Baby Pumpkin Crochet Beanie Pattern


Baby Pumpkin Crochet Beanie Pattern

This crochet pumpkin hat is insanely precious.


Baby Pumpkin Crochet Beanie Pattern
Baby Pumpkin Crochet Beanie Pattern

Dress your little one up this Halloween by crocheting a pumpkin beanie. This is for the newborns zero to three months old. It makes for a great gift if you know someone who is expecting around Halloween. This free crochet pattern is a breeze to make and will protect your little goblin's head from the autumn chill. Every baby deserves to look its best this Halloween, and even if he or she is too young to be in costume, this crochet pumpkin beanie will be an adorable topper to any orange outfit.

This is the perfect crochet hat pattern to make for a newborn so they're warm and toasty in the fall. It doesn't get much cuter than a pumpkin craft designed to keep your baby or grandbaby's head warm all season long. Not only will they look adorable in this free crochet hat pattern, they'll be the most fashionable baby on the block.

Finished SizeNewborn (0-3 months)

Materials List

  • Size I-9 (5.5 mm) hook
  • 1 oz green worsted weight yarn
  • 2 oz orange worsted weight yarn
  • Yarn needle



Using orange, ch 25.

  1. Row 1: hdc in BL of 3rd ch from hook, and in each st across, ch 2, turn. (23 hdc)

  2. Rows 2-23: hdc in BL of each st across, ch 2, turn.

  3. Row 24: hdc in BL of each st across, ch 1, turn.

  4. Joining both ends, sl st down entire length of hat through both sides, fasten off and weave in ends.


  1. Using green yarn, join with sc at top of hat near back seam.

  2. Sc evenly around (about 24 sc), do not join. When you arrive back at your 1st sc, begin sc2tog continuously around, until 4-5 stitches remain.

  3. Now, sc in each st around for about 6 rounds so that you create a 1-1 ½” stem. Fasten off, tuck tail inside hat, and weave in ends.


  1. Using green, ch 20.

  2. Work 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ST to end. Fasten off.

  3. Using starting and ending tails, tie the vine between any 2 stitches on stem. See photo for suggested placement.

Note: You can adjust the pattern in the following ways:

  1. Crochet leaf instead of vine.

  2. Use red yarn to make an apple, blue yarn for a blueberry, etc.


back loop
half double crochet
single crochet
single crochet 2 together (decrease)
slip stitch

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How do I get this free pattern?! I have given my email, followed all the links, etc. Web site keeps going in circles and never gives my the pattern!

Perfect project for Halloween. Mommy will be happy if you give baby this in time to wear on Trick or Treat night. I can't wait to do this. This is also a great project to make for sale.

This baby pumpkin hat reminds me of when my boy was a baby celebrating his first Halloween. He was too young for a costume, but I still wanted him to look cute and festive. So I made him a hat. But, THIS hat is super adorable! What a neat pattern!

I can't believe I found this today. I was thinking of making pumpin outfits for my three month old twin grandsons. Just hats and diaper covers. I could not find any patterns. Then I saw this. I am so happy and excited. I will have both sets done by tomorrow night. You really saved this grandma. Thank you so much.

Beautiful work love it

I love to knit and crochet, but I'm not able to undertake big projects that take months to finish, so this is perfect for me! Also, I'd like to make these because I have a grandson and granddaughter that would look so cute in these!

Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern! I've made a couple from it for baby shower gifts and it's a huge hit 3

What is the gauge for this project?

I just made three of these hats for my granddaughters aged 2 months, 7 months and three years. It only took me a few hours to make each one. I made adjustments to the pattern to make the larger sizes. I measured around their heads and made the orange rectangle the exact size if their heads. I made the chain longer for the 7 month and 3 year old. I love this pattern. The hats are adorable.

Im not too great at crochet yet, but I need to make it larger for my son hes 9 months but has a little noggin. how do I make it larger, I know you just add more but is there a specific number you need to make it work?

Hi there, I have contacted the pattern designer and will provide a response as soon as I have more information. Thanks!

I seem to be the only one who is having a problem with this pattern. I chained 25 and followed the above directions. Once I get to row 24 I essentially have a square. Using the slip stitch to join both ends just folds it in half. Either way a 25 chain isn't large enough to fit a childs head. What am I missing?? Help

Hi there - You may need to increase your gauge or use bulkier yarn. This hat is meant for a very small baby so it's possible you may need to make the hat a bit bigger. Thanks! - Julia from FaveCrafts

I had the same problem. I just made more rows until it was the right size.

Do you have any larger versions of this pattern? I was asked to make a pumpkin head hat for an adult. I can try to manipulate this one, but if you or anyone already has, I'm not afraid to ask for help! Thanks

I would love to have instructions for an adult version of this hat! If there is one, could you please post it? Thank You!

i am going to give this to my fathers partners preemie daughter soooo cute

For some reason I am having problems making the stem. I get to the last 4 stitches and I'm not sure where to go from there to make the stem. In which stitches do I SC?

When you go to make your stem use the front stitch. It pulls the stitch up making the stem. Hope that helps

So cute ! My friends baby due in two weeks.

i am going to make one for my son due also in two weeks

my son is due in 2 weeks also,this is a must make

sry deborahwells46 my daughter got on and copied my reply soo cute haha

I loved this pattern and used it as the inspiration for my own pumpkin hats. If you would like to see a visual step-by-step of how to construct this hat, you can check out my blog post:

Maybe its just me but I followed the pattern to the T and it just looks to small even for a newborn... Maybe my babies just had big heads I don't know

I would suggest adding more rows of hdc than the pattern recommends!

To make this same beanie for an older baby, I suggest using a bigger hook but using the same directions. That should work to make it bigger for an older baby or child, J, K or bigger depending on the size of the child's head!

it very appealing too and try to put 2 strands of orange together with it for a youthful pattern idea because I have made the alternative crochet beanie and knit loolks so attractive to me that it was missing crocheted.

Made these for triplets who were born in Sept. Made the apples, in different colors, red, yellow, light green. Also the pumpkins. They loved them in the hospital!! Since they were preemies, I made them with a smaller crochet hook to make them smaller.

Can this pattern be used to make and sell the finished hat?

I love this pattern. It was very easy to follow, and the finished product was great. I sewed up the bottom and made the cutest pumpkins ever. Thank you for this pattern

I saw this pattern and just had to make it! It was quick and the new father I gave it to thought it was adorable. So do I.

I've crocheted for over 40 yrs., but for some reason I cannot get the vine to curl like the photo by following the pattern, which by the way is adorable. What am I doing wrong?

This is so cute. I can't wait to make this for my little one!!!

I plan to make this for my granddaughter who is 6 mo. Will it fit her as is, or should I enlarge it in someway? If so,would just using a larger hook be enought, or would I add to my foundation chain? If so, now much? Thanks so much!

Love this pattern!!! Super cute and easy to make.

okay i thought i left a comment on how i enlarged this hat to fit a 2 year old but i also made a mistake in the count. Anyway i chained 30 and did approx 50 rows to make a hat that was approx 20" around and 8 1/2 inches in lenght not including the stem nor having it rowed up. I did also add an extra sc row when starting the green too. Turned out really cute! I used red heart soft yarn and same crochet hook as suggested.

I made this for my 2 year old granddaughter. I chained 30 giving me 28hdc and about 28 rows. It turned out to be 8 1/2 in length not including the stem and not rolled up and about 20" around. I did one extra row of sc in the green at the beginning of the round I crochet loosely Maybe this will help those wanting to make their hat bigger. It is a great pattern!

sweet mommy - just do more chains to make the row longer. then do more rows to fit around the child's head.

I want to make one for my 1 year old and one for my 5 year can I do that? Please email me at Thanks!

Do you know the brands and colors of yarn you used? I want to try and buy them to make this-thanks!!!

Any mother that would like to dress her baby in this adorable beanie should do so without worrying what anyone else thinks.

to beanie babe You need to join the cap with the rows going up and down . think of it as if u are working sideways not up and down.

I've made this twice and it is truly adorable. the only problem I ran into was the size. It is very tiny and would not fit the 2 month old I made it for.

my lines are horizontal instead of vertical. What did I do wrong? And it looks more like a cone instead of round. :( Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

This is an adorable hat and I would absolutely have my baby wear it. If I saw it on another baby, I would smile and tell the parent how cute it is.

I would definitely use this pattern, but as a Halloween decoration. It is just too cute.

This is a great pattern that works up quickly. I already used it to make a strawberry hat adding pointed edges to the top section and Scribbles gel paint for the seeds.

This hat is so cute, I think I will make one for my 6 mo. old greatgrandson

I LOVE this pattern! I made one for my nephew born last October & everyone loved it so much that I ended up making several more for other children in the family, including a larger one for a teenager! :)

I made this beanie last year for a Yarn Ball (a fundraiser hosted by Three Rivers Crochet in Pittsburgh to raise funds for 2 charities). It was fun to make and not at all difficult to make.

Three generations of babies at our househave been called "pumpkin". Three generations have loved hats. Our little pumpkins will love this hat!

I would totally do this...Maybe I'll try and enlarge it for big people :-)

I would definitely make this pumpkin hat! Every year I knit a couple pumpkin looking hats, along with a couple in the colors of candy corn, and donate to local hospital for their newborns in October and November.

I would and will definitely crochet this rather than knit another one because it looks like it's so fast to make I bet it will fly off your hook!

I have a friend in my guild who volunteers at the local hospital and she made these for all of the babies born in oct . too cute

I saw it last year and made 4 in diff sizes. Italy loves them!!!

I've made 2, a newborn and one for an older child. They're just plain cute! I used varigated yarn for both the pumpkin and the stem/vine. They're really fast to do and easy.

I crocheted this adorable hat for my great niece who was born 2 days before Halloween! A cute little pumpkin wearing a cute little pumpkin hat....why not? It was a big hit!

love the hat would make the hat

I have made a couple of these. Very easy and turn out really cute!

My daughter made one for a friend and once everyone saw it she was overwhelmed with request to make more. She has made some to look like apples with leaves and used football team colors in place of the orange and green....even the men was asking for them. Cute pattern and greatly appreciated!!!!

I made two of these. One for a premie born in August; the nurses dressed her up for Halloween. She wasn't due until Thanksgiving last year and she was still in NICU, but spending time outside her isolette at Halloween. Her parents were thrilled with the cap. The 2nd one I made for my daughter, 30, who loves Halloween... so I stuffed the cap, continued stitching, and made a stuffed pumpkin for her house!

I made the newborn size and a larger one for my 4 yo grandson. His head is almost as large as an adult. The increases I made were chained 31 stitches and made 18 ridges (36 rows). Also used an I crochet hook. When closing the top, I used orange yarn for the first row of decreases, then switched to green. There were more than 24 sc stitches (didn't count but I don't think it matters). I just did a whole row of decreases - sc2tog.

I will definitely make this, I used to make a top knot style knit in the round pumpkin hat, but crocheting is so much faster, and this way I get the ridges too.

I could not put a pumpkin or other vegetable or "creature" on a child's head. What happens when the child gets older and sees photos of how he or she was dressed?? We this have an adverse effect on the child? I would be concerned that it would. My daughter (grown) will not allow me to set out photos of her in some outfits and with some hair styles of younger years. She does not like them and doesn't want anyone to view them. GeorgiaAnn Fruen Aeverman

yes, I will make this... my grandson's birthday is Halloween and each year I look for new pumpkins to add to his growing collection

YES ! this is a keeper ! ! this little pumpkin will go so well with my husbands the Great Pumpkin Costume they will be so cute together.

My grandbaby will be even more precious in this hat. I'm also going to make a handful to donate to the hospital for all those Halloween babies! It is a hat that makes you smile just to look at it.

I just got done making this hat (took me about 3 hours). It is super cute!!! I am pregnant with my first and we are due around October 27th, so this will be perfect for my little pumpkin :-)

Just made this adorable hat and it only took me 2 hours on a rainy afternoon! Now I just have to find a cute little pumpkin to give it to.

There were many questions about a pattern for a larger size. Is there an answer and where would I find it?

I am going to give this one a try as well. Someone posted they got it done in 3 hours. This is my kind of project!!!

Kathy, When is says sc2tog it means you are joining two stitches and making them into one, thus decreasing the size. You put your hook in the stitch, pull up a loop, put it in the next stitch, pull up a loop, yarn over and draw through all three loops on hook. Decrease made. In essence, you're doing half of a single crochet the first time. That is the way you decrease other stitches too. You only do half of the called for stitch the first time before putting your hook in the next stitch. Hope this helps. Better late than never.

I did this hat in about 3 hours or so, and it turned out wonderfully! I'm expecting my baby in February, but I couldn't resist making this right now. I'm weird enough that I don't think the time of year matters when the baby wears it, though I think autumn is obviously the best! Great pattern!

HELP, I,m new at crocheting and I am trying to make the pumpkin beanie. I got as far asbegin sc2tog does that mean you put 2 sc in 1 stitch. and then it says sc for aaaaaabout 6 rounds so that you creat a 1-11/2 " stem. I surwly didn't get a stem wwhat went wrong. Please Help me. Kathy at

For anyone wanting to make a larger hat - If you search for the original pattern (top of page): and compare pictures 3 and 4, you can see roughtly how many 'ridges' there are on the different sizes - maybe a process of trial and error to make larger for older child?

Reply to teslanoble message of Sept 19 2010: - I have replied to you direct, but copied here also just in case someone else has the same question. I think that where it says to weave in the end of the stem it actually means the end of your remaining yarn, not the end of the crocheted stem itself - so just thread the 'tail-end' of stem yarn into a large needle and weave it in and out of same colour stitches to hide it away, securely. Hope that makes sense Di

This is so cute! Is there a pattern on how to make it bigger....for a toddler or adult sizes?

I love this pattern, I did have to add a few more stitches to make it a bit bigger, my nephew is a big boy, 10 months. I did chain 30 with 28 hdc, repete same instructions for total of 28 and same instructions for the top. I think this is so adorable. Thank you for sharing this pattern.

Soooooo cute! Is there a pattern to increase the size to fit a 9 month old?

This is darling. Could you give me a sizing for a one year old. Would like to make it for my great granddaughter.

how do you weave the end of the stem together? if someone knows pls email me at thanks :D

SO freakin cute!! I hope I understand the pattern!!

The Baby Pumpkin Crochet Beanie is so cute. I am new to crocheting and was wondering what size needle to use. Thanks.

I made this hat and I think it's adorable! My little one isn't here yet so I can't say about size but it looks like it should be perfect comparing it to the other hats I have.

So Cute and easy.. I made one following the pattern and then made one bigger for my 2 year old...Very cute

What size hook did you use?

Dear Crafter 9928245 (looking for a leaf pattern) I used Lion Brand pattern FALL FOLIAGE FELTED WREATH pattern. I used regular worsted yarn with a H hook. I made this pattern but made adjustments for a smaller size. I would suggest making the pattern as is and then make your adjustments on the next leaf. I used a F hook for a smaller leaf. I put two leaves on the top of the hat.Priscilla

Can someone furnish (or direct me to) a leaf pattern to use instead of the vine???

Is there anyway to upload our finished project to show to others? Just curious. This looks like a cute and easy pattern that I would like to do..Thanks

This little pumpkin hat turned out really cute. It was very easy and quick to make.


What size crochet hook was used? Does WW mean "Worsted Weight"?

I closed one end,stuffed it and crocheted the stem for a decoration. Looks great! Thanks,ls

Love Love Love this hat. I used Bernat Satin yarn and it turned out perfectly. My baby girl was born on Halloween and it suited her very well!


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