Simple One Skein Wrap


Simple One Skein Wrap


Simple One Skein Wrap from Caron
Simple One Skein Wrap from Caron

Using one skein of yarn you can make this fabulous wrap from Caron Yarns for you or a friend. It's an easy crochet pattern that you can make in no time. The cream color allows you to wear it with any outfit and makes it suitable for any time of year.  This crochet shawl pattern looks great with a pair of pants and a nice blouse, or you can wear it to a nice evening out on the town.  You'll love this crochet shawl so much that you'll want one in every color!


Wrap is worked horizontally (lengthwise).

For a longer or shorter wrap, work more or fewer beginning chains in multiples of 12. Each multiple of 12 will lengthen or shorten the wrap by about 2"/5cm.

For a wider or narrower wrap, work more or fewer repeats of Rows 2 and 3.


Crochet HookN/15 or 10 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet GaugeIn pattern, 3 pattern repeats = 16"/40.5cm and 7 rows = 8"/20.5cm. Note: One pattern repeat forms one "wave", and includes one dc7tog, 6 tr, and the ch-1 sps between them.

Finished SizeWrap measures approximately 24"/61cm wide x 68"/172.5cm long


  1. Ch 159 loosely.

  2. Row 1: Dc3tog working over 4th ch from hook and next 2 ch, ch 1, [tr in next ch, ch 1] twice, (tr, ch 1, tr) in next ch, [ch 1, tr in next ch] twice, ch 1, *dc7tog over next 7 ch, ch 1, [tr in next ch, ch 1] twice, (tr, ch 1, tr) in next ch, [ch 1, tr in next ch] twice, ch 1; repeat from * to last 4 ch, dc4tog over last 4 ch, turn—13 pattern repeats.

  3. Row 2: Ch 3, dc in next ch-1 sp, [dc in next tr, dc in next ch-1 sp] 5 times, dc in next tr, *dc2tog over next 2 ch-1 sps (skipping the dc7tog in between), dc in next tr, dc in next ch-1 sp] 5 times, dc in next tr; repeat from * across to last ch-1 sp, dc2tog over last ch-1 sp and last dc3tog, turn.

  4. Row 3: Ch 3, sk first dc2tog, dc3tog over next 3 dc, ch 1, [tr in next dc, ch 1] twice, (tr, ch 1, tr) in next dc, [ch 1, tr in next dc] twice, ch 1, *dc7tog over next 7 dc, ch 1, [tr in next dc, ch 1] twice, (tr, ch 1, tr) in next dc, [ch 1, tr in next dc] twice, ch 1; repeat from * to last 4 dc, dc4tog over last 4 dc, turn.

  5. Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until piece measures 24"/61cm wide (or to desired width). Fasten off.

  6. To make fringe, cut remaining yarn into strands 14–16"/35.5–40.5cm long. Holding 2 strands together, fold fringe in half. *Insert crochet hook from WS to RS in side edge of wrap, pull fold through, insert ends into fold and pull tight against edge; repeat from *, working across side edge. Repeat across other side edge.

  7. Optional (knotted fringe): Draw one end of the 2 strands all the way through the piece, folding the strands in half, until all 4 ends are even, tie an overhand knot about 1"/2cm from side edge.


Double crochet 2 together—[Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] 2 times, yarn over and draw through 3 loops on hook.
Double crochet 3 together—[Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] 3 times, yarn over and draw through 4 loops on hook.
Double crochet 4 together—[Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] 4 times, yarn over and draw through 5 loops on hook.
Double crochet 7 together—[Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] 7 times, yarn over and draw through 8 loops on hook.

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I'm a beginner and I have to say, I do not find this easy. The explanation of stitches is confusing to me. What's with the brackets in the stitch explanation? I don't understand it and it's not working out right.

Love this simple but elegant One Skein Wrap. It is so versatile, it can match any color of top but will look great on dark sleeveless, short or even long sleeves tops. The width and length is just right but you can make adjustments to suit your preference.

I like the fact that you make this lengthwise. I have made wraps lengthwise before and I think it goes faster - at least for me. It is a beautiful pattern and I am a big fan of Caron yarns. I usually would not choose that color but the photo really brings out the pattern. Thank you.

Does this really only use one skein of yarn? It is gorgeous! Could a beginner figure it out? It looks so soft, I would just want to snuggle up with it. What would you recommend a beginner do to learn crochet? Take a class, or watch videos, or buy a book to teach me? Does it matter that I'm left-handed? I really want to be able to make a wrap like this!

Yes, but it's a ONE POUND skein, which is 16 ounces. If you use smaller skeins, just be sure the total yarn is 16 ounces. Most skeins you see are about 3 1/2 to 4 ounces. The one pound skeins can be real price savers.

I learned to crochet from a magazine article years ago, but Youtube videos will help you, as will taking a class. Crochet is not hard. It just takes some practice to get the tension right, so you can expect to feel awkward for a few weeks until you learn to control the tension on the yarn. Find a Youtube video instructing lefties. That will help. Best wishes!

Can we download the patterns if so how ? I absolutely love this pattern

Hi there! I just enabled the Print button for this project, which is just under the pattern title if you'd like to print and save a hard copy! For downloading the pattern, you can copy and paste it into a Word document. I could do that for you and email you a copy if you'd like! Let me know your preference. Enjoy your day! -Dana from FaveCrafts

I would love to receive copy of this pattern in my e address thanks..

This is just beautiful. With this wrap only using one skein of yarn, I could get several of these made for women at my church, and use up some of the skeins of yarn I have been storing for some time now. I would love to put them to good use. I think this wrap is just beautiful, thank you for the idea.

I am trying to blow up the pic for the wrap so I can see the stitches better and I can't! Please help me figure this out! Thaank you so very much!

When doing the tr rows do I work in each of the d2tog spaces i.e. Between each dc or just once for each dc2tog

I've been crocheting for almost 50 years and I found this pattern to be next to impossible. I tried it 4 times before I finally threw it in the trash. How they could say it's "easy" is beyond me. Shame on them.

I love this pattern - a little challenging but beautiful when finished! Email me for help!

I'm a little disappointed because i have justed finished the first row and it doesn't appear to be a long as the one on the picture that is displayed. Not sure if i should start over. Could you please verify how long is the shawl that is displayed in the picture. I love the lenght.

Hi there, this pattern was created by Caron Yarns. We suggest you contact Caron directly via their website ( or their social media channels. Thanks! - Julia from FaveCrafts

on row 2, what do you mean at the end of this step, 13 pattern repeats. does this mean repeat this row 13 more times. thanks bev

love this shaw/scarf but I can not read or understand instructions.. is there a video for making this????

I couldn't get this pattern to work. Once I got to the third and fourth rows it looked like a mess and nothing was in line. I started over 4 times to make sure I counted right. I'm an experienced crocheter in more of the intermediate level, but I've done advanced level items that I've had no problems following the patterns on.

Hi there, this pattern was created by Caron Yarns. We suggest you contact Caron directly via their website ( or their social media channels. Thanks! - Julia from FaveCrafts

Member 5025751, you stated that this pattern was tough. What parts specifically did you find incorrect. If someone could at least tell me about these details, it would be most helpful.

I asked for help with this pattern both in an email to AllFree Crochet and on their FB page. Now I can't even find my request for help. Very frustrating when no one wants to help. I have asked how to get in touch with the original designer but no one has answered that question either. Very, very disappointed in both FaveCrafts and AllFree Crochet.

This was a tough pattern, especially for a beginner, but in the end it turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing it. P.S. I did try to upload a pic of my finished project, but I don't think it worked.

Hi there, your image should now appear on the page - thanks for the submission! - Julia from FaveCrafts

I am an experienced crocheter but am having problems with this pattern. Am assuming the "dc7tog over next 7 ch" should be in the same place, in each row where this stitch is used. In other words, these clusters should line up vertically. Unfortunately, I am finding that some do, while others don't. They are in more of an alternating, back and forth pattern, instead of lining up one on top the other. Am I making the wrong assumption? How can I get in touch with Marilyn Losee, the pattern designer? Thank you.

I too would like to learn of the corrections and a chart io a blowup of the pattern.

This shawl looks so pretty... the design and color of the shawl are look so beautiful... Thanks. Jaslynn,

please tell me what tr means....I thought tc was triple crochet so I am confused...please new to crochet but love it....

TR means triple crochet :) There are a few different ways to call out a triple crochet, based on whether the pattern is in English or US terms, but they all mean the same thing! We're so glad you like this pattern! Let us know if we can help with anything else!

I am having problems with row 3 of this pattern. Is it correct and I am just not doing the pattern right or is there a correction needed on Row 3?

Hi there, this is an original pattern from Caron Yarns - we suggest you contact them directly via their social media channels or website with specific pattern-related questions. Thanks! - Julia from FaveCrafts

I am having a hard time printing the pattern. can you tell me how to get this pattern

Sometimes it's better to copy and paste the pattern directions into a word document and print from there. Hope that helps!

I made this for my sister and she loved the it. It was helpful to know to add 4 more chains.

I just did the first row. chained 159 and did all 13 repeats, but came up short, I do not have 4 chains left at the end for the dc4tog, before turning. I read down some comments and some mentioned add 3 additional chains - which would make 162. Does this seem correct to everyone? Thanks.

i can not wait to get this shawl started

Does anyone know if the above directions have been corrected or do we need to copy banana's additional directions?

Well, I have tried several times and failed miserably. Usually I can figure things out is there is an error, but this once would go along fine then whoops upsy daisy! I think once finished it would look lovely-for me it ended up as a scarf ! have been reading bananna comment and will try again her way...keep you posted!

I have made this shawl and was leaving one chain off after each 7dctog. I emailed Caron and took a picture of my project and they figured it out. It's not hard to do. https// == ochet/

FINaLLY, after 10 tries rocheting and taking out) I figured out the problem.Row 3 is written incorrectly. You need to skip a double crochet before and after the (trible crochet), then is worked out just fine. You can contact me if you like and I will define it better. Yea, now I am on a roll, will finish the wrap in no time. easy now.

Can you define this a little better?. I too am having problems with Row 3.

I guess I am stupid, I have crochet and taken out 5 times. I cannot do this pattern, it is not easy. I have crochet step by step and it doesn't work.

you are most definately not stupid. the pattern is written with an error. If you look at bananana's comment it might not despair everyone has a different way of understanding things and it has nothing to do with stupidity, but rather creativity!

Such an easy, pretty pattern. I just had to go step by step and it was fine. I just used a different brand acrylic yarn because that's all I had on hand. I guess there may have been corrections made in the past because it has worked out fine for me and it works up fast once you memorize the pattern for each row. Good luck crocheters!

unable to see how you label this as easy

Saw this shawl last week and can't wait to get started on it!

my zipcode is correct I live in puerto rico

I LOVE this pattern! I have made 4 of them already in 4 different colors! I have had no trouble reading and following the pattern, but I have come across the issue that by the time the wrap is done, there's never enough yarn left to do the fringe. Anyone else have this problem?

For those who want a better view of what this should look like, the original pattern is on the Caron website: The site also provides a downloadable PDF. I do think this post is a little disingenuous, as the one skein is calls for is a Caron one pound skein, not an average 7 or 8 ounce skein.

It's lovely. I can't wait to try it...I love the pattern.

I love this wrap. It's been on my to-do list for ages now.

they are both beautiful! The wrap is more elegant and light you could use it for anything like a light cover up while watchin tv.

definately the wrap it is sooo pretty i am going to make it for my sis.i think i will do it in a fern green variagated yarn instead of the yellow.

I like the shape of the triangle but like the pattern on this shawl

I am not a crochet beginner and I have tried this pattern.... Does anyone know the secret.. I have even read the special terms and find no real help. The wave pattern does work up according to the directions. HELP

Row 3 is incorrect. The screct is skip 1 double crochet before and after you start the trible crochet segment.

to nh27, read the part of pattern "special terms"--it explains how to do the dc7tog. I didnt know what that meant either, till I looked under that section! Good luck

The wrap in the picture looks great, but I stumble upon the pattern (I am not a native english speaker). Can anyone please help: the patterns says: 'dc7tog over next 7 ch' Does this mean that a) I have to do dc7tog in the next 7 chains? or: b) skip 7 chains and do dc7tog in next one? or: c) something completely different. I'd be glad to get an answer!

You probably have an answer to this already, or have given up, but just in case, what this means is that you yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook in the second of the seven stitches, draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook in the third of the seven stitches, draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook... and so on until you have covered the seven stitches. At this point you should have eight loops on your hook. Yarn over and draw through the eight loops on your hook. Hope this helps.

I tried this pattern over and over and over never seemed to come out right....Is there a correction??

Is it possible to add a feature to the website so that we can zoom in on a pattern to see it closer? There are many times the picture given looks good, but I would like to get a closer look at the stitches.

I just tested this pattern and it appears okay. The pattern repeat is in multiples of 12. Add 3 to the beginning chain. The 13 pattern repeats at the end of row 1 is a row count to help ensure accuracy. It is letting you know that when you finish row 1, you should have 13 pattern repeats (assuming you are working from the patterns beginning chain of 159.

Don't know about others, but I'm too busy to keep checking back to see if this has been corrected. Shouldn't you take this pattern down until it gets corrected?

Has this pattern been corrected. I see no notes to any corrections.

How do we know when the pattern has been corrected? I see no area that says recent corrections?

Hi, jowfathima. If you have specific questions about the pattern, I would recommend contacting the pattern designer directly, as specified in the byline. You might also try posting your question on our site's Facebook page at Good luck! --editors of FaveCrafts


@ladyg202 6357319, Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We've contacted the original pattern designer and we are hoping to have updated pattern instructions soon. We apologize for any inconvenience , --editors of FaveCrafts

Beautiful, but who can make it with the instructions being wrong.

Could someone explain..I have crocheted for years and I am having problems with this pattern. In row one what does it mean when it says "dc7tog over next 7 ch"? If I read the instructions correctly, the pattern is worked in patterns of 12 stitches each; however, when I read row one I come up with 13 chains used(if I dc7tog in one chain space... Perhaps I have it all wrong. Please help if you can. Thanks

@Julia2020, You would have to contact the pattern designer directly to inquire about making a video. The designer is specified in the byline. Be sure to take a look at our sister site, AllFreeCrochet's, YouTube channel for lots of great crochet video tutorials! Here is the link: --Editor of FaveCrafts

Do you think you will ever have a video on this pattern? I do better watching soneone doing instead of reading instructions. I love the wrap and want to do it but the instruction are hard for me to understand. Thank you

This is really cool!!

I'm having a tough time with this pattern, too. I've added the additional 12 stitches required to make it longer and can't get it to come out (not enough stitches at the end.) Yet the first row seems ok. Maybe I'll go to Caron's site and check it out there.

This crochet wrap is so feminine and timeless. I vote crochet. Knitting would not do this pattern justice.

Really like this one. Love that this uses only one skein! would love to see more patterns usuing only one skein.

to brn1973, you could measure yourself see where it ends on the model you could measure it on you all around then you'll see the inches...

Per the Caron yarn website the Wrap measures approximately 24"/61cm wide x 68"/172.5cm long. There is also a way to enlarge the picture on the Caron website that might help you understand the pattern better. Hope all that helps.

Do you have a picture of wrap laid out flat? What is the approximate finished size - width and length?

I need to see an enlarged picture of the completed shawl stitches so I can understand the pattern. I have a learning disability and learn by seeing. In the future could you please make sure the photo or enlargement is in the directions somewhere. Thank you Ladygray13

Great comment. If the designer provides an enlarged photo, we always include it. Thanks for the comment.


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