattern...but not the material. I can see this pattern using a large print material along with some co-ordinating prints and solids.

So much fuss over nothing... To Each His Own! I didn't like the prints either, but you could use any prints you like...... BD {big deal!}

Nice quilt design. The most awful print fabric I've ever seen! At least the way its used here. Maybe if there was more solid colors to break it up alittle.

I also thought this was the ugliest quilt I've ever seen. That is until I saw the cell phone pouch at http://www.favecrafts.com/Quilting/Cell-Phone-Pouch-from-C-T-Publishing comes in a real close second. Not only are the fabrics ugly; so is the design. I am sympathetic to Washilover - at least it is not my country. I am amazed that anyone would find it pretty - especially the person who says it matches her decor. Apparently Washilover nor I should be invited to her house. May each of these ladies who think it is so pretty make an appointment with the optometrist - or their psychiatrist. The name of the project caught my eye and I thought, "Oh, what IS a Japanese Afternoon Quilt?" Then I thought, "It is going to be SO pretty. Well, NOT!!!"

This is one of the ugliest quilts I've ever seen! I'm Japanese and I'm embarassed to know that people are making it and calling it a "Japanese Afternoon Quilt'.

Very nice quilt but directions are printed a little strangely.... Am I right in reading: Fabric A 2 x12 1/2 squares and so on down the list?Thank you

I am going to try this... a quilt that finally matches my decor! Thank you!

This is a neat quilt. I love the fabric.

Approx. Finished Size: 39 x 54 - from the web site. http://www.springscreative.com/media/pdf/project-sheets/FujiAfternoonQuilt.pdf This is the entire quilt in PDF format. Much easier to handle. I hope this helps.

I also see the instructions don't give the finished size or what size to cut the batting and backing. So I figured out that the blocks end up being 12 12", (there are really diff size blocks but I simplified it it the math does work out) 4 down and 3 across. Then the border is W 3 12". So add border to WH and you will get 41 X 53.5 before seam allowances. And if my addition subtraction is correct the finish after seam allowance is 39 X 51.5 but I would cut the backing backing a little larger. You can always trim down. Thought this may help someone. (-

I love this pattern. Being a new quilter I'm still working on easy quilts. I was looking at the cutting instructions and was puzzled a moment before laughing. There's no space between the numbers so 1212 is 1212, 912 is 9 12 and so on.


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