American Flag Placemat Tutorial


American Flag Placemat Tutorial


Use this step-by-step sewing tutorial to create an American flag placemat for a patriotic centerpiece or make many for dinner guests on Independence Day. Start with store-bought American flags (the kind you wave around at parades) for this easy decorating idea. This 4th of July craft from Shannon Staker of Shannon Makes Stuff is great for outdoor barbecues and picnics. As Shannon suggests, pair these placemats with a vase of red, white and blue flowers (real or paper).


 American Flag Placemat


  • Red, White, and Blue Thread
  • One American Flag for each placemat
  • Thinest vinyl you can purchase


American Flag Placemat 1



  1. Remove flag from stick by pulling. Lay your flag out flat and cut up the side with the stars so it is even and pretty close to the stars. Like a regular american flag.

    American Flag Placemat 2
  2. Cut two pieces of vinyl that are 1/2 inch larger than the flag on all sides. Sandwich american flag inbetween the vinyl sheets. Leave the paper on the vinyl. So you will have paper, vinyl, flag, vinyl, paper.

    American Flag Placemat 2
  3. Start by sewing with white thread around the blue part of the flag with a straight stitch. You leave the paper on because the vinyl tends to stick to the machine and then you get uneven sewing and bunching. Sew on the bottom of each red stripe, except the bottom stripe.

    American Flag Placemat 3
  4. Cut of all the excess white thread on both the front and back of flag.

    American Flag Placemat 4
  5. Change to red thread and sew in a zigzag stitch on the top of all the red stripes, except for the top stripe.

    American Flag Placemat 5
  6. Cut off all of the excess red thread on the front and back of the flag.

    American Flag Placemat 6
  7. Sew around the entire outside of the flag in red thread in a straight stitch. You do not want to sew on the flag you want to sew next to the flag about 1/8 inch off the flag. Cut of excess red thread.

    American Flag Placemat 7
  8. Change to blue thread and sew diagonal lines across the stars. Cut off excess blue thread.

    American Flag Placemat 8
  9. Tear off the top paper. Be gentle so you don't pull out the thread.

    American Flag Placemat 9
  10. Flip over and tear off the paper on the bottom side. I like to use a pin and slide it underneath the paper to help me lift it up, but be careful not to puncture the vinyl.

    American Flag Placemat 10
  11. Cut around the red sewn line to get rid of any extra vinyl. Be careful not to cut the red stitching.

    American Flag Placemat 11
  12. Turn flag over and there you have it. An american flag placemat. Perfect for a centerpiece with white, red and blue carnations, or great for any outdoor picnic barbeque on the 4th.

    American Flag Placemat

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First of all people are quoting old out dated flag rules and sites. A few years ago the US Supreme Court declared it is okay to use the flag for things, decorations, and you are allowed to sit on it, walk on it, burn it to. That's their ruling like it or not.

I've done the same with many different flags,,,,Get over it people it's a 1 dollar throw away least it's not going into our landfill.

As a female military veteran and retired educator, I am surprised by how little is known about flag etiquette. Here is an excerpt: The flag should not be used as a drapery, or for covering a speakers desk, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general. Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes. The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top. The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose. It should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use. Advertising signs should not be attached to the staff or halyard This comes from the website Please check it out. Thanks.

thank you jifrpreston! I have seen these very flags thrown away or littering the street after a parade many times.

For anyone who is appalled and mortified about this while I have respect for your views of proper display of the flag this was obviously done w flags that are no sooner thrown away than purchased for the current patriotic holiday I am actually pleased that this person found a way to PRESERVE such a symbol and use it in their decor like I'm sure many of you have done in one form or another If nothing else it would be a constant reminder as you look down at your plate to be thankful for those that have served and sacrificed just so that you can have a meal with family and friends In my opinion this is no different than having the flag printed on a T-shirt or decorated on a cake and then eating it It's still a showing of patriotism and pride You also have to remember thatRead More projects like this lend itself to more than just a flag You could use contact paper and a drawing your kids grand-kids made for you for safe keeping and memories if you have such a problem with using the flag I agree that with a real flag there are rules and such that even I will bring to the attention of said offender but you also have to remember that one of the things it stands for is the freedom of speech and without that we would not even be having this conversation of what is right or wrong in the use of the flag

I am MORTIFIED at the misuse and disgrace of our flag. I can not believe this "craft" was submitted, and even more appalled that it was published. I've asked for the "craft" removed from this site, but I see it is still available.

Instead of using a real flag, I made my own and do something very similar to this tutorial for the 4th, which also happens to be my Grandpa's (a Korean war vet) birthday. He absolutely loved it.

NEVER ... NEVER .... NEVER ... use an AMERICAN FLAG for ANYTHING other than displaying properly!!! SIERA ... don't ever be "sorry" for standing up for what is proper for our GREAT FLAG!!

sorry , you should not use an American flag as a placemat or for anything other than flying it properly or on a uniform, there are flag rules that should be followed


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