Goncho Fleur de Lis Sweater


Goncho Fleur de Lis Sweater

This comfy, slouchy sweater from Authentic Knitting Board is knitted with a simple Fleur de Lis design. Chunky open-ribbing completes the cuffs, hem and turtleneck on this sweater.

Chunky Fleur de Lis Knit Sweater

Knit in Stockinette with Brown Sheep Bulky Yarn.

Sizes sml/med and lge/X-lge. Knit in (4) pieces. Turtleneck is knit into front and back.
Approx.dimensions-sweater laying flat in inches:
Size---shoulders-chest-hem width-length-sleeve
sml/med 16” 22” 22” 24” 22”
lge/X-lge 18” 26” 26” 28” 22”

Gauge: 3 sts=1” 4 rows=1”


  • Brown Sheep Bulky Yarn Sml/med cream=(6) skeins brn=(1) skein Lge/X-lge cream=(7) skeins brn=(1) skein
  • 28” knitting board (74needles per board)
  • Knit hook
  • Large needle for sewing the pieces together.


Front and Back of Sweater:

  1. Cast On 66 (74) needles. Adjust for the Open Rib Stitch.
  2. Knit in Open Rib for 10 rows. (See instructions at end of pattern.)
  3. Change to Stockinette by moving loops back onto empty needles.
  4. Knit in Stockinette for 64 (72) rows with Fleur de Lis design.

Fleur de Lis design:

  1. Requires (3) rows and (3) needles per design. When you tie on the brown color, it is carried for the entire (3) rows. Then it is cut and tied off. Cream is never cut and runs throughout. Row 1. Tie in brown yarn and knot on 2nd stitch. Skip first (8) needles, weave next needle, front to back, with brown yarn. Skip 6 (7) needles, weave next needle front to back with brown, skip 6(7) needles, weave next needle front to back with brown. Continue this across and end with 8(9) needles open. Lay brown yarn aside.
  2. Pick up cream yarn. Weave with cream in stockinette skipping the needles with the brown yarn. Do full circular. Hook over all needles.
  3. Row 2. Lay cream aside. Continue with brown from opposite end.
  4. Cover the previous brown needles and also (1) needle to each side for a total of (3) needles for each design. Be sure the previous brown needle is center of design. Lay brown aside. Pick up cream and weave full circular skipping the brown yarn. Stay in stockinette weave. Hook over all needles.
  5. Row 3. Repeat Row 1 for the 3rd row of the Fleur de Lis pattern.
  6. Knit 5 (6) rows of cream between each Fleur de Lis set of (3) rows.
  7. Continue until you have (7) sets of design. After last design knit 0 (4) rows of cream.

Arm and Shoulder Shaping:

  1. This is a raglan sleeve shaping. You will decrease steady from both ends of the board until you reach the shoulders. Continue the Fleur de Lis designs as you decrease.
  2. Small/med—The next design row will have (7) designs, the next will have (6).
  3. Large--The next design row will have (7) designs, the next will be (6) designs and the last will be (3) designs.
  4. Bind off (2) stitches each end of row. Lay extra loop onto needles #3 from each end. Knit row. Hook (2) over (1) on end needles. You now have 62 (70) stitches on board.
  5. Final remaining stitches for shoulders and collar will be 30 (34).
  6. Small/Med--Decrease (1) st each end for (2) rows. Knit (1) row regular (no decrease).
  7. Repeat this decrease (4) times. Now decrease (1) st each end, every row until you have the correct number of stitches remaining.
  8. Large—Decrease (1) st each end for (2) rows. Knit (1) row regular (no decrease). Repeat this decrease (7) times. Decrease (1) st each end, every row until you have the correct number of remaining stitches.
  9. Bind Off Shoulders—Bind Off (2) stitches and each end of board. Slip loop over needles (3). Weave and knit this row. Hook 2 over 2 for first stitches.
  10. Change to Open Rib Stitch by adjusting the loops on one side of board. The collar will have the open rib on inside, so do the adjustment on opposite side of board from hemline


  1. Knit the 26 (30) stitches in Open Rib for 20 (24) rows.
  2. Bind Off loosely with 1 thru 1 for good stretch using crochet hook.
  3. Front and Back of Sweater are the same.
  4. Sleeves: (knit two)
  5. Cast On 26 (30) stitches.
  6. Adjust to Open Rib
  7. Knit 10 rows in Open Rib.
  8. Change to Stockinette with one loop on all needles.
  9. Knit one regular row. Start Fleur de Lis pattern.
  10. First design will start on needle #7. (full design will be needles 6,7,8)
  11. Skip (5) needles between designs.
  12. Next design will be on needle #13. (full design will be needles 12,13,14). Continue this
  13. across row until the (3) designs are begun.
  14. Next row, increase the design to (3) stitches.
  15. Next row, repeat row one of design.
  16. As you increase to shape the raglan sleeve, you can add a new design as needed.
  17. Sleeve continues. Continue working the Fleur de Lis designs with 5 (6) rows between designs.


Increases will be gradual up to the underarm of the sleeve. Increase (1) stitch each end to both boards, every other row between designs. This means that after a design is complete, increase next row, knit row regular (no inc), increase next row, continue thru next design. There will be (2) increase rows between each design. Do this until you have 38 (44) stitches on the needles. This is your underarm. If you need the sleeve to be longer from underarm to cuff, you can do some additional rows at this time.


Repeat the decrease rows that were completed for the front and back of sweater. This is found between the astericks above. () Knit until you have (4) stitches on board. Bind Off with crochet hook (1 over 1)

Sewing the pieces together:

  1. You have (2) body of sweater pieces and (2) sleeves. Use matching cream yarn for sewing. Sew with large eyed needle. Sew with whip stitch or inside stitch for most invisible seams. Be aware of the sides with the open rib. You want them facing one another, so that when the collar is turned over, the open rib will show.
  2. Lay the body of sweater together, open rib to open rib. Sew from hemline to underarm (where the sides start to decrease). This is done best with the inside stitch. (Take small bites of yarn at edge center alternating from one piece to the other. Just pull to secure, not to bunch the seam).
  3. Next, sew the shoulder seam and continue up the sides of the collar.
  4. Fold each sleeve so that the open rib is placed properly for the different sides of the sweater. If you want the sleeves cuffed, the open rib will be inside. If you do not want a cuff, the open rib will face out. Before sewing the sleeves, be sure to lay out the pieces with the sleeves folded the way they are to be sewn.
  5. Now, sew the side seams of each sleeve from cuff to underarm (where the knit starts to decrease. Lay the sleeves inside the sweater to match the sleeve opening of the sweater with the opening of the sleeve. Ease the pieces together giving a few extra stitches at the underarm.
  6. Trim all tails of yarn to about 2”. With crochet hook, pull any tails into knitting between the layers of double knit.

Open Ribbing

This is beautiful stitch, similar to ribbing, but gives different appearance on each side. When all stitches are hooked over, on one side of board only-remove loop (2) and place onto needle (1). Take loop (4) and place on needle (3). Take loop (6) and place on needle (5). Continue down all needles on this one board. You now have (2) loops on every other needle and (1) loop on every needle on opposite board. Continue with stockinette stitch, always putting yarn over the needles with the other (2) loops. After weaving, one side will have (2) loops on each needle, and the other will have (4) loops on every other needle with empty needles between. Hook your stitches, 1ov1, and 2ov 2. Stay in stitch.

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