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Mosaic Renaissance

This book features classic tile mosaic with millefiori, an intricate glass… More

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Unexpected Afghans

Well with the help of Unexpected Afghans, you can create innovative… More

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Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook

Beloved textile designer and writer Anna Maria Horner generously opens the… More

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Duct Tape Your Heart Out!

Use today's colorful duct tape and the fun projects in Duct Tape Your… More

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The Perfect Apron

Aprons are hot! Rob Merrett has put together 35 fun and flirty designs… More

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Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects

Strong, durable, and lightweight, parachute cord was made for outdoor… More

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The Little Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets

The blanket on the cover of The Little Encyclopedia of Baby Blankets looks… More

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A Green Guide to Country Crafts

In A Green Guide to Country Crafts, we learn just how relevant the… More

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Fun with Chinese Knotting

Also known as Chinese macrame, knotting is an old and revered art form in… More

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Jim Shore Angel Coloring Book Review

The adult coloring book trend has skyrocketed, and there are so many books… More

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Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters…

Every crocheter needs a good stitch guide. Beginners and experienced… More

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Rag Rug Handbook

This book gives the knowledge and instructions to make that first rag rug… More

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Upcycled Accessories

You couldnt ask for better step-by-step photos; this book is a visual… More

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Find It, Make It: Outdoor Green Crafts for…

If you're looking for fun kids craft projects that are also… More

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Craft Fail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong

From the Melted Crayon Canvas to Microwave Soap Sludge, Craft Fail When… More

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