Pretty Crochet Doily Pattern


Pretty Crochet Doily Pattern

Pretty Crochet Doily Pattern
Pretty Crochet Doily Pattern

Create a lovely lace doily with this intermediate crochet pattern to add a fancy touch to your dining room table. The Pretty Crochet Doily Pattern from Bernat Yarns uses a small 2 crochet hook (1.75 mm) and light cotton yarn to form the delicate design. This is a beautiful way to add a touch of class to your home during the holidays or when houseguests are visiting. You can set a vase of flowers on top of your gorgeous crochet doily for a dash of color in the spring, or you can place it under a thick candle during the winter for a cozy look.


Yarn Weight(0) Lace (33-40 stitches to 4 inches). Includes crochet thread.

Crochet GaugeCenter motif (to 3rd rnd) = 1 3/4" [4.5 cm] in diameter

Finished Size9 1/4" [23.5 cm] in diameter

Materials List

  • Yarn: 1 ball of Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Cotton (14 oz / 400 g)  (1 doily = 66 yds [62 m])
  • Crochet Hook: Size 1.75 mm (U.S. 2) or size needed to obtain gauge


  1. Ch 6. Join with sl st to form ring.

  2. 1st rnd: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc). 15 dc in ring. Ss in top of ch-3. 16 dc.

  3. 2nd rnd: Ch 4 (counts as 1 dc and ch-1). Miss next dc. (1 dc in next dc. Ch 1) 15 times. Ch 1. Sl st in 3rd ch of ch-4.

  4. 3rd rnd: Ss in ch-1 sp. Ch 3. 2 dc in same ch-1 sp as ss. 3 dc in every ch-1 sp around. 48 dc. Sl st in top of ch-3.

  5. 4th rnd: Ch 8. Miss first 4 dc. 1 dc in next dc. (Ch 5. Miss next 3 dc. 1 dc in next dc) 10 times. Ch 5. Ss in 3rd ch of ch-8.

  6. 5th rnd: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc). 6 dc in first ch-5 sp. 7 dc in every ch-5 sp around. Sl st to top of ch-3. 84 dc.

  7. 6th rnd: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc). Miss 1st dc. 1 dc in each of next 6 dc. Ch 2. *1 dc in each of next 7 dc. Ch 2. Rep from * around. Ss in top of ch-3.

  8. 7th rnd: Ch 3. 1 dc in same st. 1 dc in each of next 5 dc. 2 dc in next dc. Ch 2. Miss ch-2 sp. *2 dc in next dc. 1 dc in each of next 5 dc. 2 dc in next dc. Ch 2. Miss ch-2 sp. Rep from * around ending with ss in top of ch-3.

  9. 8th rnd: *Ch 7. Miss next 3 dc. 1 sc in next dc. Ch 7. 1 sc in next ch-2 sp. Rep from * 11 times more. Ch 3. 1 tr in last ch-2 sp.

  10. 9th rnd: Ch 7. 1 sc in first ch-7 sp. *Ch 7. 1 sc in next ch-7 sp. Rep from * to last ch-7 sp. Ch 3. 1 tr in first tr.

  11. 10th rnd: Ch 8. 1 sc in first ch- 7 sp. *Ch 8. 1 sc in next ch-7 sp. Rep from * to last ch-7 sp. Ch 4. 1 tr in first tr.

  12. 11th rnd: Ch 8. 1 sc in first ch-8 sp. *Ch 8. 1 sc in next ch-8 sp. Rep from * to last ch-8 sp. Ch 4. 1 tr in first tr.

  13. 12th rnd: Ch 9. 1 sc in first ch-8 sp. *Ch 9. 1 sc in next ch-8 sp. Rep from * to last ch-8 sp. Ch 5. 1 tr in first tr.

  14. 13th rnd: Ch 9. 1 sc in first ch-9 sp. *Ch 9. 1 sc in next ch-9 sp. Rep from * to last ch-9 sp. Ch 5. 1 tr in first tr.

  15. 14th rnd: Ch 3. *(5 dc. Ch 3. 5 dc) in next ch-9 sp. (2 dc. Ch 2. 2 dc) in next ch-9 sp. Rep from * around. Sl st to top of ch-3.

  16. 15th rnd: *Ch 5. (1 dc. Ch 2. 1 dc. Ch 5. 1 dc. Ch 2. 1 dc) in next ch-3 sp. Ch 5. (1 sc. Ch 5. 1 sc) in next ch-2 sp. Rep from * around. Ch 5. Sl st in first ch of ch-5. Fasten off.

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I just joined

This is beautiful, but I simply cannot grasp crochet! I have tried multiple times. I have seen a few doily patterns for knitting but haven't found any on this site are there any? Patterns for knitted lace of any kind seems to be scarce. I have found a few edgings and only one or two knitted doily type of projects.

Hi there! Our friends at AllFreeKnitting have 2 doily patterns, one for a dishcloth and one for a rug: Enjoy!

Thank you! I have made a few of the dishcloths and I did see the rug. The fact that there are only two in all your sites is discouraging! ) I have an old pamphlet with some thread knitted doilies, but even vintage patterns for knitted lace are hard to find.

This is a really Pretty Crochet Doily Pattern. I remember my grandma using this kind of table accessory in her house. There are bigger doilies, bed spreads, seat covers, table runners. Pretty!!

I made quite a few of these in multiple colors for Christmas gifts this past year. I changed colors within the doily to customize them for the recipients. They turned out great and everyone seemed to love them. The pattern is easy to follow as this was the first time I had attempted to make a doily and the first time I had crocheted with the cotton crochet thread.

I love this pattern....its well written and easy to follow. I'd love to incorporate it into a dream catcher am also making and I think this would be the best pattern. I know the pattern is great and I hope my project turns out well. I should return with a picture and a possible project idea for you. Thank you!

I need to make this bigger. can someone help me on how I would do this? Thanks

@pajohnson 8883799 I know this article is mostly about resizing afghans, but some of the suggestions will work for this doily. Hope that helps! -Kaylee, Editor of FaveCrafts

Round 4 It should read Miss next 4th dc and dc into the 5th dc. I'm rating this pattern only 3 stars because of the accuracy of the written pattern, not the aesthetics of it.

Step9, 8th round should read 'miss next 4 (not 3) dc.Its into the 5th dc , centre of the 9 dc. I just did it, from looking at the photo..

This is where I ran into trouble as well and got me confused but I did figure it out after ripping it out a couple of times.

Turned out perfectly, my first attempt at a doily! I used a 2mm hook, not sure about the cotton.

I cannot figure out what as. ss means in round 4? it would really help if there was an abbreviation chart .

Hi there, For specific pattern questions, you can contact Bernat via their profile on FaveCrafts. I also suggest posting your question on our Facebook wall - perhaps others have had the same problem. Thanks!

Hi there I think they mean slip stich with ss. greatings Ria

It means do the stitch in the same chain 1 space as the slip stitch. So you're going to have a slip stitch, a chain 3 and 2 double crochets all in the chain 1 space.

are there any abbreviations for the crochet doily pattern?

having trouble in round 4.

ok i figured it out had to adjust number of stitches to skip to get it right from the picture... on round 7 now...

is there a video on how to make this doilie anywhere? i cant seem to follow the written pattern...

is there a video for this pattern? I can do patterns better if following a video of the person makng it.

I have tried to make this doily but can't for the life of me work out how to do the last part of round 9 which says ch3 .1 tr in last ch 2 sp. It just does not look any where near right. Any one able to help please as I would really like to finish it

I have tried to make this about 4times and just can't work out how to do the last bit in round 9 where you have to in last ch 2 space It just does look right at all. Has any one got any ideas as to how this is supposed to be done . It would be much appreciated. Clara

Row 9: only do the chain 3 and not the tr Row 10: after the chain 3. 1 tr in the top of chain 3 from row 9 (since you didn't do the tr in row 9) The rest of the tr stitches are correct I hope that helps

Please explain in detail how to do the last step of #9 - how do I get from 1 sc in ch-2 sp to Ch 3. 1tr in last ch-2 sp. (I know how to do a tr) And therefore how to do the last step in #10 -14 also

In the 8th round you have 1 tr in last Ch-2 sp. What does tr mean?

i don't know. i am still a beginner, and don't understand what they are saying

tr means triple or treble crochet. For instructions on how to do that, you may consult YouTube for easier learning ;)

Pretty Crochet Doily pattern There is a mistake in the instructions On number of the instructions nd round the instructions say Ch counts as dc and ch- Miss next dc dc in next dc Ch times Ch Sl st in rd ch of ch- Where it says Miss next dc that is incorrect according to the picture and how the count is coming out You SHOULD NOT Miss next dc You should dc in ea dc and ch in order for it to come out correctly I have tried it over and over again the way it's written and there is no way that is correct So DO NOT MISS NEXT DC Dc in each dc and ch times If I am incorrect and there is a way to do it as it is written and get times around then PLEASE tell me how to do that Thank you so veryRead More much

I agree with you.

would be nice if you make the pattern as big as 15-16 inches and post the pattern , because i really like it and i want to make it bigger but i think am messing it up.

Pretty Crochet Doily, how can I add to it to make it bigger. Please advice since am not an expert on crocheting.

In the second round it says to chain 4 then skip the next dc and continue. It looks more uniform if you chain 4 and continue in the next dc then skip the very last dc when you slip to the 3rd chain of that 4ch.

In the 1st rnd you say to Ss in top of ch3, then do 16 dc. What is Ss?

ss means to slipstitch

how do you slip stitch? it is basically a single chain?


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