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Fleece Gnome Hat Tutorial

This fleece baby's gnome hat is adorable for the cold weather. It is easy… More

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Crochet Witch Gnome Ornament

Get Halloween ready with this adorable and easy Crochet Witch Gnome… More

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Santa Gnome Christmas Ornament

The Santa Gnome Christmas Ornament is a pattern for a super cute Santa… More

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Champagne Cork Gnome

Today I want to show you how to make Champus, the celebration gnome. He is… More

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Thanksgiving Turkey Gnome

A cork gnome dressed as a Thanksgiving Turkey makes for a unique table… More

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Tontuu The Elfish Gnome Creature

Tonttu is a small creature from Finnish mythology. He lives in and… More

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Patriotic Gnome

This crochet patriotic gnome is ready for the fourth of July. Let him… More

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Sock Gnome On A Drink Cup

Gnomes are a popular item in holiday home decor! These sock gnomes are so… More

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Quick Gnome Candy Ornaments

These adorable and modern Gnome Candy Ornaments make cute table and tree… More

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Viking Gnome Towel Topper

This adorable yet fierce nordic gnome is the perfect kitchen / bbq / man… More

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Farmer Gnome

Do you have a garden? This little crochet farmer gnome would love to help… More

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From Our Gnome To Yours = Dollar Tree Inspired

If you are in love with ever popular gnomes, join the club. These mystical… More

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Mom And Baby Gnome

Want to say thank you to your daycare teachers? This crochet daycare gnome… More

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Leprechaun Gnome Towel Topper

This absolutely adorable Leprechaun Gnome Towel Topper is so quick and… More

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Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament

Get holiday ready with this adorable and easy Crochet Gnome Christmas Tree… More

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