Unique Tampon Angel Christmas Ornament


Unique Tampon Angel Christmas Ornament


Unique Tampon Angel Christmas OrnamentOur guest contributor has a very unique craft. This is her story: Some people think this is great, others think it is gross and ridiculous… but I am a big fan of the tampon angel. A few years ago when I had my first Christmas tree, I had a trim-the-tree party and invited my friends over to make crafts to decorate the tree with. A lot of them were scared of being crafty, so I had some pretty easy ideas for them. My favorite was the tampon angel. Certain brands work better – I think ended up deciding Playtex worked best because it doesn’t just expand into a big rectangle.

This is a fun, creative idea that women of all ages are sure to appreciate. Unlike anything you're sure to find in stores, this handmade Christmas ornament is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face...and is a fun gift for any time of year.  Shock and amaze this year with the fun and unique Tampon Angel Ornament!



  • Playtex Tampons
  • Bowl of Water
  • Starch
  • Wooden Bead
  • Hot Glue
  • Fine-Tipped Markers
  • Metallic Pipe Cleaners
  • Wired Ribbon
  • Bows
  • Glitter

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  1. You start by taking the tampon out of the applicator and wetting it. I usually use a bowl of water with a little starch mixed in.
  2. Then you can shape the angel “dress.”
  3. I use a wooden bead for the head and thread the string through. You can use a little hot glue to keep the head facing the right direction.
  4. We used fine-tipped markers to draw the face in and metallic pipe cleaners to make halos.
  5. You can add yarn hair but most of my friends didn’t get that far.
  6. For wings, we tied pieces of wired ribbon in the middle to make a knot or used bows and hot glued them to the back of the angel. You can cut the ribbon to make it wing-shaped or leave it in a bow.
  7. Some people glittered theirs, others left them pretty plain.
  8. But overall, it is a very easy craft and I still hang them on my Christmas tree.

Unique Tampon Angel


Trimming a Christmas tree is a tradition that so many people look forward to every single year. Everyone has his or her own fun ways to celebrate the holiday season, and some traditions are more unique than others. In fact, if you travel around the world, you're likely to encounter some pretty unique Christmas traditions and celebrations.

For example, in South Africa, it's customary to sample deep-fried catepillars on Christmas Day. If that scares you, don't travel to Austria during the holiday season. There, Krampus, a Christmas devil, is said to beat naughty children with branches. Evil spirits are also a concern in Norway, where people are known to lock away brooms on Christmas Day so they are not stolen by witches. 

Not all traditions are scary (or less than tasty), though. In Japan, thanks to a popular 1974 advertising campaign which introduced the distinctly American cuisine, families feast on Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Day. In Estonia, family don't gather around the fireplace - they head straight to the local sauna instead.

Shoes have also become an integral part of Christmas traditions across the world. In Iceland, children leave a shoe on their windowsills during the 12 days of Christmas. In Germany, children leave a shoe outside their front doors on December 5th. In both cases the shoes can either be filled with candy or toys (for nice children) or tree branches (for naughty children).

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good, please leave

I just may end up doing this! I have had a box of tampons underneath my bathroom sink that's been there for several years - I've gone through menopause and have not had a use them for quite some time.

Many crafters are known best for taking the unusual and unexpected and creating things with them. This project proves that. I never would have come up with this idea but think the angel looks cute. In the end this project is simply crafting with clean wadded cotton. If I had not read what the angel was made out of, I would not have guessed it, either. BTW... the word "tampon" in French means stamp (like a rubber stamp).

Unless you tell people what it's made from, how will they know? What about a toilet paper roll?ndo people think of how it's used when you give them something made from one? I say relax, if you don't like it, that's your right but let others enjoy it. I made a bunch.

This is so ridiculous and hilarious. I personally think it's fun, and it looks fine. Though i imagine it wouldn't be very durable. Cotton comes apart and gets squashed pretty easily. Still, it's fun. It's not like it's a used tampon, guys, lol. If I, a man, can appreciate this for what it is--a silly and fun project--surely you guys can?

This is very unusual. These are adorable. I read the instructions and it's very easy to make. I have everything I need to make them so these are going on my to do list. I should make two pair because my best friend will see mine and want a pair too. Thank you for sharing this one.

I clicked on this project because I thought I read it wrong, but nope, it is what it is! Many years ago, when I was a kid, and everyone smoked, we made angels out of the white cigarette filters, and usually we were given used ones, so our Angels had a bit of a tan twinge! Yep, we layered those filters into a nice fluffy gown and wings! Talk about using and recycling, back then it was using garbage! I think the tampon Angels and fine, and if you don't want to use them you could modify it by using string and rolled cotton. )

These comments crack me up. Lighten up people. If you posted the poem that goes with this ornament it would make many understand more what its about...I'm your little visiting angel, pretty as a swan. I'll decorate your tree or wreath from dusk until the dawn. I know that every month you'll think of me and put a smile on! I'll even be hanging around when you crave a box of bon bons. Now I guess you've figured out, and no, you're not wrong... Someone found out another use for a playtex tampon!

I had to laugh at some of the negative comments too. All I can say about them is 'grow a sense of humor' people. It's not like we are 'recycling' those darn tampons. They are sanitary. It's just cotton fiber. I love your description.

I love this clever and adorable ornament. I think we need to get away from squeamishness and shame in regards to this process. I'm going to plan this as a craft with my Girl Scout troop precisely because we all need to relax and become a little less freaked out about our periods. I also saw the recent news item about the MP from Norway who brought her breastfeeding baby to the podium with her as she was actively nursing when it came time to present legislation. Kudos to her, and kudos to all of us. We are women and we are built the way we are built. I refuse to live in shame of what I am by nature. To those who think it's wrong for an angel to be made from a tampon. If you believe a creator made us didn't the creator a So include our periods?

I was really hoping this disgusting ornament would not be featured this year. Am sure the editors of favecrafts get thousands of beautiful design ideas every year, particularly during the holidays. Why they continue to choose to post this offensive garbage is just beyond me.

I am so sorry you don't like this, Denver Silver! This is one of my favorite ornaments; I think it's so unique and clever. A friend of mine actually make one for me and it's hanging at my desk right now. It's so cute!

Get a life.Quit your bickering.

I have to be honest I enjoy www favecrafts com Many good ideas and tutorials here but that tampon angel is so tacky I hope this is the last Christmas it's featured here I grew up making crafts out of TP tubes and to this day I still enjoy making crafts from items that would wise be discarded I can use what I have and spend little to no extra money to craft with these items However I no longer use TP tubes for crafts I use paper towel tubes gift wrap tubes and kitchen wrap tubes like for foil or parchment paper TP tubes seem unsanitary to me I do use them to contain something I'm disposing of like used baby wipes facial tissue or disposable gloves for example I just don't want to look at my Christmas tree and think about tampons nor do I want anyone else IRead More adore homemade ornaments the most band this ornament could easily be made from folded paper bubble wrap cotton batting scrap fabric and so many others Let's leave the tampons in the tampon box Besides I'm a Christian and angels in the Bible did wondrous tasks for Our Heavenly Father and they have my respect They should be depicted using better materials than feminine hygiene products Merry Christmas

THANK YOU!!!! Have been saying the same thing for the past couple of years. I can't even call these ugly thing ornaments, they are DISGUSTING! How can you use a tampon to make something that comes from Heaven?? Obviously the editors of this site don't care what people think.

Leave a comment...you are being dishonest with the rating of this project. Many hate this item me included and yet you have high ratings by our reviews. That is wrong and not honest. Come on guys.

I think the haters need to back off. If someone posted a craft using Kleenex would you be disgusted because it's used to blow noses? Time to grow up girls. This isn't the 1800's. These are sanitary, not used tampons. Don't think you're going to be the majority vote here. As far as I know we're still a democracy.

Leave a comment...you are being dishonest with the rating of this project. Many hate this item me included and yet you have high ratings by our reviews. That is wrong and not honest. Come on guys.

We love it. You don't like it. Toughschitt!

Totally making this for a friend this year! Love it!

You can make me one!

Glad I don't know you!! If someone gave this to me, it would go right in the garbage.


Lady, if you want to use your religion to attack a simple tampon, that is your privilege but please, we read your first comments. The fact that you keep posting the same BS is not going to change the mind of the people who think this is one of the cutest projects ever. Besides I have made something similar just using a cluster of white cotton fabric cut in tiny strips. You should try one. I can just about guarantee that if you make it show it to a friend or neighbor they will never know that it's a tampon unless you tell them. As I stated earlier, these tampons are not being recycled (reused)!!!

Makes a great white elephant gift!

What is the big deal?! It's not like it's a USED tampon?! It's just a wad of cotton... I think it's a great use for that wad of cotton, that would otherwise never see the light of day, nevermind the beautiful lights of a Christmas tree! And, it shows you not only have a great crafty side but also a great imagination AND a fun sense of humor! Keep up the great work!

Another Christmas season that favecrafts has CHOSEN to publish instructions for this DISGUSTING and OFFENSIVE ornament. Considering the over abundance of lovely Christmas crafts to be made, I just can't understand why, Christmas after Christmas, this UGLY ornament is featured. More to the point, I can't understand why anyone would think this ornament deserves to be hung on any Christmas tree.

Would you be offended by a craft that uses toilet paper tubes? Most people would not be, because the toilet paper tube is separate from what it is used for. The same is true of this craft. It your own perceptions that make you see this ornament as disgusting or offensive.

No I wouldn't because it's a paper tube....far cry from a tampon. Tampon ornaments used for ANY HOLIDAY are disgusting.

You just never quit complaining, do you? Go away Denver Silver. You're a pain in the neck! Your mind is in the trash, not the darling ornament you hate.

This is seriously too funny! I love it. You can't even tell it's a tampon!

I can't believe there are people that think this is okay to hang on your Christmas tree. Yes, it's cotton, but so what? It's not what it's made out of that's offensive, it's what the cotton is made into. And yes, it's disgusting. You wouldn't give it to your child to take for show and tell or share day because it's incredibly inappropriate, and it doesn't belong hanging around for decoration anymore than a condom or your underwear does.

Your opinion of this craft is based on your perceptions of its use as disgusting or undesirable. This item is nothing more than a triangle of cotton, complete with a hanging string, when separated from its intended use. I WOULD give it to my kid for show and tell if s/he wanted to take it to school (say, for age 8 and under, before they know what the product would be used for, so they would not be teased). No one is making you make one and it cracks me up every time I see this craft discussed once again. I might put it up on my facebook page just to get a laugh out of it once again! Lighten up, honey!

I did put it on Facebook AND posted it to a Yahoo group. Everyone who has responded so far is laughing at the idiotic comments from the people who find this little anegl offensive. My 10 yr old granddaughter is making one and yes she knows what the original tampon is used for. I guess the offended ones will also screech with righteous indignation that I dared to have that child make a tampon angel! TOUGH. She's loving it and so am I.

truthfully i find this amusing, although i will never make it, it would be a hilarious gag gift, and for those calling for it to be taken down, its cotton, rolled up, with a string at the top. not disgusting unless you cover it in blood first. get over yourselves its no worse than cotton balls and you have to look at it a bit to tell it isnt just cotton balls.

100% agree, anyone that finds this offensive or disgusting needs the stick removed from their aft end. It's a very creative idea and just cotton!

I have contacted favecrafts TWICE regarding this DISGUSTING ornament and yet, here it is again. What's the big deal???? IT IS A TAMPON!!! Unbelievably crude, especially for a Christmas ornament.

I agree about this being the most disgusting thing. It is extremely offensive.

You really need to get a grip, and how a wad of cotton is crude I'll never understand. Let's not make ornaments from toilet paper or their empty rolls either!! Get over yourself lady.

What's the big deal...some people use toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, and all kinds of other thing-a-ma-jigs to create crafts..but we are all entitled to our own opinions. I personally wouldn't make it just because it's kind of plain looking to me, no offense to the creator. I think I would use a paper doily or pretty fabric scraps to pretty it up a little.

What is wrong with these silly women, a tampon is a stick of cotton wool, the same stuff you take your make up off with or bath a child's knee,the only difference is its got a piece of string on it!!!

First off, it isn't like these are USED Tampons this is not something I would ever make for my own tree, but I do know people that think this is a wonderful gag gift. Also, since there are women out there that may have stocked up and then go through menopause, should they just toss them all out once they are no longer needed, when someone else might have fun with them. This is 100% not the hand me down, save for the next generation craft, but if you have the supplies around and no other use for them, why not! Thanks for the idea!!

"I have not made this yet so I cannot rate it." Durn tootin, and I never would! But I will rate it Zero. If it was possible to rate something in negative numbers, this monstrosity would deserve it. WHY do you keep including this nasty thing in your emails?? I'm about set to unsubscribe. If it puts in one more appearance, I will unsubscribe. This is foul, offensive, gross, and lots of other words I wouldn't put into print on a public website. Have some class and get rid of this thing.

This is something I would not even consider making and putting on my Christmas tree! Terrible! I'm shocked you have it on here!

you have GOT to be kidding!

I find this Christmas project disgusting. There are items for certain things and this is not one of them. LG

This is just wrong!!!!!!!!

I think that's gross. Seriously, wouldn't you be embarrassed to have to explain to someone what this is?



You should look up the word decorum.

I have had one of these angels on my tree for the past several years My daughter made them for a family ornament exchange and everyone loved them Nobody who has seen it on my tree thought it was nasty or offensive they thought it was cute and creative For the haters really Get a grip and a sense of humor It's a piece of clean white cotton with a string already attached If that is offensive then get a piece of cotton batting or fiberfill and make your own I'm sure it would be just as cute just a little more trouble to make That way you won't have to get your shorts in a knot every time you pass your tree My other suggestion would be if you are offended by this the name clearly states it's a TAMPON angel Don't bother looking at the craft Y'all are ridiculousRead More

I am so happy to see this project!! I actually made Christmas decorations -- including angels, but mostly expanded tampons and applicators spray painted with glitter and such -- for the tree at the Planned Parenthood office where I volunteered. I was a senior in high school. It was 1974. I guess we were a generation trying to make a point that bodily functions are not pornography. It's just cotton and plastic or cardboard. Thank you, favecrafts.com, for being forward thinking. P.S. A tampon is NOT a sexual product. Best regards.

it is only a piece of ready shaped cotton wool ! I think it's a great idea :-)

I love reading previous comments...ok, peeps, if you're offended, don't make them. There are quite a few crafty items that are not to my taste on here, but my family is a bit on the twisted side, and I'm going to make them for my nieces (who will get a great kick out of them!). I think the whole point here is to use things for a purpose other than the original intention!

This gives a whole new twist to "repugnant". How discusting can you get? If your guests weren't "crafty" you could have had them make paper chains or string cranberries. Anything but this! I can't believe this site allows such trash! I will never make this!

This is sacreligious. An insult to angels aNd God and just wrong. I guess some people will do anything for attention. This could have been easily made with a number of other materials. This should be removed from this site. As a devote Catholic and a true believer in the real presence of God and angels. I am offended.

I personally believe the "Tampon Angel" should not be displayed or promoted on your website. While it may be seen as innovative, to use a feminine hygiene product or any other hygiene/sexual or similar object for other than its intended use is offensive and highly inappropriate.

No. Also no: toy rocket ship out of disposable douche bottle, party balloons from condoms, sleep mask from sanitary napkin, hair clip from IUD. Just because it can be thought of doesn't mean it should be done.

Used tampons are disgusting, but clean, unused tampons? Really? Grow up, people!


I made these people loved them till they found out what they were then their sense of humor left them and stupid comments were made. I have also made slippers out of maxi pads royally decorated with flowers from the dollar store. The best 1 I did was I gave my sis an IPAD that's what it was just a sanitary pad with an (1) eye. She loved it and it got a lot of laughs

From the looks of the final pic, you can't really tell what it started out as, so why not? You may not want to give them as gifts but no reason not to hang them on your own tree.

I am so so sorry , BUT you have got to draw the line somewhere , Whoever came up with this idea is an Idiot, I am shocked it was even presented, Really if you want to decorate your tree or anything...with tampons be my guest , this is outa'line!!

Who on earth thought this out. Some personal items aren't meant for Christmas trees. Come on now!


That's just stupid. Who wants tampons hanging around their house?

My husband said, 'Oh what a great. We should get all the parents to have their kiddies bring tampons to school on craft day."

And yes, it is cotton. But cotton comes in many different shapes, sizes, and...saturation levels. What it comes down to is, if you want to make an angel, use cotton, fine; but remember, you make an angel out of a tampon, but you can't take the "tampon" out of the angel. It is not that we are repressed, backwards, or live in the dark ages. It is called having taste.

That is just about the most disgusting, tacky idea I have ever seen...surely this is a joke, right? And I suggest negative stars, some ideas are just too bad for even a half a star.

Extremely distasteful! Very disappointed in your decision to post this.

I don't think I will every be that desperate for a craft

gross and ridiculous

what a creative idea! No one in my family could guess what this was until I told them. I think some people need to lighten up. Even my 65 year old neighbor thought these were funny and wants one for grand daughter.

Well ok!!! Not disgusting! They are clean! Easy and fun!

I think it is lovely but I had to laugh and think only on a craft site would you find such a wonderful use of an everyday item.. well an everyday item for ladies anyhow.. and as one lady said it is just cotton... you do not want to know how glue and sopa is made then ladies!

down right disgusting

What a UNIQUE and unusual craft! I have used many different materials for crafts with my kids but never thought of using tampons. The angels shown are adorable but I am really not sure if I would be comfortable hanging these on my tree. I guess I will have to try to make these and see how they turn out. Thanks for posting this craft.

I think this is a great Angel, what a clever ideah. I love it and I plan on making a lot of them to hang off the celing in my house.

I think these people are very narrow minded.... I used to make these with the kids all the time we would even use food coloring to color the cotton. all it is really is a piece of cotton ladies open your minds. It's only disgusting if you think it is but hey can be beautiful as well. Get over the thought that it's a tampon already you sound like 1/2 of you are from the dark ages.

all's I would "see" was the tampon...ewww

It is cotton in the shape of an angels robe. No longer a tampon. Get it? A cotton angel. Unfortunately, the name/title of the craft detracts many from the actual suitability of it.

It seems to me to do the job quite well. I wouldn't allow it to get as wide as the one in the second pic cause that looks like a ghost. What about using some silver or blue glitter or spray on the robe? Just to dress it up a bit. Sooo.. some people won't use paper cone coffee filters in crafts because they look like Madonna's bra? If it's done well people may not ask and if they do, say you made it out of cotton. It's true as you can buy cotton in sheets. Be real and practical people, it is JUST cotton.

I guess if you have a big stock and have hit menopause this is one way to use them up but I don't think they are cute/clever/attractive, I sure wouldn't want one on my Christmas tree.

I guess if you have reached menopause and have a stock pile this is one way to use them up, I wouldn't want one on my Christmas tree.

It is just cotton, is a toilet roll disgusting? Or tissues for that matter! They cannot be intrinsically disgusting

Seriously ladies, it is just cotton, how can they be disgusting? How is a tampon intrinsically disgusting? That is like saying toilet rolls are disgusting because of what toilet paper is used for. Or tissues for that matter!

No, I wouldn't make it. I usually make gifts/ornaments for friends, family, and co-workers during the holdays. I can't see giving this as a gift without it possibly bothering someone - and it probably would. Not sure they'd be looking forward to any more of my homemade stuff!

No, I wouldn't make it - I'd never feel that I could give it as a gift without it possibly bothering someone - and it probably would.

This almost as tacky as the Obama paper plate....sad!

I first saw this years ago when I was working with Girl Scouts. My viewpoint has NOT changed. This is disgusting gross.

I have not made a tampon angel, but my friend and I used to make small dolls. One day, after coming out of the bathroom, it dawned upon my friend that tampons were ideal to stuff the arms on the dolls we were making. They were perfect for our project.

I love this idea! Who cares what it's manufactured purpose was initially.

No it would be made with "Real or True Love" or Halloween "Blood Love" lol I think it is cute and could really be made as cute as you want. Get some humor if not a life people.

Well , i like it !! And yes , i have seen it made into a ghost as well !! For crying out loud people , it is a " pressed piece of cotton fluff " !!

Agreed! A true crafter, I must say.

I haven't made it nor will I. I find this disgusting.

Why do you find this disgusting? It's cotton.

I love this! You could even dip them in diluted food coloring and have different hued angels.

I like the idea. I don't understand why it would be gross - they're made of COTTON, people!! Would be same if you used cotton balls, bet everyone would then praise the idea and say it's oh so creative.

very funny when someone realizes what it's REALLY made of!

This is absolutely the most ridiculous, pitiful idea. Who comes up with this stuff? Who would want feminine hygiene products hanging from their tree, a gift... There goes the "made with love" notes to go with. Unreal:(


It is cotton in the shape of an angels robe. No longer a tampon. Get it? A cotton angel.

It looks more like a ghost. Better for Halloween.

better for 'nothing'. I love being creative but this is just icky all the way around. Bless her for trying.

Great idea. 50+ year old women knows created ways of making useful items. I used the tampons in making piping for the insulation for the window for weatherizing.

Of all the dollar, fifty cents to upcycle -0-cent items to make angels out of... Who would have ever thought. *they even come with a string. Really creative. *hope no-one notices when/if I do this project bc now that menopause has come & gone... This is one way -perhaps the only way to use the leftovers when one has no body to give the leftovers to. ***** 5 stars for creativiness, upcycling, ingenuity, and limitless possibilities to decorate these already formed Angel bodies! ...and 5 stars for being brave enough to post/share/create/tell others how to make "Omg! Angels!"

I thought this was a joke. Would love to post it on facebook;)

oh girl don't embarrass yourself doing that =:o

Haven't made it and never will; totally inappropriate.

I would NEVER, repeat NEVER make this one!

This really creeps me out.

Oh for goodness sake you Grumpy old girls who have posted comments saying this is disgusting etc.,where's your sense of humour gone? I told my granddaughters they were getting one on their present wrapping at Christmas instead of their usual knitted mini stocking, they thought it was a hoot! We all fell about laughing even the guys thought it was so clever, after all they're just some cotton wool type product with a string -Lighten up Gals you all need to laugh more!

I think this is an embarrassing, cheap shot at a craft item. What do you tell people if they ask you what it is? Would you make them for your Grand kids? Of course not. Why would you hang something like that on your Christmas tree? It's not funny, it's pathetic. I do have a sense of humor, but this is trashy. What crafts can I make out of condoms?

Maybe if the craft were titled "Cotton Angels" it would have helped. but some people just aren't very bright. Menstruation is a natural part of the wonderful gift of fertility. I have never been ashamed of it. Cotton in a character shape does not automatically make one think of a tampon. But apparently some find their own bodies disgusting. There probably aren't many things that can be made with a latex condom. They aren't cost effective and if the penile SHAPE is retained it would be really distasteful. My husband has informed me that condoms do have another practical legitimate use. He uses them over the barrel of his muzzle loader to keep the powder dry while hunting.

This is sooo Redneck! LOL

I hate to say it but,I can only think that the "Honey-Boo-Poo"'s of the world will want to make these out of used Tampons.GRrrrrooooooooossssssssssss!!!!

And to most of the other people who have posted.... show some class people, this is a tampon, not a cotton ball or a bunch of yarn, it's a TAMPON - it's stupid and in extremely poor taste - unless you are the Honey Boo Boo family....

Newspapers make papier mache. Coffee filters make wreaths. Rags make rugs. Cotton balls make snowmen, sheep's wool, etc. Really good sheets of cotton make the best quilts. Compressed clean cotton (no matter what it's intended use) is a viable crafting option if it does the job. Cotton is still "the fabric of our lives." :)

This is probably the stupidest craft you guys have ever put out there.... absolutely will not ever ever ever not only put this on my tree, but I'm blocking your future craft posts.... if this is what you think is appropriate then I think you've lost it. DISGUSTING and stupid.

Some crafts call for t-paper, or t-paper rolls. These should be fresh as well. I had to lol the first time I saw recycled t-paper in the store - made from recycled clean paper...o r, is it '?)

Brilliant Idea!! Don't listen to the nay-Sayers! This is exactly how creative ideas are born! It's GREAT!

This is hilarious! For those of us with a sense of humor, I think it's very creative!

Looking at these if you didn't KNOW it was a tampon you couldn't tell. So for you prudes get over it. Not everyone is crafty and this is a easy one and I'm sure its fun to be in on the inside joke of how these are made. They are cute and could be done in different colors by coloring the water/starch mix with a few drops of food color and maybe a few sprinkles of glitter. Its a better use for tampons that those of us who don't use them anymore than sending them to a land fill somewhere. Find the humor and enjoy

Good grief!!Like someone said, how tacky! Please have a little more modesty for the more personal feminine things us women have, even in this fast paced modern world. I still can not believe a female would even consider such a product to be used for a craft??? You would have to be pretty hard up for an idea like this, Good Luck for your future!!!!!

LOL Why do you people even bother to click on the link once you've read the name of the Craft, jus to leave nasty negative comments? If you didn't like it move on! Sheesh

1. It's clean cotton. We're talking fresh tampons, not used ones. 2. If you can't laugh, wash your mirrors.

It's rare for me to be speechless, but this rendered me thus. Tacky, tacky, tack-y.

You've got to be kidding.

Just because we CAN make something out of a tampon does not mean we SHOULD.

What if you were poor and couldn't afford much decoration? The cotton is shaped differently and there is a head on it. If you saw cotton angel for the title you may have reacted differently. Or maybe not. Some people.

I do not think these angels are in the least bit cute, humourous or creative. I can imagine a group of teenage girls would find them "hilarious" but really, just because you 'can' doesn't mean you 'should'. Not a classy product at all.

I love it, now I have a use for those unused tampons we have!!! For those who are offended, get over it. Tampons are soft, clean cotton material. A few weeks ago I was reading about an outdoorsman who recommended that EVERYONE carry several unopened tapons in their survival gear. He listed 10 uses for them, including dressing for wounds, fire starting, water filter, blow dart fletching and many more. He calls them: the Tactical Adventure Medical Preparedness Outdoors Necessity (T.A.M.P.O.N.). By the way, you can also use a pad for medical emergencies!

Cute! Tampons are a paper product, just like toilet paper and tissues, a necessity in life. Get off your high horses people. Gotta love Sunday Christians. Worship God on Sunday, be judgmental and mean the rest of the week. My lil girl came up to me one day and said mommy my bear broke his arm but I fixed it. Yup she used a tampon cast. held together with bandaids. Now that's creative!

That's so smart of your little girl to come up with an idea like that! You're right about the Sunday Christians for sure... I wonder if they went online and posted negative comments about the Wedding Dresses made from Toilet Tissue? You would never believe it was made from TP...it was gorgeous! lol

I think it is the greatest

This is so clever it just "cracked me up" (absolutely no pun intended) just Aussie for make me laugh a lot- Tampon Angel is one that's just so hilarious I love it, I will make some for my Grandaughters for Christmas & watch there faces when I divulge what they are made of!

I am so happy you posted the directions for these again!! I saw it a few years ago but lost the one I printed out. Can't wait to finally make these adorably cute ornaments! I plan to use them as gag gifts for my friends and family! I am lucky to have people in my life who don't take things like a tampon angle so seriously and appreciate a good laugh! So like many have said already.... If you don't see the beauty and humor in this you are free to MOVE on! No one is forcing anyone to make them! Its just an idea take it or leave it!! p.s. I'm pretty sure God has a sense of humor & no one will be turned away from the gates of Heaven for making these. :)

I also cracked up for I have a great sense of humor! I need to do a demo for a class and just need to decide if this would be in bad taste for a class with 7 women and 1 guy. Im still chuckling! Very cute idea though!!

I personally think it's hilarious, and I am a man. XD I'm not into angels, really, or I would make one for my own tree.

My Mom was making these in the fifties. I guess she was ahead of her time!

I think people should calm down. Hopefully one doesn't have to tell each guest that those adorable angels were made from TAMPONS, if you get my drift. All this does remind me of my first embarassing moment as a child: When I was around 5 years old I found some little cardboard tubes that had the wonderful quality of telescoping in and out, and so I collected all of them from the bathroom wastebasket. I was playing on the floor with them, trying to fashion a giraffe when my mother found me. The look on her face and the way she very quickly gathered them all up from me let me know I had done something wrong. I think my mother was so embarrassed that her actions embarrassed me, and the whole episode has stayed with me for all these years.

This is very clever - you are certainly very crafty! Thank you for reminding us to be creative means to think outside the craft store.

OMG, get a grip, people! It says tampon angel in the description. If you think it's distasteful, simply don't click on it! I have one of these on my tree that my daughter made for a family ornament exchange one year. It is really cute, not in the least bit offensive, unless you have no sense of humor, and everyone loves it. My daughter made them different colors by putting a bit of glitter glue on them, then using matching colors of ribbon for the wings. Actually, most people who have seen it don't even realize what it's made out of.

I agree with you, they are so cute and they will be on my christmas tree this year!

I love this, you haters really need to get a since of humor. Some people afford tree trimmings, so don't be making them feel bad for being clever.And if it was going to offend, you should NOT have looked . PERIOD.


That's disgusting. Don't email me these kinds of crafts, Favecrafts!

It's okay - they look like they are made from unused ones.

LOL this is the funniest comment!! Can we mail the Tampax Slippers? I made some and took to a craft show I sold 12 pair and had orders for 15 pairs more! They make nice gag, fun, gifts. It's ok to let go and just laugh once in a while at the craziest things. Don't get old before your time. Even my 95 prim and proper Grandmother laughed hysterically which in turn made me laugh to see her. It showed be she had a great sense of humor. She's gone now but I always remember her laughing when the need called for it.


With all this fuss over a cotton wool angel, I'm surprised that no one has found the "Idiot Afghan" offensive! With all the terrible suffering in the world, I do hope that the last thing that offends any angels in heaven is an angel made out of cotton by a multi-billionaire global company!

What woman won't recognize this ? ?

I didn't recognize it at first...I was wondering how such a fluffy angel was done.

I didn't either but it sure is cute.

I think it's a cute and clever idea! It's only "disgusting" for anyone who associates it with it's disgusting intended use, but to use this bit of clean cotton in a fun way is just plain clever, imho.

Will you ever get rid of this? It's vulgar to use women's sanitary products for a religious icon. Just disgusting. If you have to make budget angels, make it out of a piece of cotton, or wool roving. PLEASE.

I was just telling a co-worker about this today after she was pulling out a tampon and it went flying across the room and almost landed on my lap. She loved the idea so much (and was laughing so hard about it) that she wanted the directions. So I came back to this just so I could print it out for her. Some of us actually have a sense of humor. Guess you don't like having relations during your menses either...but it's a great time to do such. If you don't like this project STOP coming back to it.

It is simply compressed cotton wool! It is no longer a tampon and most unlikey that the angel will be used as such! What a lot of nonsense written about it!

I would never have thought this would stay on your website? Reaaly and I'm a very tolerant person?

You don't seem to be very tolerant by your remark

If you don't like it then stop coming back to it...it's that simple. The rest of us find it humorous.

I use folded doilies, a circle folded in half rolled into a cone and stapled as the body, $1.00 for 50 at $tree. Then I do the same for the rest, glue on a wood ball for a head, ribbon or bows for wing, yarn hair, and glitter. I would't personally use these, but I could see it in a ob/gyn office or something like that lol. But really, there are a lot of other really cheap crafting materials if you look.

seriously!! I have seen everything now!

Bet you haven't, I have made bedroom slippers out of kotex,and sold a lot of them for gag gifts. lighten up

OMGosh I just left a comment about me making and selling Kotex Slippers too! I can't believe how many I sold! lol They were real pretty too lol

I hate this one. I was sitting in church on Christmas Eve thinking about what a travesty it is to associate a precious symbol of the Christian church with a sanitary product. Really, how could you even consider this. Just because people click on a post doesn't mean they like it. Perverse curiosity is all. It isn't funny, it's insulting. There are plenty of sources of crafts materials in the world; you don't have to reach between your legs for it.

Jeez, it's not like they're using a USED tampon! lol! It's just a clean bit of cotton and string...everyone needs to lighten up....I think it's a clever idea actually.

This is humorous...how about you stop being fuddy duddy. There is nothing perverse about this and it certainly isn't insulting. What's insulting is the thought that your so called god would punish all women for something eve did. What's also insulting is thinking we would believe mary is a virgin...she was no virgin. These are not coming from between are legs...notice they are still white they are not red. Ohhh and I told a friend about these today and she wanted the directions. So I just printed those out for her. We laughed so hard about this one.

You are disgusting!!!

LOL Christian??? Don't be such a hater and so judgmental I bet your priest would laugh hysterically too. Even they have a better sense of humor. I too believe in Angels and like everything and everyone else we all come in different packaging don't we? Peace and much Love :}

Do you reach between your legs for toilet paper crafts or crafts using tp rolls? How about refraining from using cotton gauze and cotton balls, batting and Q-tips because tampons are made of cotton. What matters is the representation of the finished project. I personally wouldn't consider using these as a joke or prank gift as those are in truly bad taste. I appreciate our amazing fertility system. However, as a handy and useful clean cotton material it has it uses. I was thinking of making very small teddy bears. I believe I will use this cotton for stuffing them. Thanks Ada, for the idea!

I'm surprised at so many people saying that they find this hilarious. What's hilarious about a fluffed out tampon? Perhaps it's american humour. I wouldn't want one on display in my house and it wouldn't have me rolling around laughing, but I'm not offended by it either. Just not my cup of tea.

I think it is funny but I would only invite woman that love a good laugh. It is cute.

I used to make kleenex roses when I was little. It's not as if they are USED or have TAMPON stamped anywhere on it. It would be hard to get that effect that easily with any other material and I really doubt anyone would recognize what they were with a casual look. I would do this, I just wouldn't advertise what they were. If I did this craft with anyone else, I would be particular about whom.

When I worked in a big discount store a lady come up to me to ask me which brand would be the best to use for these. I know the look I gave made her very uncomfortable. I didn't doubt that this craft existed but to ask a stranger which of these products spread out better to act as an angels gown. Priceless.

The bible states, God looks at good works as dirty rags" here is the proof of that, this is a horrible idea

You must have had the worst customer service skills. If you didn't know the answer you could have stated it without a stupid judgmental gaze. Tampons are a female product commonly used by millions of women. I'm sure she felt could ask a woman. If you had done it to me, I would have set you straight and complained to your mgr. so it would have to be put in your file.

If you like it, use it. If you don't, don't use it. Move on!

The tampon angel is disgusting. I am all for crafting and using stuff around the house but YUKE

Yuk would be if the tampon was used...but this is a clean tampon. I have actually used a pad on a bad cut before....didn't have anything else to use to help stop the bleeding.

I find it too funny that most of these posts find this craft so offensive! If it really bothers you that bad, skip this craft & move on to the next one...no need to be analseriously ppl., get a life...

Tampons? Ewww. Must have been in prison with Martha Stewart.

martha stewart doesn't come up with anything this cute.

Sorry, I am in the camp that finds personal hygiene products on the Christmas tree as just plain tacky. And no, I am not ashamed of natural bodily functions, but why use the products we need to handle them as decorations?

sugarbee - your comment was more revolting than the tampon angel. that must make you very proud :(

I made the tampon angels last December for a red hat ladies brunch. They were a hit. Everyone got a good laugh.

are you serious??!!! keep the personal products where they belong...in the bathroom closet... when not put to proper use!

Lets get real people, this is a big NO, our creative minds are way better than this, I have never in my life seen such a thing, maybe a teenage jokester, maybe somebody with a really really sick sense of humor but creative, I think not.

This is creative...and you don't have to have a sick sense of humor...you just have to have a sense of humor.

Jokester?! Wow, you so dated yourself. You really have to be sick to think that cotton material is morally repugnant. I agree that it's improper to use as a joke but it is a viable craft resource.

Now I am not a woman that gets offended by things of this nature, but this is pretty tacky. Why dont you just make some condom XXXmas Balls to match, lol? This may work for a sorority house or single girls with all female roomies, but for the most part its just plain tacky and not to mention not very attractive. This would make my husband and son very uncomfortable, not to mention any friends both, my son and daughter, would bring over. Kids look at Christmas trees in detail and thats just not appropriate.

Wow... You went from tampons to condoms in .2 seconds. Your mind is Where? Condoms are latex, penis shaped and associated with sex though they do have other legitimate uses. Tampons are cotton and mainly associated with an involuntary menses which is part of the fertility process. The shape or material is not indecent. If you made this and didn't reveal the cotton source, no one would feel uncomfortable. It's all in your sick mind.

I must admit when I read...Tampon Angel.....it sounded "gross", but after I read the entire project and saw the nice pics, I was sold on the idea!! This is a very nice Angel and you can really make pretty ones or plain ones! Thanks for the great ides!

This tampon angel is in poor taste...in my opinion. Sure it "works" but creative minds can do better than that without resorting to using such a private personal supply item...especially for a Christmas tree! A Christmas tree is to honor the life of Jesus, our Savior...a gift of God's love to us deserving of all honor and respect. Lynnea Schliesleder

tampons are not that private...they sit right out in plain sight in the stores and the ads are aired on public tv. Get over it.

For those of you who think it's normal, natural, or funny to hang tampons on a Christmas tree, why not add some condoms to your tree, too?! Isn't that associated with a normal and natural function? Oh what the heck, while you're at it, maybe dry out some of your own poop and make ornaments with that, too. This "ornament" is classless, tacky, in very poor taste, and shows appallingly bad judgment. But then again, in an age that celebrates no-class, low-class indiscretion and exhibitionism with TV shows like Jerry Springer, Maury, etc., what else could be expected? I'm sure those are the types of people who love this ornament.

What does a CLEAN tampon have to do with scat. You really have a twisted mind out there to combine the two. I find this craft funny and I don't like those shows you listed so stop stereotyping us. Ohh there are crafts involving condoms...they are cute and humorous.

Boy, talk about classless, tacky and in poor taste, I think you took a bit too far!

Darn funny!

This is just gross! Clean or not-if you know what it is for it's icky!

wow...we have a lot of prudes. Guess fabric is gross and icky too...women use to use fabric and sit around for the week. They would wash out those strips of fabric and reuse them...that is really gross.

Cute, but can't you find something else to make it with? I don't need to be reminded of tampons.

I feel this ornament is in poor taste. Women and their products and ailments are exploited enough, but a tampon on the Christmas tree? No. The idea is cute, but please use a different material to make it.

It amazes me that in this day and age we're so hung up on the fact that it's a tampon that we're nauseated. Seriously. I remember a friend of mines mother having these when I was younger and to be perfectly honest I never had any idea what they were...until now. How about everyone loosen up their collars, get their noses out of the air, and quit being so uptight about anything and everything. Menstruation is part of life and because we're so uptight about it young girls view it as something taboo that should never, under any circumstances, be discussed. Sorry, but I view my monthly period as a joyous occasion, a reason to celebrate being a woman and to celebrate life.

Please, no more crafts featuring tampons. Can you imagine having a church gathering at your home and these were hanging on your tree. I used to teach middle and high school and during the holidays students and parents would stop by the house. Seeing these on my tree would have been the talk of the school and I am sure the parents would have thought I was tasteless and tacky.

I could not tell you how many of this cute little Angels I made. I would make 6 and people would find out what they were made of and would want 6 more for their friends. I just Love making them. Give them wing or a try they are a lot of fun!

I am not offended by this craft. It is cute, but most of the crafts I do are with recycled objects and trying to save money. Tampons are a bit pricey especially if you need to use the name brand. And this is DEFINITELY NOT a recycling project! eeewwww (sorry, couldn't resist)

If you don't tell anyone, they will never know.

Disgusting and in very bad tastes. Its not even cute enough to put on a tree.

Yes. Goddess forgive if children know that someday they will have periods, or have wives/girlfriends etc. that will have periods. Let's keep our bodies a shameful secret. That is in much better taste.

The suggestion that these angels would be a craft for Cub Scouts is offensive. In a women-only setting they are funny and I image could be very beautiful. I've got a half a box of unused tampons I just might turn into angels to give to my women friends. What a great gag gift! Especially us red hat generation. I rather appreciate the suggestion of each woman having her own angel with her name attached. Have you never had a child get into your personal things? I hate to think how you reacted. I know my husband would have found the idea quite practical as a way to know when to STAY OUT OF HER WAY! LOL There are much more truly offensive things out there than these angels.

OMG! I can just imagine inviting my neices and nephews to my house to make Christmas ornaments, and the look of sheer disgust and disbelief on my brother's face when I pull out the pink box from the bathroom closet. LMAO

hahahaha!!!! this is the funniest thing i've ever seen!! omg! hillarious!!

I totally agree with katalijacs comments. This is disgusting and in very poor taste. You should exhibit more class than that.

I think the choice of materials is a extremely poor choice. It may be unique, but can you image children at Christmas time inquiring about how to make these or what they are made of? I'm sure my husband would not want this hanging on our tree at Christmas. Why would your website even offer this pattern?

Sorry folks, but this is probably the worst idea I have ever seen.

Great idea...I love it. I wouldn't have ever thought of this. But all tampons are is cotton. Dweazil333 I don't agree with you...tampons are not a sensitive subject so please only speak for yourself and not for me nor others who might agree with me. Not like tampons are a taboo subject, they are in commercials on tv...right out in plain sight at the stores. Not to mention the topic should be approached in advance of puberty. But of course I come from a very open minded background. My daughter has known about tampons since she could walk. I can understand it might be an odd item to use for cub scouts...but be resourceful.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, I am 60 and no longer have any use for them but I have a box so will use them to make these angels and my granddaughter has seen them and has asked what they are for and I have explained them to her and shown them and showed her how they expand when put into water. I feel that we should not be ashamed. Heck my husband use to buy them for me!

How fun! And talk about creative! Can't get much more creative than this! And I don't think anyone would guess what they are made of, anyway, so why not make a whole bunch of 'em for any occasion, not just Christmas?! And it's so simple and fast--thanks for the idea!

Very sad that absolutely nothing is out of bounds anymore. This was categorized in the e-mail as "wacky and weird." It's neither of those things. It's crude and vulgar. Very disappointed in Fave Crafts for even considering posting this. Disgusting.

What a gross idea.Some items need to stay in it's box.

I think this would be cute to make with my daughter while discussing the facts of life. with the glitter and decorations you probably wouldn't even notice what it is.

years ago I was a member of "craftsayings.com" and shirley had a poem that we put with the Tampon Angel . one was "the PMS Angel" another was the "Menopause angel" and another was the " Vanishing angel." and was all in good fun. I still have the poems and other unusual crafts too. "

ok to the person who said with all the paterns out there, um if you really read the article it said that some of the people weren't very crafty. and i am very sure that after they were made they weren't used. but on to my own response. this is kinda cute, i don't use tampons so wouldn't have a need to have them around the house and at the current price isn't very practical to take and pick them up just for this. but its still cute.

I don't see nothing wrong with it , I mean it is not like your taking the tampon out of the box and just hanging them , it is creativity ! So i think i''l try it myself..

Why should using a fresh tampon bother anyone? Isn't the initial purpose a normal function? I have used tampons as paint bushes for years. All sorts of faux painting can be done with them, cut them, shred them, make all sorts of shapes, and toss them away when you're done. Why not? Don't be so sexist, ladies!

Maaaa, where'd my tampons go? Oh, they're on the Christmas tree, go pick one! SICK!

Personally I find this I idea very tacky and inappropriate. I guess I am not as open minded as I thought I was, but then "my perception is my reality". I sure with all of the cute patterns and ideas for Angel ornaments one does not have to resort to having tampons hanging in their Christmas tree.

This is the most unique idea I have seen in a long time. Wish I had learned about it earlier.

This is funny! I am featuring it on my site somewhatsimple.com.

I think this is the cutest wacky this I've seen. I'm going to make some up to put in with my families gifts. Can't wait to see more tampon crafts.

Ok I am of both minds on this one it is a little icky although I think it is just the stigma of the tampon not that it is un-hygeinic or anything and i would never ever hang it on my family christmas tree But it would be a really fun and cute idea for maybe a baby shower or wedding shower around Christmas time Just for girls GROWN UP girls i am sorry to the people that have said they will do this craft with their children and maybe i'm just being up tight but MY GOODNESS are you really going to give your children tampons to craft with seriously I do think that some are going a little overboard I mean i dont think that it is disrespectful or anything like that maybe some people that are sooo freaked out about using a tampon for a craft are justRead More not mature and secure enough in their woman hood to handle it i mean all women have or have had a period and all women use or have used some form of feminine protection I'm not sure why the subject is still so taboo I guess what all of my rambling is coming down to is this cute idea when used appropriately and that means NOT WITH YOUR KIDS

Tampon Angels!!! What is next? While I think theses angels are cute in the proper setting (OBGYN offices, etc), I know that everyone will agree that these are made of sensative materials and should be displayed with discretion. For those of us with children who have not yet reached puberty, we may want to rethink using tampons as a great new crafting media. It might be difficult to explain these angels to a group of 7 year old Cub Scouts, although their moms may find them amusing. I truely think that our time with our crafting could be better spent using such creativity in any one of a thousand other ways.

bit silly..not exactly me could do the head in...making a dolly with that wood bead inside instead of outside like it is...those look CUTE

I think this is funny. These do look like cute ornaments to make, so if you don't tell anyone what they're made of, no one would know. Since I don't have to use these anymore (what a relief) and have some left, I may just make some.

I have to agree with the nurses ...... it takes a good sense of humor to enjoy these angels I suppose. My friend had some slippers gave to her that were made out of Kotex type pads (thin ones). They were so cute and funny. Everyone got a good laugh out of those and simple to make.LOL;-)

I would have to agree with jkrzemi. There is NO way this would go on any tree of mine! Maybe send it to someone I'm really not fond of, but never on my tree! Quoted text: Rated on: Aug 21, 2010 by jkrzemi I agree this is sick . Not going onany tree of mine.... MORE I agree this is sick . Not going onany tree of mine.

LOL have we all lost our sese of humor! I'm a nurse I think this is histrical nothing cheap about. Have you looked at the price of tampons? I'm making one and calling them moody angels and all of us nurses are going put a tag with our name on it, Thanks for the laugh! Hugs Wanda

Very easy and crafty.

I agree this is sick . Not going onany tree of mine.

OK. If you're going to use a tampon, please add another material to the list. Cut a piece of felt. Glue it over the tampon and add glitter,buttons whatever. Just hide the fact of what it really is.

This is Tolally GROSS!!!!!!! The last thing I want to see on my Tree or any place else is TAMPONS! Let alone to have to expklain them to my GARNDCHILDEREN, how I made them!!!!!! Is nothing private any more?Grammy

I think they are cute! It's just cotton!! You don't have to show the comtainer it came from so how would anyone know what it is? Unless you tell them? I also like the other idea from another lady who commented that you can cover them with another material and that will give the look of a pedicoats underneath. So as long as you don'e tell someone what you used, they will not be the wiser & will think that they are very cute! PS. I told my doughter about this and she told me she better not come home & find her tampons missing!! ( she didn't care for the idea though)

If you think this is cute or a cheap craft, where is your self respect. There are plenty of free items out there for crafting, using them can also benefit our envirnment. Many things in nature can be used for crafting. Use some common sence. In our world where respect for ourselves and others is nearly impossible to find this is totally wrong!!!

I know my comments don't mean a thing and I will be made fun of but here it goes After working with teens for many years I've seen the ways of modesty in the girls go completely down the drain Not all but many There's no respect for themselves or anyone else that goes for guys too Maybe I'm old fashioned but I believe there are some thin gs that are still private about our lives The trend now is to do whatever you like whether it offends anyone or it makes the one doing the things look ridiculous or you leave nothing to the imagination Let's just go around with body parts showing if it makes you feel good Not everyone wants to see those parts or look at them while we eat etc And I know that using tampons is a monthly part of life I used them forRead More many years But I didn't go around displaying them as happened in a camp setting just recently or using them for crafts And at this same camp had to go in and clean up where someone thought it was okay to leave used ones and everything else all over the toilet and surrounding area for others to sit in Granted its funny and would probably be real cute for a female get together to make an angel But just the things that I spoke about has brought us to having to have a day of how to not be so nasty with your personal hygiene for our girls at church They were so disgusted with all of it that they asked to please make sure the younger ones coming up wouldn't do those things So thanks for letting me vent And I'm sure the loose way of behaving will continue and get worse

To those that think this is distasteful. You do realize that this is very sanitary, probably cleaner than using anything bought from a store. I would of never thought of using a tampon for a craft and now that I have seen it, I will have some hanging from my tree this year! Love it! Thanks!

Back in December of 2006 I made a " Tampon Santa " as a joke decoration for a friends tree. She loved it ! We laughed till we cried ! And hey they come with a hanger intact. LOL Wish i had taken a picture so i could send it in.

I plan on making this at our annual PJ Palooza with the ladies of our church...too funny.

In thelate80's my gf andImade these outof the real Tampax. Itwas bigger and they looked great!! Thank you for posting the pattern again.

I can't believe people are seriously offended by this. It's a cute and cheap craft for a bunch of kids. Just discard the applicator before doing the project and no one (esp kids) will think twice about what the 'fabric with string' was originally meant for.

it is gross and ridiculous! I can't believe you even considered this, let alone published it. Very bad taste!

I like the idea of matching the material to the wings. A good idea and a nice way to use those tampons that are no longer needed in the house. Also, it is a great way to think of financially affordable and fun for the kids to try and make something that can make other wonder how it was done. I am so looking forward to making them. My kids are always looking for ways to make something for the holidays. Maybe this will give us something to do after we fill up on Thanksgiving Turkey. Thanks for such a wonderful idea.

Probably someone with PMS thought this one up...LOL

Great craft for postmenopausal women. We can use our leftover Midol for added accents.


My God people! Lighten up on the tampons. These are 'unused' tampons for goodness sakes. Just like crafting with empty toilet paper tubes. You used the toilet paper to wipe your private parts until the roll was empty, and viola, you had a tube to craft with. If Tampons still gross you out, buy the perm cotton coil, it comes in either a box or plastic bag. This is the cotton used to wrap around your head full of curlers before appying the waving lotion so was not to get the lotion in your face. May be a little expensive but at least you won't be "grossed" out. And who in their right mind explain what a tampon is to a child? this is a craft project, not sex education. Lighten up people!!!!!1

It is ok...but I wouldn't use it...probably great for kids....ahhh second thought, scratch that ideal

The first thing i did when i saw this craft is laugh, as a preschool teacher see me explaining this one to the parents. lol. awww mom we used .....

I thought it was cute and easy. You don't have to tell everyone (kids) that it is a tampon.

I guess you could make santa's with used ones.... crazy!

Is regular glue the best way to attach skirts? Suggestions welcome! I am going to do this for sure - very affordable

It would be a great idea for an obgyn office. -)

They may be wrong, but they are adorable. I would love to make some of these and give them out as gifts and see what the reactions are when the person I gave them to finds out what they are made of. This will be a christmas to remember for me now that I know how to make these adorable little angels. I may take you up on the idea Crafter about putting something around them so that they aren't as put off. Then again, the awkwardness is what makes them even cuter!

Oh, puleeeez. Give me a break. Crafty is COOL... but tampons are NOT. This is a clear-cut case of not being able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. It's not an angel, it's a tampon -- and it doesn't belong on anyone's tree. What's next, rainhats out of Depends?

I don't think I could look at my Christmas tree and not get kinda grossed out. Or embarrassed if someone knew that I had tampons hanging on my tree. BUT you have a very good crafting mind for looking outside the box.


Paleeeeeeeeese, don't insult my intelligence - now explaind this to the 5 yr old child (boy or girl) just where the supplies for these came from. You need to get this off of here.

That's just wrong

I am still laughing!! I have never heard of anything like this.

Since some people are put off by using tampons, make the tampons "go away" in a manner of speaking. Use a lace or christmas material for making sort of skirt for the angel. It covers the tampons and makes it look like a big set of peticoats underneath. Lace would look the nicest but anything will work, really! Just match it, if possible, to the wing bows.

I think they are great.

Tampons are a gift in themselves. They should be shared at holiday time. Very clever.


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