Simply Adorable Baby Booties and Matching Hat with PomPom


Simply Adorable Baby Booties and Matching Hat with PomPom

For a gift that will truly impress at the next baby shower, give a cute matching set of knitted booties and pompom hat. With a knitting board, these are quick and easy using this free baby knitting pattern from Authentic Knitting Board.

Baby Booties and PomPom Hat

Size 2-6 mos
Gauge 3sts=1” 3.5rows=1”
Knit in Rib Stitch for entire set


  • Yarn- Katia Confeti acrylic and polyester blend or any other appropriate baby yarn 300 yds total for set
  • 18” or 28” knitting board
  • Knit hook for hooking
  • Large eyed needle for sewing
  • Crochet Hook for finishing.
  • Satin ribbon ¼” wide-24” long



  1. Cast On 40 sts
  2. Be sure to use anchor yarn.
  3. Knit hat from top to brim.
  4. In Rib Stitch, knit 26 rows. Cut yarn.
  5. Bind Off with crochet hook.
  6. Start at end without the yarn tail. Pick up (3) loops (st 1, front and back and st 2 front). Pull one loop thru other two loops. Pick up next (2) loops, and pull one thru the other two loops. Continue across until you have only one loop on crochet hook. Pull tail end of yarn thru last loop.
  7. Sew side edges (short sides) together with matching yarn.
  8. Draw anchor yarn to gather top of hat.
  9. Leave enough tail of yarn to sew on the pompom.
  10. Pompom is made by wrapping yarn around 3 fingers aprox 35 times.
  11. Tie at center creating a bow of the wound yarn.
  12. Tie on securely with ends of anchor yarn.
  13. Trim pom-pom to desired length approximately ½”-1"
  14. Fold brim of hat to adjust for size.

BOOTIES (knit 2)

  1. Cast On (24) sts Use anchor yarn.
  2. Row 1-9-Knit in Rib pattern
  3. Row 10-Decrease (2) sts each end
  4. Row 1-Knit in Rib pattern
  5. Row 12 and 13-Decrease (1) st each end
  6. Row 14-16-Knit in Rib st
  7. Row 17-Increase (1) st each end
  8. Row 18-20-Knit in Rib st.
  9. Bind Off loosely with crochet hook.
  10. Bind Off at anchor yarn. Remove anchor yarn.
  11. Fold bootie over. With matching yarn, sew bootie bottom and front edge.
  12. PomPom: Roll yarn around (3) fingers aprox 35 times. Gather tightly in center to form 'bow' with matching yarn, leaving enough ends to tie pom-pom to bootie.
  13. Tie to top of bootie.
  14. Trim ends of the pom-pom to desired length. This is usually best at aprox 1/2"
  15. Lace 12” of satin ribbon at ankle point to secure bootie on little foot.
  16. Hint. If you want the booties to fit very tiny feet, lace yarn lengthwise thru bootie and draw up. Then as the feet grow, you can let out the drawstring to use bootie at full size.
  17. Rib Stitch-Place loop knot on top needle #1. Bring down to 3rd needle on bottom board. Take yarn back up to top board to 3rd. Continue weaving every other needle. When at end of your desired number of sts, turn board around.
  18. Continue to wrap the empty needles being sure to add wrap to all needles. Use this process to start all rows in rib stitch. When doing the Rib Stitch, you will wrap the last (2) needles consecutively.
  19. Remember, if you dec (1) st, you will need to adjust to needle (2) and (4) to start the rows, in order to maintain the rib pattern. After the next increase or decrease, return to original position to start of the needles (1) and (3).

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Looks easy to do will show it to the knitting group and tell them about the website if they have a computer if not they can copy or borrow mine.

like the easy booties pattern

what is anchor yarn? how do I use it?

I would try size 3 straight needles.

this is knitted on a loom can buy them at Walmart or your local craft store. you use whatever size loom holds the number of stitches you need.

What size knitting needles does this set take to make? I do not see a size.


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