How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers

How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers


How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers free eBook from

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A new year can bring a new motivation to get organized and take control of a messy space. Craft rooms can be an especially messy spot because they are often packed with craft supplies, small odds n' ends and various unfinished projects. It's easy to feel disheartened when attempting to attack a giant mess and often it's easier to give up before you even start. Don't let this happen to you! This year, take control of your space and get serious about crafter room storage. Learn how to organize your craft room in a fun and easy way.

We've asked some of our most popular craft bloggers and designers to show off their space and give us craft room ideas that will help our readers take charge of their lives. A clean, clear space can lead to a great deal of inspiration. Unfortunately, the first step (attacking the mess) can be the most difficult. Learn how to organize your supplies, yarn, fabric, paper and so much more. Each blogger provides color photos and explanations as they lead you on the room tour. Each person has genius DIY organization ideas to share, too.

No two spaces are the same and the bloggers in this book show you that this is definitely the case. Take the room tour and get a look behind the scenes - you'll love learn how to organize your room, table or desk. Even if you craft in a closet, you'll surely find some craft room ideas to share with friends.

How to Organize

There are a ton of great ideas that will teach you how to organize your space in the most creative way possible. Berta Gilholm uses storage bins and plastic rolling containers to keep track of her yarn and sewing material such as ribbons and scissors. Jane Skoch repurposes empty boxes for everyday items and uses them in her craft room. Have a cardboard box for clementines that you no longer need? So what Jane does and use it for craft room storage! In addition to clementine boxes, she also collects cigar boxes and uses them to store small craft supplies.

The opportunities are endless when you begin to think outside the box. You can also invest in storage that you can install in your home. This is a great option if you have ample space. If you're working in a smaller room or only have a table at your disposal, grab a box from your recycle bin or head to a local big box store and see if they have anything they no longer need. You never know what you might find when you try something new.



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Craft Room Ideas

Don't feel like your craft room has to be the most pristine, organized space in the world. In fact, your space should speak to your own personal aesthetic. You may think that the best way to organize yarn is by color, and this could certainly be the case. However, Michael Sellick's own yarn stash is organized by brand and he believes this is much more effective. Look for craft room storage ideas that work for you rather than going with what the world thinks is "right" - you'll feel comfortable immediately and will want to unleash your creativity. Marti Wills stores her most precious papers in a color coded file draw so she can easily grab them when inspiration strikes.




Download your free copy of How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers today!







Craft Room Storage

As mentioned before, craft room storage is essential to a clean, organized space. Seek out items at your local home or big box store. You can buy plastic containers or ask for cardboard boxes that might otherwise be thrown away. You don't have to stop with boxes, though. Use shoe racks and hanging organizers to free up space on the floor and keep items within arm's reach. Kara Jones has found this to be a useful technique when deciding how to organize. Your creativity doesn't just have to be put into your craft projects. Get creative with storage so you never lose another craft supply. Pat Sloan coordinates bins and fabric colors so she knows what fabric she'll grab when she reaches inside. This will cut down on time spend digging through bins and boxes, providing her more time to craft!




Download your free copy of How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers today!







How to Organize Your Room

Sometimes it's nice to say, "Help me organize - I can't do it alone!" Let us take the reins and show you how it's done. Many of the bloggers featured in this eBook started with a completely blank slate - an empty room, a plain table, etc. They used creative elements, recycled materials and more to construct a space that fits his or her aesthetic. For instance, Berta Gilhom was able to clear a space in a gust bedroom in her house and turn it into a craft room. She took advantage of the pre-existing space and the closet in the room and added organization items like clear plastic boxes. There was no need to knock down a wall or even purchase expensive shelving equipment - Berta was able to use what she had on hand. Whether you're stuck in the basement or outdoors in a shed, you can use DIY organization ideas to brighten up your crafting area.




Download your free copy of How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers today!







The Room Tour

Besides the fantastic ideas for craft room storage and DIY organization included in this book, you will also have a chance to go behind the scenes and get to know your favorite craft designers. Get an idea of where they work and more importantly, what inspires them to create. Get a peek inside their craft closets, inside their storage bins and under their design tables - you won't believe the crafty and fun ideas. Learn how to organize your room and have fun at the same time - you won't believe how easy it is to get inspired. Take the room tour, discover a new designer and learn more about their favorite kids of craft. While you're at it, be sure to check out their blogs and craft tutorials.



Download your free copy of How to Organize Your Craft Room: 15 Room Tours and DIY Organization Ideas from Your Favorite Bloggers today!







This eBook is filled with ideas for craft organization and DIY organization with a heaping helping of inspiration. Discover how your favorite craft designers have turned their spaces into crafty corners. You don't have to be a domestic goddess with tons of square footage at your disposal. Instead, use your imagination and seek out inexpensive and easy-to-find storage supplies. Enlist friends and family members for help - sometimes inspiration can strike from the unlikliest of place. Take the room tour, brainstorm craft storage ideas and get creative in your made-over space.


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After looking through this book, I can only find one out of 15 that actually is somewhat organized..All the others look worse that what I am starting with as organized..Very disappointed



I do a lot of crafting and one way I found to store beads is working out great. I already had the wire grid towers and hooks. I purchased a shoe bag at the thrift store and hung it on the grid. My beads and accessories are put in small storage bags and then dropped in the shoe slots. I can see everything and it is so convenient to roll my rack wherever I am working. I have taken advantage of both sides of the wire grid. The storage bags can be purchased at WalMart, 100 bags sold in pkg. according to size and the price is $1.00 for a bag of 100 bags.

Sounds great but I don't umderstand what the wire grid and towers are I am always on the lookout for organizing help I won a contest for storing beads recently but afterwards I came up with a better idea but so far nothing is perfect I envy anyone who crafts in their bedroom like I do and makes it work for them I have a fairly good system but maybe I hoard too many things I have a book shelf shelves and I am thinking of downloading a lot of books then small night tables my cats sleeping pad then my office desk drawers full of sewing stuff patterns you name it it's full then kitty corner I have a large dresser with TV on top and drawers of craft supplies bottem filled with fabric next wall a piece of wall board about 'square totally filled with tools threads 'n bobbinsRead More beading supplies and a small ' long shelf bookshelf for storing many plastic units filled with beads Boxes with pop soda cans for airplanes i try to keep up with cutting them into flat sheets so they don't overtake me then a small white tower unit nice but too small stacked high with stuff for fabric next a skinny tall boy dresser for good fabrics and button collection with hat boxes stuffed with craft stuff and finally a drawer plastic shelf unit for art supplies turn right my night table covered with medical things i e CPAP machine and CNIB clock phone etc Last my queen size bed the door and th wall with two closets and my clothes dresser How do you like me so far ha ha I would like to co ordinate everything in one colour probably white Thanks for your time Any ideas welcome marlene

Grandioso, faboloso, perfet, Tkyou

Very Helpful!

I think this is a great book! I have a craft room that I don't know where to start.

Great !!!!! Thank you

For beaders.... my biggest problem was storing the tubes of seed beads. I wanted them organized so I could quickly see what I had on hand. Yet, they knock over so easily even when on a shelf. I found a plastic tray at a local craft store that is about an inch high with plastic wells the size of the bottles. There are 3 rows of 14 wells in each tray.

I love this, but does anyone have ideas on a beading craft room?

I use a nuts and bolts "cabnet" it keeps the beads separated and when you want one color to work with you just pull the drawer out. Some even come with dividers for the drawers.


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