Turn Old Jeans into Pot Holders


Turn Old Jeans into Pot Holders


Turn the seat of an old pair of jeans into potholders. The jean pockets, already ready for slipping in your hands, make this sewing project a breeze.  This is a fun and simple project that crafters of all skill levels can make, and a great way to reuse an old pair of jeans that has seen better days!  You can even make these fun potholders as a gift for a new neighbor or a fellow coworker.  Durable and strong, these potholders are a cook's best tool!



  • Old pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Wool batting
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine



  1. Find a pair of old jeans. Perhaps you have an unsightly hole that is beyond mending like me?
  2. Cut two 10 inch squares around each pocket, with the pocket as close to the center of the square as possible.
  3. Cut out two 10 inch squares in fabric to match the denim squares.
  4. For the insulation layer, use two layers of thick wool batting cut to equal squares, or use several layers of denim squares cut from the jean legs.
  5. For each potholder, assemble the three square layers of denim, insulation, fabric. Align the insulation squares with the fabric square, with the wrong side of the fabric touching the insulation. Pin in place. Align this pinned piece with the denim square, with the right side of the denim touching the fabric piece. Pin in place.
  6. With a ½ inch seam allowance, stitch three sides of each pot holder.
  7. Turn inside out and press. Topstitch the remaining side closed. Repeat for other potholder.

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It would be great to see the pics of this project :)

YOU need to POST PHOTOS!!!!

Yes if there were pics i could quite easliy make a pair or two.

I wish there were pictures showing each step, I feel the directions are a little confusing.

I use old matress pads works great

potholders have been made from old levis since before my time and I am 67 so they are time-tested basic homemaking. Mine had no fill except we used more than two layers of levi. You would cut the two and test for feel and flexibility and add additional layers. whatever cotton fabric leftovers would be fine but the levi is the best insulation from the heat of a cast iron skillet. we would sew the outer two layers together and turn to the right side and stitch diagonally across the center to help crease the fold when you would grab something hot. Try it and you will be amazed. these will also work for hot pads to place under hot pans.

Instead of using batting, I would use Insul-Bright. It is a batting made for using with projects that will contact heat. This way, you won't burn your fingers using the potholders!

instead of using batting, i take old bath towels and cut them to size. They work just as well for the heat and i find are easier to sew on the machine because it doesn't shift like batting does.

Just make sure you use WOOL or COTTON batting for these--polyester quilt batting will NOT work because it melts. Melted batting=not good for keeping heat away from your hands!

why dont they show a picture of the pot holders maybe i wont like the looks of them

I have an idea for old jeans, http://pages.suddenlink.net/maryhwa/emdeko/bj.htm make aprons from them


I use old mattress pads for batting in my quilt making. Sometimes I have to cut one up to zigzag stitch it to another to amke ti large enough for the quilt I'm making but it makes for a very heavy and warm quilt.

I've made dozens of these hot pads/pot holders using old jeans. Rather than having to sew right siides tegether and turning I iron a small turned under hem on the print fabric; layer all pieces together with that on top and right side out. Stitch together around the edge of the print fabric which leaves an edge of appx 5/8". Clip to seam every 1/4 - 1/2 inch; wash and dry and it creates a "frayed" border that frames the print fabric and the pocket you use on the other side.

Here is a website which shows step by stepm directions http://www.makeandtakes.com/blue-jean-pot-holders

I welcome this idea. I have an old pair of jeans that are now too big for me. I will be using them for your craft suggestions.

there are actually pictures for this craft on another website i just cant remember which one. but if you search the craft name it should be pretty eashy to find.

I have used old or stained towels for the insulation layers. When towels get worn and thin in the middle, I cut the edges and ends into squares for insulation. Makes a thick and safe hotpad. I like the idea of using the belt loops. Great idea!

Pictures would be nice...to follow along with.

Snip one of the belt loops off the waistband to use as a hanger. Lay the loop in the inside edge between the fabric & denim pinned towards the center before you sew it together.

I wonder about using wool batting. It shrinks in the washer and dryer - and sooner or later we all have to wash our potholders. I like the idea of the silver insulating material referred to by someone else in the comments, or several layers of denim. Polyester doesn't shrink, but I'm not sure how heat-resistant it is.

Wal-Mart carries a product that is insulated and not very thick I use it for pot holders When I use two different fabrics I use an insulated piece in the center with the metallic side facing both sides The metallic side faces the outside and repels the heat This past Christmas a friend requested that I make her some table pads to protect her table from hot dishes She loved them so much that she ordered some sets from me to give for Christmas presents I picked a really beautiful holiday print and cut the squares square giving myself a half inch seam I used a solid complimentary color for the bottom and the gorgeous print for the top I made the metallic side up to face the wrong side of the print and I also made her a pad that was about X to go under her large platter OnRead More your denim hot pads you would make the metallic side face away from the pockets I really enjoy your projects and tips etc heavensbelle

i also make purses out of old jeans, quilt tops, xamas ornaments.

I do also, plus wine bags, gardening bags, shopping bags, yes I'm a bag lady lol!

Nice idea. I need new potholders and just happen to have an unsightly pair of jeans that need recycling )

You can also add a recipe card and or a bottle of spice in the pocket and it makes a fun gift !

Good idea!!!

I have to cut my granddaughters jeans to shorten them for her. She's a 'little shortie" so now I now what I can do with the scralps I have left over. I can make trivets with them if they are too small for potholders, just crochet around them a bit to make them a bit decorated.

A nice craft think for a bazar.

This is a neat idea. I'd love to see a photo.

Wonderful idea. I am going to use the back pockets to make "finger mits" to remove dishes from the microwave. Granny Nanny


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