Cozy Cabin Slippers for Men


Cozy Cabin Slippers for Men

These knitted cabin slippers for men from Authentic Knitting Board would be perfect for a Father's Day gift or just for yourself. 

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Cozy Cabin Slippers for Men

Beginner to advanced (be sure you understand the need for the anchor yarn)
Stitches used=Stockinette
Made in 3 pieces-each slipper


  • Body of slipper Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick Cabin Brown 2.5 sts=1” (1) skein
  • Cuff of slipper Lion Brand Jiffy Quick and Easy #124 Camel 3sts=1” (1) skein
  • Knitting board with 30 needles ( ½” standard spacing)
  • Knit hook to lift the loops
  • Crochet hook to finish edges
  • Large sewing or darning needle to sew pieces together

Sizes Sml (10” length at bottom of foot) width aprox 4-1/2”
Med (11-12” length at bottom of foot), width aprox 5”
Lge (13” length at bottom of foot), width aprox 6”


  1. Main body of slipper: (Knit 2)
  2. Cast On 10 (12) 16 stitches with brown yarn. Lay anchor yarn.
  3. Knit in Stockinette for (2) rows.
  4. Next row: You will extend the stitches to include the toe and foot.
  5. Weave in Stockinette for a total of 22 (26) 30 stitches. You are adding new stitches at one end of board.
  6. Lay a new anchor yarn over the new stitches.
  7. Hook over original stitches. The new stitches only have one loop and you can’t hook them until the next row. Do nothing to new stitches at this row.
  8. Knit in Stockinette for a total of 20 (24) 28 rows. (for wider feet, Knit additional rows. Each 2 rows will add aprox ½” to width.)
  9. Bind Off for the foot area: (You will bind off the stitches that were added.)
  10. Starting at end opposite the attached yarn, bind off with crochet hook by pulling 1 loop thru 1 loop. When you get to the original 10 (12) 16 needles, lay the last loop on the crochet hook onto the end needles. This will create a double loop on the last needles.
  11. Knit the original needles for (2) rows. When you get to the end needles with extra loop, be sure to lift the 2 bottom loops over.
  12. Bind Off the remaining stitches starting at end opposite the yarn attachment.
  13. Bind Off both sets of anchor yarns at opposite edge. Set the slipper aside.
  14. Knit 2nd slipper just like this one.
  15. Toe/top of slipper: (Knit 2)
  16. Cast On (6) stitches in Stockinette Stitch. All sizes.
  17. Knit 6 (8) 8 rows
  18. Decrease (1) stitch each end of board (both sides of board). You now have 4 sts for all sizes.
  19. Knit in Stockinette for 14 (16) 18 additional rows.
  20. Bind Off with crochet hook.
  21. Knit additional toe/ top slipper just like this one.
  22. Bind Off at anchor yarn.
  23. Sewing the Slipper together. Fold slipper lengthwise. The shorter end is the toe side. The taller end is the cuff side.
  24. Mark the center of the toe end with piece of yarn.
  25. One extra piece (toe/top) will be sewn in between the 2 sides of the top of the slipper. The wider end is the toe end. Match the center of toe end with center of toe on slipper. Slip a piece of yarn thru the 2 pieces at matching centers.
  26. Start sewing the top of slipper to one side of slipper (main piece). You will be starting at point where the slipper extends for the cuff. Ease the 2 pieces together as you sew so that the seams are even and the toe is rounded. Sew to the center marker.
  27. Sew the other side of slipper to the slipper toe/top, easing the 2 pieces together, ending at the center marker. This will complete the top of slipper.
  28. Sew the heel from slipper bottom to top at cuff.
  29. Making the Cuffs: (Make 2) Now that your slipper is sewn together except for the cuff, you can get an exact measure for how long to make each cuff so that it fits the slipper. Measure with soft measure tape around the cuff area and add ½”. This should be aprox 12” (13”) 14”.
  30. Cast On (6) Stitches using the Camel Jiffy yarn. Lay anchor yarn.
  31. Knit in Stockinette Stitch for 34 (36) 38 rows or until the piece measures the same length as your measurement around the cuff area.
  32. Bind Off.
  33. Bind Off at anchor yarn.
  34. Sewing the Cuffs: The ends of the cuff will match with the cuff area starting where the slipper top begins. Match the (2) side edges, laying the cuff around the slipper. Secure the ends to the slipper with a crochet hook or similar long needle to hold in place as you sew.
  35. Use the invisible stitch to sew one edge of cuff to edge of slipper. You should sew the slipper about ½” from top. Sew the cuff using very edge stitch.
  36. Now, roll the opposite edge of cuff over the top of slipper, matching the corners. Sew in place. You may want to turn the slipper inside out to sew this side. You may close up the ends of the cuff in your sewing or use it as a casing for a drawstring. Our sample has the ends closed up. If you choose the casing, your slipper will take on the appearance of moccasins, a nice variation.

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Such a shame this is a knitting board only pattern. Why not have a link to the same slipper, only transcribed for regular knitting and crochet?

These have to be the worst ever knitting instructions. They don't even tell you how many stitches to cast on to start. Like the others I have no idea what he "anchor yarn" is or what it's used for. Shame as the finished article look great. For those of you who do get what's going on here, but don't understand what stockinette stitch is, one row is knit the next purl, repeated continuously.

@Blondie62 - Here is some helpful information about the stockinette stitch: Hope this helps! -The editors of FaveCrafts

I do not understand the anchor yarn (how it is used), or stockinette. Is this a stitch pattern or something else. Thand you

Hi,You can find pattern's on Last one has a lot of different pattern's for everyone. Hope this helps you. Happy Holiday's Stormy

Can anyone transcribe this pattern to CROCHET? I don't knit but my mom used to make slippers like this for my brother and my husband--I can crochet. THANKS!


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