17 Flower Craft Ideas: How to Make Paper Flowers, Easy Fabric Flowers and More free eBook


17 Flower Craft Ideas: How to Make Paper Flowers, Easy Fabric Flowers and More free eBook

Learn ways to make DIY paper flowers, crochet flowers and paper flowers - no need to go outside!


17 Flower Craft Ideas How to Make Paper Flowers Easy Fabric Flowers and More free eBook
17 Flower Craft Ideas How to Make Paper Flowers Easy Fabric Flowers and More free eBook

These paper, fabric and crochet flower patterns will add a pop of color to your room. In fact, the great tutorials in this free downloadable eBook will have you dreaming of spring. Each of the flower patterns in this free printable collection include step-by-step directions for making all sorts of beautiful flowers that will never die on you. Best of all, you'll never have to water these amazing paper and fabric flowers.

If you're not good at keeping houseplants alive but need a little taste of spring, this is the perfect project for you. These DIY paper flowers and fabric crafts may not smell amazing, but they will add a pop of color to your room or paper craft. The great tutorials in this free collection will teach you how to make paper flower as well as how to make fabric flowers. These great crafts will give you step-by-step directions for making all sorts of beautiful flowers that will never die on you. Bonus: You’ll never have to water these amazing paper and fabric flowers either.

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Note from the Editors

Flowers are not only fun to craft, but they have a wide variety of uses, too. You can make some to wear, to decorate your room with, and to even add embellishments onto other crafts. In 17 Flower Craft Ideas: How to Make Paper Flowers, Easy Fabric Flowers and More, you’ll find a bouquet of amazing flowers. From paper flowers to fabric flowers, the projects in this free downloadable eBook are guaranteed to add a little something special to whatever you put them on. Plus, you never need to water them and they’ll never wilt. These flowers will add a pop of color to your room or craft project for a long time to come.

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What's in this Free eBook

DIY Paper Flowers

In this free eBook there are many gorgeous patterns that will help you create beautiful paper flowers. You can create these and use them on a bunch of different crafts. There are paper flowers that will be great embellishments in scrapbooks Blooming Scrapbook Flowers (pg. 21) and ones that would look great on your pin boards Tissue Paper Flower Embellishment (pg. 27). Paper flowers are super easy to make, especially with the step-by-step instructions that are given in this eBook. You’ll love all the different ways you make your own beautiful bouquet of flowers.
There are number of other paper flower crafts that would be perfect for decorating your house or apartment. With Tropical Paper Flowers (pg. 28), you can make a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will brighten up your room. Plus, you don't have to spend a fortune on these florals and there's no need for water. This project uses bright paper and fun patterned paper to create flowers that are big and fun and perfect for adding some cheer to wherever you place them. This project comes with a pattern for making the flowers so you will have no trouble making them.
Another great paper flower project that is included in this eBook is the Giant Tissue Paper Flowers (pg. 24). These huge, happy, colorful paper flowers are perfect for decorating for parties or adding a little pizzazz to a room. Young girls would love these in their bedrooms. Choose your colors and transform that tissue paper into blooming blossoms easily. Learning how to make tissue paper flowers has never been easier.

How to Make Fabric Flowers
This free eBook makes creating fabric flowers easy. Each tutorial is straightforward and simple to follow. The instructions for Radiant Ruffled Blossom Bouquet (pg. 11) will help you learn how to make fabric flowers in a variety of colors. These DIY fabric flowers end up looking like a darling bouquet of carnations. They would look amazing as a centerpiece or on your mantle. Since you use so many different colors in this project, they will go with a variety of different decorations. You can create these fabric flowers for any special occasion.
Another great project included in this eBook is the Four-Step Fabric Flowers (pg. 5). This creative flower project is a great way to upgrade an old shirt or headband or a pair of shoes. Make a few of these flowers in different colors. This super simple craft will allow you to make a whole array of these wonderful flowers to add to a variety of clothes and accessories. It’s a great way to liven up your wardrobe.
Strip Fabric Flowers (pg. 7) are a great way to hold onto spring and summer when you’re stuck inside during the long winter months. Fake sun and warm weather by placing these fabulous fabric flowers around your house. This great fabric uses scrap fabrics, which will help you save money on supplies – it’s a great excuse to use what you have on hand. Use all those extra supplies that you have lying around the house that you haven’t a found a great reason to use yet. These fabric flowers will last long after the warm weather has passed you by.

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From home decorations to fun flower accents, the projects and tutorials in this free eBook are sure to inspire and motivate you to begin crafting with clay.  With a great selection of projects to choose from, this free eBook is great for beginners and advanced crafters alike, and offers crafters of all skill levels the option and ability to turn these projects into their very own unique ideas.

You can also download this book for FREE at Amazon.com and iTunes!

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I remember making flowers with crepe paper and others with crepe paper and paraffin wax - they were wonderful, especially the poppies -- have to try the flowers in here as wildly artificial flowers are so attractive

It must be kismet. I was thinking of making paper flowers today and here they are! I was just looking around and came upon them. There are more than I thought possible. Like another poster said, I remember when we made them with tissues and a Bobby pin. If we wanted colors we used crayons or lipstick on the edges. We certainly have used our skills .

I love that this book is FREE on Amazon or iTunes! I downloaded it for my Kindle so I can check out the projects whenever I have time. I want to make the Crepe Paper Roses. If you want to see bigger pictures of the projects you double tap the image and you can zoom in.

I like the blooming scrapbook flowers. I have lots of scrapbook paper with beautiful patterns and lots of old costume jewelry necklaces I've been saving. I can use those beads for the centers of the flowers.

I made flowers out of white tissue paper that were about 12 inches in diameter for car decorations for my weeding back in 1974. I put 3 together and used the hood ornaments as anchors that went under the hood and attached under the hood of the car. This would not work today because only a couple cars have hood ornaments anymore.. The last few years I see them all becoming popular again.. Brings back awesome memories. We also made them for my reception hall decorations too.

I love these. I remember back in the old days when the only flowers you could make was with a folded piece of facial tissue and a Bobby pin. We sure have come a long way. Thank you for giving me an excuse not to do housework today. I think making almost free flowers is a fair trade off!

I can't download an e book as I do not own this pc and don't have an e-reader. Is there another way to see what is there and get the instructions to make them?

Hi there - To download these eBook, all you need is Adobe Adrobat (a PDF reader), which can be used on a PC or a Mac. Download the program here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/. Hope this helps - Julia from FaveCrafts

in the end, i found what i need. thanks alot .

I would love to make some of the crepe paper roses.

The Tropical Paper Flowers are definitely my favorate of the bunch (pardon the pun!) )

I think my favorite is the ribbon flower pins. Thanks!

My favorite kind of flower is a peony

my favorite kind of flower in real life is lily of the valley. In paper or fabric or yarn I think it's roses.

There are some lovely craft flowers to choose from. My top 3 faves (in no particular order) Tropical Paper Flowers, Crepe Paper Rose Boquet, and Ribbon Flower pins. I also like the look of the Pleated Paper Rosettes.

My favorite flower pattern is the tropical paper flowers. T he colors were very pretty. I am an avid knitter so a couple of knitted flower patterns would have been very nice.

Love the bright tropical flowers! They would make perfect centerpieces for our annual tiki hut party. Do wish the pictures were a little larger so could see the details better.

I loved the crepe paper roses and the pleated flowers. I wish there was a larger photo of each of the flower styles, many of the pictures were so small I couldn't really make out the details. But there's some really nice ideas in the book!

The 4-step fabric flower is lovely for a broach. Some of the flowers are great for beginners, but not something I would be interested in creating.

Since I do not like cut flowers - I hate to kill any living thing, paper flowers seem to be the way to go for my wedding!!!! Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower. And you have inspired me....

Floral projects are easy to understand and best suited to beginners. I liked the looks of the Radiant Ruffled Blossom Bouquet By Jessica Seppa the best. Would not market this for kids due to the 1st project using a candle or lighter.

Love the Strip Fabric Flower! It will look great as a scarf accent!

I enjoyed the varied mix of flowers in this ebook. There are easy ones as well as the somewhat more complicated. I will look to this book to help me with embellishments in the future.

The Radiant Ruffled Blossom flower looks a lot like my favorite flower- the rose.

Tea stained roses are ok, the white flower wreath is pretty but requires purchasing the fuse system, the rest are more for new crafters and kids, not something I would make to display - thanks

Love the big flowers! Girls like to make them just for fun!

The crape paper rose is beautiful, but I would just love to make a vase full of the Calla Lilys. So pretty!

There are only one or two flowers I would try from this book. Most look like crafts for kids to try. So, I wouldn't buy it for myself.

I like the white wash wreath flowers the best, then the lillies

I really adore the whitewashed wreathsimple and sophisticated!

I love black-eyed Susans and lilacs. Either one makes me so happy to see them in bloom and smell their fragrance.

Sunflowers are my favorite flower. They're the state flower of my home state and extremely prevalent this time of year. Whenever I see them, I feel like I'm home.

My favorite flower is the Peony! I love the beauty, the fullness, the size, the smell... everything about them.

My favorite flower is the hibiscus. I love the variations in size and color and the fact that the plant comes back every year.

Looking forward to reading the book and getting started on some craft projects with my group.

I am looking for easy inexpensive crafts for children 3-12 to learn sewing skills or at least the basics this summer. I have one week to do this with them so the projects need to be really easy. I am trolling your website to see what is available for a project like this. So far it looks good. Thanks for making these ideas available. bc

I just want to say thank you very much for the free e-book on 17 Flower Craft Ideas, as well as all the other free patterns I down loaded. I'm having the time of my life with all these awesome patterns. :)

i do not want an ebook, i was looking for the directions for what was in the email, paper and fabric flowers..................


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