Cozy Earmuff and Scarf Set for a Knitting Board

Cozy Earmuff and Scarf Set for a Knitting Board


There's no need to fear the cold when you have this free knitting pattern from Authentic Knitting Board on your side!  This Cozy Earmuff and Scarf Set is not only great for chilly days - it's stylish too! This set is made using a knitting board.

Size: Both muff and scarf fits most. Easy to
adjust earmuff length

Scarf is 3” wide X 24” not counting strings.
Muff is 4” wide at widest ear point and 20”
long (large). This length measurement should
be from the bottom of one ear across the head
to the bottom of other ear, for a custom fit.
Make adjustments on the amount of rows knit
between the ear circles. (see note in pattern)


  • Stitches: Stockinette and Rib
  • Yarn: Noro, 1 hank for both pieces

Gauge: 3 sts=1” 3.5 rows=1”
Increase Rows for the earmuff:
Move the outer 2 loops over 1 needle so that
the 3rd needle is empty. Do this to both
boards and at both ends. Increase from the
inside stitch to the empty needle.
Decrease Rows for the earmuff:
Lift the 3rd loop and place on the next inside
stitch. Move the first loops over to close in the
empty needle. Do this to both boards at both

Let’s knit up our little EARMUFF.
Cast On 6 stitches in Stockinette. Lay anchor yarn of bulky scrap yarn over stitches.
Ear of Muff:
Work 1 row in Stockinette stitch.
*Work 1 increase row.
*Work 1 row in Stockinette stitch.
Repeat these 2 * rows until you have the entire 16 stitches and the tadpole is full. You
are ending with a regular stockinette row.
Start the Decrease section.
# Work 1 decrease row.
# Work 1 row in Stockinette stitch.
Repeat these 2 # rows until you have 6 stitches left on the board and you end with a
regular stockinette row.
Creating the length of band between the ear muffs:
Work the remaining 6 stitches in Rib stitch. The amount of rows depends on how long
you want the total muff to be.
Recommended: sm (22 rows), med (26 rows), large (30 rows).
Creating a Tie for each end of Muff:
Decrease the first 2 stitches on both ends of board by laying the first loop onto the 2nd
needle. Work row.
Repeat this decrease row so that you have only the center 2 loops remaining on both
Work these 2 stitches by weaving in a basic 8 weave. Hook over.
Continue working these 2 stitches until your Tie is as long as you want or aprox 10” long.
Bind off by knitting the 2 together and tying a knot. Cut yarn.
Now, the other Tie at the cast on stitches:
Place the beginning end of knitting back between the boards from the bottom and
replace these 6 stitches back onto the board. You will have 6 loops on each board
directly across from each other. Remove the anchor yarn. Tie on the working yarn at
beginning of row at the yarn tail end.
Repeat the process for ‘Creating a Tie for each end of Muff”. (above)
Your ear muff is complete.

Cast on 10 stitches in Stockinette stitch. Lay anchor yarn of bulky scrap yarn.
Work in Rib stitch for 90 rows.
When scarf is as long as desired, you will reduce the 10 stitches to 4.
Place loop 1 onto needle 2. Place loop 3 onto needle 4. Continue across until you have
5 needles covered on each board. Shift the double loops over to close in the empty
needles. Weave in stockinette and hook over.
Place loop 3 onto needle 4. Shift the loops over to eliminate the empty needle.
Weave the 4 stitches in stockinette.
The first 2 loops will be Tie 1 and the second 2 loops will be Tie 2.
Tie on the back end of yarn hank to the 2nd set of loops. (if preferred, slip the 2nd set of
loops onto a holder and work one set at a time)
Work the 2 strings with separate working yarns just as you did for the ear muff.
Once the Ties are approximately 6-8” long, decrease the 2 loops together and knot yarn.
Cut yarn. If desired, you can add some fun beads to the ends before tying the knots.
Otherwise, simply pull the yarn tail into the knitted tie with your crochet hook.
Place cast-on end of scarf with anchor yarn between the boards from the board bottom.
Place the 6 stitches back onto the needles so that there are 6 loops on each board
directly across from the other board.
Tie on the working yarn and complete the 2 ties as you did the first set.
You may add some matching beads to ends of ties, if desired. Otherwise, pull yarn tails
into the strings to complete.

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On look up Snow Trails Ear Warmers by Jennifer Payne. Take that pattern and make one. Then you'll know how to modify it to knit this. Not hard to do if you know how to increase and decrease.

Love the look of this pattern! Want to make it!! But it's made using a knitting board! How about instructions for the other 99% of us using regular knitting needles! Please!!!! Thanks.

No needle size given.

What size needles were used for this pattern?

I like the pattern for the Cozy Earmuffs and Scarf Set, but what is the needle sizae for this pattern. You list gauge, yarn etc. but not a needle size. Thanks

What is the needle size for the earmuff and scarf set. Yarn is basically a worsted weight. Thanks.

don't understand the tadpole in this pattern please help

I, too, would love it if it was translated to regular knitting! The board is too confusing for me.

Is this a pattern for a knitting board? If so, it needs to say on title...I wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out what it was talking about. I love the earmuffs and wish the pattern was translated into regular knitting...


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