Light Crochet Shoulder Shrug


Light Crochet Shoulder Shrug

A light crochet shoulder shrug is a great accessory in warmer months. Add to a dress for an easy transition into night. The shrug from Bernat Yarns is crocheted in a silky bamboo yarn, so it's soft and comfortable to wear.  The openness of the shrug also makes this cute accessory very lightweight, so it's the perfect way to cover your shoulders if you're wearing a summer dress or tank top.

Light Crochet Shoulder Shrug

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Just because it's warm doesn't mean you can't show off your favorite crochet projects!  Keep cool with these 22 Summer Crochet Patterns!  Bright and full of sunshine, these patterns are light and lacy and perfect for summer accessorizing!



Gauge: 10 dc and 5 rows = 4 ins 10 cm.


  • Ch 93.
  • 1st row: 1 dc in 4th ch from hook. *Ch 1. Miss next ch. 1 dc in next ch. Rep from * to last ch. 1 dc in last ch. Turn. 91 sts.
  • 2nd row: Ch 4. *1 dc in next ch-1 sp. Ch 1. Rep from * to last 2 dc. Ch 1. Miss next dc. 1 dc in last dc. Turn.
  • 3rd row: Ch 3. *1 dc in next ch-1 sp. Ch 1. Rep from *, ending with 1 dc in last dc. Turn.
  • Rep last 2 rows for 14 ins [35.5 cm], ending with a 2nd row.
  • Fasten off.
  • Beg at side edges, sew foundation ch and last row tog for 8 ins [20.5 cm] to form Sleeves.
  • Edging: Join yarn to body opening at sleeve seam. Ch 1. 1 sc in each st around. Join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off.

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Just right to use if you don't want to cover your whole back. Great to use on top of spaghetti strap or sleeveless top. Perfect in any color as gift for a friend or mom.

This is really beautiful. It looks like the perfect pattern to make for a gift for someone. I like that it is quite an easy pattern. The pattern which makes a design on the back is beautiful along with the scalloped effect on the bottom. I think it could easily be made longer for more coverage.

i love shrugs! the warm weather is finally here and i cannot wait to enjoy light clothes again. Its nice that this pattern is a size-fits-all because am quite petite and i was worried about that.

I made this shrug a couple of weeks ago. It is really quick and simple to make. I made mine in an afternoon. It is now my go to shrug when I feel chilled by the air conditioner. It is warm enough to take the chill off, and airy enough to keep me from overheating. I added a few rounds around the body section of mine to make it a bit larger.

Very nice! I appreciate the poster down below who noted that she created a size 2X with a 115 count starting chain! She took the guess work out of that for me. I will enjoy wearing this over my long and skinny tanks and tunics, in a white, mint or aqua, and of course a black.

This looks so pretty! I would probably make it in light blue though :)

Does anyone here know what size this pattern is???

Hi there! This is a one-size-fits-most pattern. I hope that helps! -Dana from FaveCrafts

Does anyone here know what size this pattern is????

read above

both my sides tapered in. It did not end up being a rectangle. Was it suppose too? I love the pattern also and I thank you!!!!

So gorgeous. I have an outfit that this is going to add the perfect touch to! Our climate here in the most southerly point of Africa is quite warm, even our winters are relatively mild, so this shoulder shrug is going to be so useful to me that I am thinking of making more than one. It looks so pretty, thank you for the free pattern!

Thank You for shareing such beautiful patterns!

There needs to be more to this shrug. As it is, it will pull under the arm . Needs more front to look and lay right.

Do you dc in the chain 1 space or do you dc in the chain 1 itself. I'm a little confused since the whole shrug came out lop-sided.

I made this in plus size and it came out great I am on my second one now I just chained 115 sts for a size 2x

I need instructions for a 1x 2x sizes please any help would be appreciated. how did you adapt the pattern.

This is a simple enough stitch pattern but too skimpy for a shrug. Needs a little in front....I'd have to adjust this to make it look right for my taste.

I have been crocheting for a long time and this pattern looked easy to do i have one almost made i ran out of yarn i will be finishing it today for my daughter's birthday this week I made another one and i need help on the Sleeve i put it together but i am confused abut the sleeve can you help me with it the one i finished don't look right I need help today

Hi , I made one and almost have another one made i ran out of yarn and will be getting more yarn today ti finish it i am not sure about the Sleeve Can you help me with it i put that one together it looks o k but i think i did it wrong Can you show or tell me more how to do the sleeve so i will do it right i want to make more of these for birthday gifts I am making the one i need to finish for my daughter's birthday

Same question what size is this?

Hi Peache1--Thanks for your comment. I checked the Bernat site and the measurements for this pattern are as follows: 36 ins [91.5 cm] wide x 14 ins [35.5 cm] deep. Hope that helps!--FaveCrafts Editors

will certainly try

I've finished the first six steps and fastened off. Now, the sleeve directions seem to be a bit too scant. Can you please expand. Thank you (I love the pattern and I believe my sister will--if we can figure out the sleeve step.)

I like it,and I am going to try this Shrug. What size is the pattern for.

I've been crocheting for a long time, but have recently begun reading patterns, and this will be my first piece of clothing. I'm confused on what the pattern is telling me to do at the end of Round 2. Can you help me a little more on this?

Great idea

what size is this shrug????? Is there instructions for XXL or plus size 1

It does not say the size. What size is it?

did you ever get an answer as to the size???? I would love to make this in my size

Ok, so I must be doing something wrong..I've gone down to size f hook to try and meet the guide...i've tried this with everything from crochet thread to chunky yarn. I couldn't find the bamboo yarn to I've tried improvising with no sucess. Please help...what kind of yarn am I looking for if I can't find the called for yarn. And what size hook? I just learned to crochet...i really want to make a "real" project

Try 100% cotton yarn. The weight is pretty close. The bamboo makes the yarn a little softer and shinier than all cotton yarn, but all cotton works up just about as nicely.

I think your patterns are truly great, but I wish when you print them out that the printing was larger. It's really hard for my old eyes to read.

Somewhere in your browser, you can change the font size for reading these things. I have the same problem.

Does anyone know what size this is would it fit a size XL ?

I loved making this shrug. Fits me perfectly, the Bernat Bamboo yarn is soft & easy to work with. My only wish is that they would offer more color choices.

I would like to see more projects like this. This past summer some ladies at church had crochet garments similar to this since the air conditioning might be blowing on you. Hope you find more ideas for me.

this was easy to make. But I think it is too short . I wish it was longer

I think it's too hard for me, I am a knitter, but would love to crochet, somehow I just can't do it

I need to know what I am doing wrong. On the row ends where it says work to your last 2 dc, miss next dc and dc in the last dc, My shrug looks like Iam decreasing on one side. instead of it looking like a rectangle, one of my opposite sides is slanting. where am I supposed to pick up the slack when I miss one dc. please help

It means to work pattern until you have 2 dc left, then miss (skip) the next dc & then dc in the last dc in the row. Hope this helps :-)

This is what my sis wants. ty

I cast on 93 stitches in the chain. Then did the 1st row as directed. At the end of the row it is stated that there are 91sts. How can this be since you skipped one chain across the row. I could not have that many but about half. Mary Ruth Sumner

You should count the chain and the DC, not just the DC

what yarn can be used as an alternative?

I, too, having trouble forming the sleeves to make the shrug. What is the secret here? I sewed the foundation row to last row and it is a strange looking shrug you certainly can't wear. Please help with details for finishing this pattern. Thank you. Wanda

When you fold the shrug in half, you fold from the top (last row you crocheted) to the bottom (the first row you crocheted or your start row). That will leave the ends open for your arms; you will sew or seam the bottom from the ends( where the arms holes are) toward the center for 8 ins. You do these from the left side toward center & then from the right side toward center.

These may help: imagine a rectangle or a sheet of 8 x 11 paper turned sideways (the 8"side goes top to bottom & the 11" side goes left to right). Now fold the top to the bottom. The top to bottom is now 4" & the left to right is still 11". Now along the bottom of the paper is where you will seam, leaving the 4" sides open for your arms to go thru. You will seam from the left toward center & from the right toward center, leaving part of the center open to put your arms thru. Hope this helps :-)

I read on the comments about how to do the sleeves; what do you mean about the edging, it says to join sc around the body starting from the sleeves? I am sorta lost here. Pictures of the sleeve joining and the edging would be very helpful. Please send email to, thank you so much.

When you seam the bottom from left to center & from right to center, that leaves an opening. You do your slst there, where you seamed to make the arm holes, & sc around that opening in the bottom. In other words, you do a slst in the bottom seam next to the large opening & then sc around the large opening to give it a finished look. Hope this helps :-)

The part that you will be sc crocheting around is the part that is in front of the shoulder that goes around behind neck & down the front of the other shoulder of the woman in the photo

its so beautiful and i am going to try making it for my daughter-in-law

I see there are some questions about sizing and completing this pattern--hope this helps The chain row establishes the length from cuff to cuff The number of rows the height of the rectangle is what's going to create the circumference of the sleeves Here's what I'd do to make sure I had it sized right Put your arms together in front of you elbows near each other and have someone else measure with a measuring tape from elbow to elbow measuring across the width of your back That's going to be how long you want it to be from side to side Adjust the chain part accordingly keeping the number of chain stitches odd not even The circumference of the sleeves will be determined by the number of rows you work The pattern says you're making the rectangle inches high therefore the sleeves circumference will be inches If you want theRead More sleeves larger circumference-wise work additional rows as needed Then to form the sleeves you're stitching the chain row to the last edge You're going to measure inches in from one side edge and sew from that point to the edge you measured from and then you're going to do the same from the other end leaving the center unjoined--these in sections form the two sleeves Hope that helps

Im sure you can use a garment that fits you well for sizing. Just chain your foundation chain as long as your shoulders are wide and go from there

Can someone help me please? Think of Shrug as a rectangle, Fold in 1/2 right side together, lining up foundation chain with last row, sew from edges 8 inches toward center ---------------fold----------------- [ ] [ ] -----8"---(leave open)---8"------

Can someone help me please? I cannot figure out how to do the FINISHING part of this item to "form sleeves." A picture would be helpful, or more detailed description. I made this, but can't figure out how to close it in order to WEAR it! Ha! Please reply to Thanks!

I like the pattern and I'd love to make it for my granddaughter -- but, what about sizes? She's quite tall and has fairly broad shoulders. I know this doesn't fit closely, but no way will one size fit all, I'm pretty sure.

Measure her from where you want the end of the sleeve to be, across the back of her shoulders, to the end ofwhere you want the other sleeve to end. Then using the gauge, make your adjustment to the chain row. Just remember to take the pattern (10 + 3) in to account. ie: this shrug is around 9" in width (left to right measurement), so an extra 10 dc = 1" extra &

Sorry, I mean an extra 10 dc & 5 rows add an extra 4", so the shrug is around 36" from left to right or lenght ways. Hope this helps :-)

Just in time...THIS is my vacation project: make on the plane, wear for the duration! Thank you!

hey>>> it is really great thing... i love it thank youuuu so much

I love this simple little thing. It is simple but soooo classy. Thank You,you guys are GREAT..............mamalevi

So simple and so beautiful. Really adds a nice touch to a sleeveless dress or would be great for tops too to dress up jeans.


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