How to Make Cheeseburger and Fries from Tootsie…

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Origami Boxes Video

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Tattered Flowers and Water Bottle Bracelet Video

Use an old dyed T-shirt and plastic water bottle to create this craft made… More

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How to Make a Triple Chunky Bracelet

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How To Make Cork Tree Ornaments Video

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I Appreciate U Wall Hanging Video

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How to Make a Polymer Clay Tree on Frame

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How to Embed into Cool2Cast

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Inspire Me

Kathleen George gives us inspirational craft ideas with word stickers.… More

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Cyn's Butterfly Bath Keepsake Bag

You'll love the look of this free paper craft. Cyn's Butterfly Bath… More

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Gratitude Chalkboard Paint Bottles Video

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How to Make a Waterbottle Cap Snake

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How to Upcycle a Glue Tube into An Art Doll

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Kitty Embroidered Planner Clips

Keep your stuff organized with these cute and adorable Kitty Embroidered… More

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Hello Friend Tea Card Video

Need new paper craft ideas? Look no further than this Hello Friend Tea… More

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