Twist Scarf Crochet Pattern

Twist Scarf Crochet Pattern

You only need to crochet three rows for this easy crochet scarf. This free crochet scarf pattern will leave you with a lovely twirling scarf in warm alpaca yarn.  It's the perfect accessory for any season and you'll love it so much that you'll soon have one in every color!  This is a great beginner project and a fun scarf to make during a snowy weekend spent indoors.  These scarves also make wonderful gift ideas for girls of all ages, perfect for giving during the holidays or on a birthday.  You could even layer 2 scarves together for a fun colorful look.

Twirl Easy Crochet Scarf


  • 2 balls Bernat Alpaca yarn in Indigo
  • 6.5 mm (U.S. K or 10½) crochet hook, or size needed to obtain gauge


Gauge: 11 sc and 12 rows = 4" 10 cm


Measurements: 4 x 60" 10 x 152.5 cm
Scarf is worked sideways.

  1. Ch 186.
  2. 1st rnd: (RS). 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. *Ch 3. Miss next 3 ch. 1 sc in next ch. Rep from * to end of ch. Ch 8. Sl st in 3rd ch from hook. [Ch 1. (Yoh) 4 times. Draw up a loop in same ch as last sc. (Yoh and draw through 2 loops) 5 times – Dtr made. Ch 3. Sl st in top of dtr – Picot made] 14 times. Do not turn. Work in opposite side of foundation ch: **Miss next ch-3 sp. 3 sc in next ch-3 sp. Miss next ch-3 sp. (Dtr. Picot. Ch 1) 9 times in next ch-3 sp.** Rep from ** to ** to last two ch-3 sps. Miss next ch-3 sp. 1 sc in next sc. Miss next ch-3 sp. (Dtr. Picot. Ch 1) 15 times in side of first sc.
  3. Work into rem side of 1st rnd: Miss next ch-3 sp. 3 sc in next ch-3 sp. Ch 1. 3 sc in next ch-3 sp. Rep from ** to ** to last two ch-3 sps. Miss next ch-3 sp. 1 sc in next sc. Miss next ch-3 sp. Join with sl st to 5th ch of ch 8. Fasten off.

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I just have to make one of these in every color of the rainbow. These would be great in the fall and winter months but can easily be worn during the spring and summer because of the material used and how they are designed.

This is a great gift idea project because it takes a little bit of material and time. For your friends that appreciate a nice accessory piece, this is the project to make. Give in sets of two with either contrasting or coordinating colors.

All we need to do is work a bunch of chains and skip them here and there, mixed in with the famed double triple crochet. It's fun- you yarn over I believe... 5 times. This will give you the giant stitches you need. So, these will go by quickly because of the use of the gigantic stitches.

the new instructions are GREAT!!! Now I'll make a bunch of these (in no-time-at-all).

It really makes me feel good that my instructions helped! :) I should have mentioned in my revised instructions that I am NOT the original author of this pattern, I'm just another crocheter who got fed up with the original instructions and took matters into my own hands. I do write my own patterns, though.

I am so glad to see that I was not the ONLY one who was thoroughly confused by these instructions. Now, I will try the revised insturctions (and I'll try it with bulky yarn).

I'm so glad to see that I wasn't the ONLY one who was thoroughly confused by this pattern. I'll try these revised instructions.

Easy??? yeah, not really ... one of the most confusing patterns I've ever seen. I started to follow the one in the comments section, that made most sense, but the scarf was supposed to be 60" long. Mine was working up to be about 46". NOT long enough to be a scarf.. yep. Froging this one :(

I tried to print the new instructions and it won't print. I am going to try the first set of instructions but it would be very helpful if I could print all of it.

This pattern was so confusing for so many people that I re-wrote it with a slight alteration To make this scarf you will work all of the way around the foundation chain without turning with right side facing the whole way The effect will be like a long oval or a link chain with fans going of all the way around it For this reason instead of rows there will be steps sc single crochet ch chain sk skip sl st slip stitch yo yarn over dtr double treble Make a foundation chain of Step sc in nd ch from the hook Ch skip next ch stitches sc in next ch stitch Repeat from across entire chain This has created a new base chain Most of the stitches will be made into the large gaps Step This step will create the fan at one end of the scarf Ch sl stRead More into rd ch from the hook This will count as the first dtr with picot Ch yarn over times insert hook into the first sc at the end of the original foundation chain yo and pull a loop through You now have loops on your hook Yo and pull through loops repeat times This has created the dtr Ch sl st in top of dtr This has created the picot Repeat from times for a total of dtr with picots Step Do not turn You will work across the other side of your new base chain Sk next ch gap sc in next ch gap sk next ch gap dtr with picot into next ch gap times Repeat across until you get to the last two ch gaps Step Sk next ch gap sc in ch between gaps sk last gap Dtr with picot times into last sc of the original foundation chain creating the fan at the other end of the scarf Step You will continue around now working across the other side of the work Sk next ch gap sc in next ch gap sk next ch gap dtr with picot into next ch gap times Repeat across until you get to the last two ch gaps Step Sk next ch gap sc in ch between gaps sk last gap Join with sl st in th ch of ch that was created at the beginning of step the very first dtr Fasten off and weave in ends

I just want to reiterate as I did above that I am NOT the original author of this pattern. I am an independent designer named Sara Leighton under the brand Illuminate Crochet. I simply felt the same frustration that others did with the pattern and decided to try and help once I figured it out.

I really want to make this scarf, but cannot understand the directions. What is Yoh? Does it mean yarn over hook? Is it explaining how to make a Dtr?

I dont understand. These directions r really confusing. I tried to piece it together and my scarf looks good so far but i'm lost and i dont know how to finish it :/

If you use thicker yarn and larger needles it's very nice also!

i love this pattern. but. i got lost after i chained 8 at end of first row. i started 2nd row but i only started making it longer. do i start my dtr and picots in the first row before the chain 8 stitches? HEEEELLPP

With the help of some of the other ppl posting here, I finally figured this out, made the scarf and it is beautiful. I got hung up at the same place you did at first. The first chain 8 counts as the first Dtr stitch (spoke one of the first wheel). Work the remaining 14 Dtr stitches into the same sc at the end of the row ( the on that connects the two foundation chains at the end). Once you make the wheel, you just work into the chain3 spaces right up the other side of the foundation. It's kind of like going around a long oval. Hope this helps.

Also, yoh is, yarn over hook.

I have not tried this pattern, but I read it and would like to. As you can see in the beginning of the instructions it says rnd 1. work around and around. Just like she you make a ring, only this time it's a long chain. Work one side of the chain to the end........don't turn, just work up the other side. As for the picot,this is the same as when you crochet doilies or lace. Keep trying, it will work. I agree with jemmypoo, sometimes you just have to follow. Word for word and it works out. I have found that if I get really confused or frustrated and someone reads the instructions to me, somehow i get it.

I am having a heck of a time with this pattern. Some of the comments were helpful (thinking of it like spokes on a wheel), but I don't understand how you're supposed to get a "full wheel" on the end chains. I get the groups of 3, but I can't get past the first "wheel". Also, I too don't understand what the designer meant by "work in opposite side of foundation chain". Are you supposed to work on the other side of the chain (underneath) to create a full wheel??? Not getting this...

I'm currently working on this and from what I see, it's created one half (or "side") at a time... so you don't get a full wheel until you start working back down the opposite side of the scarf. Mine currently looks like hills, not wheels LOL. And I changed the end I started with, too... 14 seemed like WAY too many, so I think I cut it down to 10 or 12 (I stopped when it looked right, but kept an even number). I'm a beginner, too, and haven't had a difficult time at all with this pattern, but I also go with the flow & by instinct. By that I mean: I did exactly what it said, even if it didn't seem logical to me, and so far it seems to be going well.

This is a fun looking crochet scarf pattern. I just learned to crochet and I would love to give this a try! The pattern doesn't look too complicated.

@aheavenlylady 1191293, I'm sorry to hear of your trouble. I have two options for you: 1. You can contact the pattern designer directly for help. The designer is specified in the byline. 2. I might also suggest that you try posting your question to our sites Facebook page. It is monitored by the editor and is a great resource for helpful tips and suggestions from our Facebook friends; perhaps they can offer some guidance! Here is the link: --editors of FaveCrafts

Are these patterns tested prior to publishing? I've been crocheting for most of my life, and this is by far the hardest pattern to understand. Crocheting is supposed to be enjoyable, but this experience was far from it.........

The instructions are fine once you picture "spokes" on a wheel with a picot at the top. When you get to the last Sc BEFORE CHAINING 8, mark that single crochet by drawing a loose strand of yarn THROUGH IT making it easier to find. Now, chain 8, this is the first "spoke." Slip stitch in the 3rd chain is the picot. Chain 1. Yoh 4 times. Insert hook into the "marked" sc. The other 14 "spokes" go into the marked chain 1. This makes a complete wheel. The other wheels, except for the wheel on the other end, are only "half wheels." This pattern is worked the length of the scarf, never turning your work. It is a very beautiful piece. Well worth working it out. NOTE: From directions I've read, it seems a lot of people have a different take on what is a Dtr.

I found that a bobby pin workedto mark the first single crochet as well.

I agree with khanhhang, this is a horrible pattern to decipher!!! Even a crocheter with some knowledge of crocheting would find it difficult (ME). Is there SOMEONE would could rewrite it with instructions that aren't so confusing? It starts Row 1; I never see a mention of a row 2! I have all the questions from the the January 8th writer. Barbara June

I love this pattern so much; however, I dont really understand the instruction; Im pretty new to crocheting though. So these are my questions: 1. 1st round after 1sc every 4th stitch, we chain 8? Do we need to slip stitch or anything at the end before chaining 8? 2. Sl st in 2rd chain from hook, which is along the 8 chains? We sl st on that? 3. Do we dtr + picot 14 times? Then do we dtr + picot every chain or every 2,3 chains or something? I dont quite understand that.

Dtr, according to the Lion Brand Yarn site, is 'double treble (triple) crochet' Yoh = "yarn over hook". If you go to their site, you will find instructions for making a "dtr". Good luck ... hope this helps a little. I'd copy the instructions and paste them here for you, but I believe it's not legal to do so. 8-(

@member15424 actually it is. I did this on a size "n" with baby boucle multi coloured and it came out great! I only modified the pattern a little. Instead of 186 for the first chain, I only used 150sts. Came out nice and fluffy!

This is real neat. I really think it would be rad multi colored.

Ok y'all im posting again to clarify some issues. 1. Worked sideways: you're working along the entire length of the scarf. instead of short rows, the first ch-186 is the actual length of the scarf. 2. Dtr = double treble. wrap yarn around the needle 3 times, go into a stitch (or whatever), wrap yarn and pull through 2 sts (4 times). double treble made. 3. Yoh = i think this is a YO. in crochet you would also call that "wrapping" the yarn. the only time i've read YO is in knitting patterns. I hope this helps people. again, i just got this done and I'm going to make more. if you want pictures, bgp123(at)gmail(dot)com. i have to write it like that otherwise Im going to get spammed. GOOD LUCK!! -kobuu

omg. i love this pattern. worked up flawlessly. to everyone having a hard time, once you finish the first round that's your base. it should look like a long strand of chain links. so, when the directions say: **Miss next ch-3 sp. 3 sc in next ch-3 sp. Miss next ch-3 sp. (Dtr. Picot. Ch 1) 9 times in next ch-3 sp.** Rep from ** to ** youre going to use the first ch186 which is broken into 3ch sp's. so, taking that into account, if you skip the first ch3 sp and you 9dtr into the next one and skip the next, you get the oversized wheel shape. over the course of the scarf, it will "twist" naturally. once it's done you can play with it a bit but there's a lot of flexibility there. email me if you want a picture! bgp123(at)gmail(dot)com

Yes, exactly! You described it perfectly, actually. :)

Thank you for posting a clarification of the pattern. It makes sense now!

i too tried this and it looked nothing at all like the picture. very thin and no twisting at seems like maybe im missing something? please help

I've seen Yo but never Yoh and Dtr what do they mean ?

cannot figure this out either - do you proceed to each ch3 space and do 14 times more in each? This is marked as EASY - need help!

I am with you, I started the scarf and it does not work out...This is the 3rd FREE Pattern I have tried to use, Guess these are not tested before being posted

Help ! I cannot figure out what to do after I have made the first 14 dtr in first sc. What does it mean where it says...."Do not turn. Work in opposite side of foundation chain." Also, what does it mean....scarf is worked sideways???


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