Sage One Skein Wrap


Learn how to crochet a stunning wrap pattern with the Sage One Skein Wrap. Crochet this fabulous one skein wrap for you or a friend. The sage color is perfect for the summer months. A free crochet pattern like this one is great to have on hand in all your favorite colors.

This easy crochet wrap is perfect for beginners and also makes a great weekend project for those who are more advanced in their crochet skills. Take it to a play, wear it to the beach, or just cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book and let this one skein wrap add a fashionable and fun look to your wardrobe.

When the winter months come, having something cozy to curl up in can make you day just so much better. Be toasty and totally chic with crochet wrap patterns like this one. This gorgeous free crochet wrap pattern looks absolutely lovely in sage, but you could easily transform into a design featuring your favorite color, too. 


Crochet HookN/15 or 10 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet GaugeIn pattern stitch, 1 pattern repeat = 2 1/2"/6.5 cm and 6 rows = 4"/10 cm.

Gauge is not critical for this project.

Finished SizeWrap measures approximately 17"/43 cm wide x 60"/152.5 cm long. If a wider wrap is desired, add 7 chains or Fsc for each additional repeat desired. For a narrower wrap, subtract 7 chains or Fsc for each repeat to be reduced.

Materials List

  • 1 skein Caron International One Pound (100% acrylic; 16 oz/454 g, 812 yds/742 m skein) yarn in Soft Sage
  • US N-15 (10 mm) crochet hook, or size to obtain gauge
  • Yarn needle

How to Make the Sage One Skein Wrap


Note: The wrap can begin with a familiar foundation chain (ch 46) or with a row of foundation single crochet (Fsc).

  1. Beginning with foundation chain: Ch 49, (dc, ch 1, dc) in 4th ch from hook, then continue with Row 1.

  2. Beginning with row of foundation single crochet: Fsc 46, ch 3, (dc, ch 1, dc) in first Fsc, then continue with Row 1.

  3. Row 1 (RS): Sk next 2 chs or sts, sc in next ch or st, *ch 3, sk next 3 chs or sts, (dc, ch 1, dc) in next ch or st (V-st made), sk next 2 chs or sts, sc in next ch or st; repeat from * across, turn—7 sc, 7 V-sts, and 7 ch-3 sps.

  4. Rows 2–90: Ch 3, (dc, ch 1, dc) in first sc, *sc in next ch-3 sp, ch 3, (dc, ch 1, dc) in next sc; repeat from * across, sc in top of turning ch, turn.

  5. Row 91: Ch 1, work 1 sc in each sc, dc, and ch across, do not turn—46 sc.


  1. Round 1: Working in ends of rows across side edge, *(sc, ch 1, sc) around turning ch of next row, ch 1, sk next sc row; repeat from * across side edge, sc in side of last row of side edge, ch 1; working along opposite side of first row (short edge), **sc in next ch or st, ch 1; repeat from ** across; work across opposite side edge in same manner as first side edge; work across sts of last row (Row 91) in same manner as opposite short edge; join with slip st in first sc. Fasten off.


  1. Using yarn needle, weave in all ends.

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Foundation single crochet (This technique creates a foundation chain and a row of single crochet stitches in one)
Step 1
Place a slip knot on hook, ch 2, insert hook in second ch from hook and draw up a loop; yarn over and draw through one loop on hook (the "chain"); yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook (the "single crochet").
Step 2
The following stitch is worked under the forward 2 loops of the stem of the previous stitch (into the "chain"). Insert hook into the face of the "chain" and under the nub at the back of the "chain", draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through one loop on hook (the "chain"), yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook (the "single crochet"). Repeat for the length of foundation.

Describe your favorite shawl style: big and bulky blanket shawls, light and lacy, triangular, rectangular, etc!

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My aunt would love it if I would make one of these for her. She is always cold in her tiny first floor apartment. It is just enough material to cover a substantial area but without being too overwhelmingly bulky. Pretty color, and it looks kind of flowery in design in my eyes.

I'm definitely going to make this. Very well written pattern! I love it when the pattern is written concisely like this. It says, "Ch 2," instead of "After that, you're going to want take your G hook and chain 2 on your next row for your new color." My compliments on a beautiful pattern and a well-written one!

I love the look of this open weave wrap that only takes one skein to complete! That's amazing! The open weave gives it such a delicateness. It's just the right width and length for me too! Oh my, I guess that means I had better figure out what color to make it! LOL

Wraps always are needed especially in the NYC area. You have your warm days like today and get on a cold subway train or bus and need that wrap. It is a nice touch for many outfits. I have the yarn. The directions look simple enough. There is no reason not to make it. Thank you.

Now I am leery of giving this pretty wrap pattern a full five stars after reading the comment below. While I have not made this for myself, I would LIKE to be able to. I prefer written instructions, myself, so perhaps I would not have the issue that "Gobomel" had herself. I have experience in that aspect -)

I have been crocheting for almost 40 years. Very confusing. Not doing the FSC but chained 49. In my opinion, not a well written pattern because it is not clear which stitch is the ending stitch in row 1. What would be helpful is not just the artistic display of the wrap on a model, but a close-up of what the actual stitch pattern looks like for those of us who find the wtitten directions confusing.

For those who don't want to do the foundation sc, just read it and use a regular stArting chain. I live in Florida so I don't need a lot of shawls or wraps so I have converted the lovely patterns into table runners. I have them in all kinds of colors and patterns! Thanks!

I don't understand why w can't just "chain" instead of this fsc nonsense. I have been trying to figure it out and just don't get it. I have been crocheting for over 50 years and am not a novice by any means. It seems to be confusing for a lot of people, so how about writing the pattern using a traditional chain so that all of us can make it. It is beautiful and exactly what I am looking for to make for my niece's wedding, but I will not fight with the instructions any longer.

I know see there are instructions for a regular chain - thank you!

I would love to make this beautiful wrap, but I just don't understand your terms in Step 2 of the fsc instructions. What is the "stem" of the previous stitch, and what is the "nub" at the back of the chain? Thank you.

I need a tutorial.... video... I can not understand written instructions... never learned the the shorthand.. would love to make this shawl but ......Thanks Juanita

Hi jjuanitaj 0080613! The special terms for this pattern can be found under the heading special terms if that helps. Kaylee, Editor of FaveCrafts

Made this for my girlfriend for her birthday. Love it! Fast and easy. She goes to Florida so this will be perfect for the winter evenings there.

I made this for myself recently & got lots of compliments on it. I have decided to make 3 more for my sisters for Christmas. However, one of my sisters is a larger woman, so I am wondering how to make this wider to accommodate her.

Ok, this is a duplicate. Did not see my first post.

Does the border go across all 4 sides, or just on the ends? Thanks

Hi there, It appears that the border goes around all four sides. Thanks! - Julia from FaveCrafts

LOVE this pattern. I made one for myself BUT got so many compliments that I have made them for friends and gave as gifts. LOVE the pattern - so quick and easy!!!!

Gosh, I have tried this several ways and just cannot figure it out. Usually I am pretty good with patterns. If someone has made it that could give some better instructions that would be awesome!

Hi Etcbbg5, This pattern has been updated to reflected the most recent version from the designer. If you have any additional questions, you can contact the company via their designer profile. Thanks!

Too hard to follow for a beginner. I make a chain of 49, the dc, chain 1 then dc again - all in the 4th chain from the hook? Then another chain of 49? This makes no sense what so ever.

I haven't made this yet, but reading the last sentence of the instructions it says: "The wrap can begin with a familiar foundation chain (46) **OR** with a row of foundation single crochet (Fsc). So depending on how you choose to start your wrap (a regular chain of 46 or the Fsc), you would begin with either Step 1 or Step 2 then continue to row 1 (step 3). At least that's how I'm interpreting it. I am a beginner myself and I've had to read it SEVERAL times before it started making sense. ALSO, there are several tutorials on YouTube with the Fsc.

This is a one skein project? One GIANT skein of 812 yards. Misleading, at the least.

I've made at least 2 prayer shawls from this pattern. They came out gorgeous and worked up very quickly. I also made an afghan size out of it. While it was OK, I would not do this again. It wasn't quite the right pattern to make so large. A lap-sized throw might be nice, though.

This is gorgeous and so EASY to make. I am a beginner and this pattern was very easy to follow. I've completed the project in just a few hours. I made it for myself but will be making a couple more as gifts soon. Thanks for sharing......It's just gorgeous! :)

Oooooo .. Beautiful pattern. Definitely going into my favorites to make some day soon!

I can't wait to get this made! It looks beautiful. I'm going to try it with the "hairy" yarn, hope it works.

i have tried to download this lovely shawl and having no luck doing so "help"

@lotuslander1 You can try printing the pattern by clicking the print button. Otherwise, you could copy and paste it into a word document and save it on your computer that way. Hope that helps!

I have made this for a Prayer Shawl for a sick friend. It came out beautiful, and will continue to make this one for others, and one for myself ! I will use baby yarn and a bigger hook to make it even more lacier !!

What a beautiful idea!

My Question is: After I do a regular chain 49 stitches, it then says (dc, ch1, dc) in 4th st from hook. So far so good. BUT then it says to "continue across row" -- does that mean do the (dc, ch1, dc) in EVERY stitch across the row OR every 4th st? I was doing it in EVERY stitch, but I ended up with SO MANY stitches that I'm thinking it just can't be what the pattern designer meant. HELP!!!

@pinkcaddy7 I think it means dc, Ch1, dc in every 4th stitch. I checked with Caron Yarns and it says the same thing, so no changes or alterations have been made to the pattern. But yes, I think if you did that in every stitch, you'd end up with way more stitches than you need! Doing this in every 4th stitch will help you achieve the lacy look of this wrap. Hope that helps!

dorthena 8710136 I did find a tutorial at See if that helps.


The pattern begins at the wrap part. The special terms are basically telling you how to make a foundation chain.

mimiknoxtaylor the directions for the foundation stitch are right before Row 1-it states beginning with a foundation single crochet: fsc 46, ch 3, (dc 1, sc1, dc 1) in first fsc, then continue with Row 1

Hi mimiknoxtaylor - We suggest that you contact the pattern designer directly for clarification. Here is their contact information: Hope this helps! -The editors of FaveCrafts

No info given on how many stitches in the foundation chain. Do you have to do your own calculations?

Fsc Foundation single crochet This technique creates a foundation chain and a row of single crochet stitches in one Step Place a slip knot on hook ch insert hook in second ch from hook and draw up a loop yarn over and draw through one loop on hook the chain yarn over and draw through loops on hook the single crochet Step The following stitch is worked under the forward loops of the stem of the previous stitch into the chain Insert hook into the face of the chain and under the nub at the back of the chain draw up a loop yarn over and draw through one loop on hook the chain yarn over and draw through loops on hook the single crochet Repeat for the length of foundation What is a stem of a stitch and is there any tutorials that i can watch to make the FscRead More I was so confused I would love to make this help please



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