Milk Jug Yarn Holder

Milk Jug Yarn Holder


I like to use a milk jug to keep my yarn in so it does not roll away on me. I cut a door on one side and then I feed the yarn up the top. I can take it any were.

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Oatmeal containers work really well also.Just put a hole in the top and put your yarn thru. I like that there are different sizes and that I can decorate them if I want.I have been using them since I was a little girl my granny always used them

I always use a plastic zip type bag. I poke a hole in it to run the yarn through when I begin the project. It keeps the yarn close, clean and collapses as the the yarn is used up- saving space in my bag. I can unzip and stick the project inside the bag (if it's not too big) to keep it protected in my purse or suitcase.

I like the idea of milk jug yarn holders. I also use washed out 2 and 3 liter plastic soda pop bottles. I make 100 % sure the inside of the bottle is dry before I put the yarn in it.

I really need this and will try to figure it out. I was hoping for a photo.

Bueno, en realidad lo mejor es aprender a hacer una pelota de lana que ruede, comenzando a enrollar desde dentro, sobre el dedo pulgar y dejando un lazo de donde poder tirar una vez que est terminada. Asi la pelota queda con forma chata, no se mueve y no se cae. Espero que esto les sea til, gracias, Adriana de Buenos Aires.

I use empty milk jugs also. Especially good if you have a pattern that calls for multiple yarns. Keeps them from rolling away and getting tangled. And most important, if you buy 50g balls from European yarn makers, they all have to be unwound from the outside. They don't make them center pull skeins like here in the states. In fact, now that I use the jugs, I prefer unwinding from the outside. No more snags. A extra large plastic jug that vinegar comes in (like you find at Costco) is excellent for 400g skeins and super saver jumbo skeins. Stands straight up.

This WORKS and WORKS great. Hard to find things that really work but this is the best idea of the year. When I take my yarn out of the house I take my milk jug yarn holder, everyone is amazed and it keeps my yarn clean,neat,easy to grab,and colors are visible. unbelieveable, thank you,

You can also use a large pretzel container. It is plastic and just the right size. Drill a hole in the top for the yarn.

I work in a hospital and I use the empty containers for sani cloth. I wash them out and cut the 4 small tabs under the lid off. And when u r done for the moment u can store the needles and other items in the container. It works great.

I roll the yarn into a ball any way and get a bowl big enough and sit the ball in it and it kepts the ball from rolling all over the place.

use a plastic bag any size you desire put wool in it and put a knot in it loose so wool string can come out easily easy light weight and can make it anywhere anytime and ohh so easy and simple no bulk travel put in purse or just put into a vacume bag and suck out air ohh so flat and cost nothing I have been crafting since 5 years old now 56 god bless

I do this also. A good bag to use is one that you get if you buy a bottle of wine. Perfect size for a skein.

Hi everyone - I also use coffee cans I just put the lid on the bottom when is use - and the liter soda bottles for regular size skeins I have some older bottles that the bottoms come off - they sit well and it is easy to put the yarn in out I will be getting some of the liter ones for the one pound skeins too - I hadn't thought about those The coffee can works on the big ones to hold them but the yarn is too tall to put the lid on I also use the reuseable fabric grocery bags - they will hold several skeins upright and are easy to carry to Dr appts etc I use a plastic snack bag to keep crochet hook pattern childrens round nose scissors and a plastic yarn needle for each project I leave these items with the project untilRead More I finish it If I am doing small motifs or parts to be assembled later - I also carry a larger zip top bag to store the parts in until I am ready to assemble the end item Have a great day and happy crafting

I found 3 liter bottles at the Dollar Store that can hold 1 pound yarn.

When you empty a 3 pound coffee can, cut a small hole in the plastic top of the can. This hole should be very smooth on the edge to allow the yarn to pass thru easily. Put the ball of yarn into the can, feed the yarn thru the hole cut in the plastic, then put the plastic top on the can. If you are using a skein of yarn taller than the can, just put the plastic top on the bottom of the can. Even without the plastic top, the can will keep the yarn from rolling away!

I like to use the 2 liter size also but the ones that I have don't have a black bottom on them. So I just cut a window in the side of the clean bottle to insert my yarn. Don't cut it to big, just big enough for your yarn to get in. The plastic is a little sharp for me so I put masking tape around the opening. You can decorate the bottle if you like, I just use it as is. Don't forget to remove the label. I have more then one so I can put different yarns in for more then one project since I'm usually working on more then one. Fits in a nice size bag to take with also. Happy Knitting and/or Crocheting.

For Grandma33: Lion Brand Yarn Company's site has a really cute hat/cap pattern. It's simple enought to whip out quickly if an 'emergency gift' is needed. The Pattern Number is: L0104AD The finished size is 20 inches (51cm) Hope this helps.

Grandma33, what do you mean by toboggan hats?

why can't we get more crochet/knit patterns for the old fashioned toboggan hats for children? I would like a smiple pattern as I have 7 to make between now and Christmas! Thank you for your attention to this matter! jackie

don't forget 2 liter soda bottles. take off black bottom and cut the bottle place yarn inside pull thru the top and replace the black for skeins or round balls.

another way, i take out the middle of the yarn from the ball of wool, so the ball of wool is by me all the time and never runs away.

Don't forget water jugs.


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