Easy Diaper Trike


Easy Diaper Trike


This Easy Diaper Trike is a great homemade gift. A unique baby shower gift like this could cost as much as 60$ at retail, but with this tutorial you can make your own for as little as 20$. A conversation piece that provides vital resource to Mom!

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Easy Diaper Trike


  • Large package of size 1 diapers (better to have too many than not enough!)
  • 3 large rubber bands (I used the rubber bands that come wrapped around my newspaper...free!)
  • Empty paper towel or toilet paper roll (also free!)
  • 2 receiving blankets
  • 2 bibs (I like the velcro closure bibs)
  • 5oz. baby bottle
  • Pair of newborn sized baby socks (I could only find a package of 3 pairs so the extras I put inside the wheels
  • 2-3 yards thin ribbon
  • 2-3 yards thick ribbon (1 inch thick looks nice and works well)
  • Double sided tape, glue dots, hot glue, folded over scotch tape (whatever you have that will hold the ribbon together)


  1. First, divide your diapers into 3 equal piles, if it doesn't divide evenly put the extras in the pile for the front tire since it's fine for it to be a bit larger but the back tires need to be equal sized.
  2. Start with your first stack of diapers and an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll. The roll will keep the center of your tire open. I curved each diaper around the roll one at a time until I had about half the diapers in my stack wrapped around the roll. Have a helper hold the diapers on the roll or hold it with your knees while you put a large rubber band around the outside. You can then add the rest of the diapers in a few at a time and adjust as needed. You want to use a rubber band and not any adhesive so that the diapers are still able to be used. It's tricky but stay patient and it will all work out, I promise! Remove the roll once you have all diapers secured. (if you have problems keeping the center open you can cut the tube so that is a little narrower than the diapers an leave it in the center of the tire.
  3. Follow the same process with your other two stacks of diapers. Use your wide ribbon and wrap around the diaper rolls to cover the ugly rubber bands. Secure the ribbon to itself using your adhesive, I used double a hot glue gun. Don't burn yourself....it's not worth it!
  4. Take one of your receiving blankets and roll it VERY tightly. Again, since I was by myself I used rubber bands on each end to keep it rolled tightly while I worked. Feed the rolled blanket through the center of all 3 tires in the configuration shown in the photo. Tie it tightly with a knot and then slide the knot so that it is hidden inside the back tires.
  5. Create a seat by fastening one of the bibs through the hole in the front tire with the bib part covering the space where the back two tires meet. Fasten the other bib facing the front with the velcro though the center of the tire to create a front fender.
  6. Take your other blanket and roll it as tightly as possible, if it is nice and tight it will make the handlebars stick out without any further support. Again, I used rubber bands to secure it, this time in the middle and at each end and left them there since they would be covered. Feed through the hole in the front wheel, the wheel will hide your middle rubber band. Place the bottle on top of the bib and towards the back of the front wheel to create a headlight. I used the thin ribbon to secure this to the trike by feeding through the center and tying with a bow. Pull the wrapped blanket up over the top of the bottle and tie tightly with your thin ribbon and tie another bow. If your blanket is nice and tight and you tie the ribbon tightly the ends of the blanket will create the handlebars. It took me 3 tries, so again, stay patient and keep trying!
  7. Cover the ends of the blankets (and your rubber bands) with a baby sock. You are done!


  • This is hard to transport because it wants to shift.  I didn't have a big enough box so I used a laundry basket in the car so it wouldn't move around too much.
  • Include a note on the trike or with your card letting the recipient know what size the diapers are (I had a duh moment when my cousin had to call me to find out)
  • Be creative...I wanted to put a stuffed monkey on the trike as a rider since that was the nursery theme but couldn't find one in my price range, a set of teething keys would be super cute hooked to the back of the handlebars.
  • Don't spend the $60+ dollars that these sell for...make your own for about $20.

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This is so cute. I have seen the diaper cakes and diaper cup cakes. Even dispersed flowers but not anything as cute as this. Especially if it's a baby boy on the way. You could make it look more like a motorcycle. Thank you for posting this unique and adorable project.

I have made this and several other items made with diapers for showers and they always go over great by the mother and guest. Right now I am looking for the directions for the golf bag made with diapers and cannot find it anywhere. I have looked everywhere for it.

I saw one similar at a shower recently only it was only a two wheel. But soooo cute! I havea to try for the next shower I go to. Thanks for instructions.

What a wonderful idea. I will be making one for the shower. I hope I can do it.

This is super cute! I've never seen this before. Does anyone know how many single diapers it takes for all 3 wheels? I haven't bought diapers in years & don't know how many are in a large package. I'd like to make this for my niece's upcoming baby shower.

absolutely fantastic I made this bike not too sure I got the nappies right for the wheels but all good with how I done them thanks for the idea

I did it. I had to make some adjustments because my blankets were not long enough but ti turned out so cute. Kim C.

this design was in womans world magazine

I made this for my sister-in-law's baby shower, using it as a centerpiece on one of the tables. It was a hit. !! I added a stuffed animal to the seat and placed it' s paws on the handle bar. Thanks for sharing the idea, more fun than the diaper cakes I have made in the past

I love this idea. I just finished mine and it was so easy. I did it myself. I didn't need help with the wheels. I'm made it for my friend who is having a baby and I'm going to make another. I made the booties and put ribbon through the end of them to look like tassels on the handle bars like kids have on their bikes. Looks really cute. These are fun to make. Thanks Kate.

How much fun is this?! This is the greatest idea I have seen! I can't wait to make this. I always give diapers for baby showers, you can only have so many cute outfits. This is so cute! I am going to be a first time grandma in July ( No, I'm not old enough, so I tell everyone!) I can't wait to create this perfect gift!!

Hello, I have seen diaper cakes, but I really like the diaper trike. I have a friend that is having a baby and I am going to make this trike for her. Thanks for the idea.


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