Crochet Square Curtains Pattern

Crochet Square Curtains Pattern

It's time to redecorate your living room with some fantastic curtains from Bernat Yarns. Use this easy crochet square curtains pattern to give your room a new look. It's chic and modern, you'll love the final result.

22½ x 41½ ins [57 x 105.5 cm] (excluding tabs).


  • Bernat® Handicrafter® Crochet Cotton (400 g / 14 oz)
  • (00500 White) 2 balls makes 3 panels.
  • Size 1.80 mm (U.S. 6) steel crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge.

GAUGE: 33 dc and 15 rows = 4 ins [10 cm]

1st row: 1 dc in 4th ch from hook. 1 dc in each of next 31 ch. *(Ch 2. Miss next 2 ch. 1 dc in next ch) 11 times**. 1 dc in each of next 33 ch. Rep from * to end of chain, ending at **. 198 sts.

Work 2nd to 22nd rows of Chart, reading RS rows from right to left and WS rows from left to right.
Rep 1st to 22nd rows of Chart 6 times more, then 1st to 11th rows once. Do not fasten off.

Edging: Ch 1. Work in sc evenly around outer edge of curtain, having 2 sc in corners. Join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off.

First Tab: 1st row: With RS facing, join yarn with sl st in first sc in top corner of curtain. **Ch 3 (counts as dc). 1 dc in each of next 15 sc. Turn. 16 dc.
2nd row: Ch 3 (counts as dc). 1 dc in each dc to end of row. Turn.
Rep last row until tab measures 3 ins [7.5 cm]. Fasten off.**

Second to Fifth Tabs: With RS of work facing, miss next 21 sc. Join yarn with sl st to next sc. Rep from ** to ** as given for First Tab.

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I am going to try adapting this pattern as toppers for a dresser, bureau and bedside table. Real modern-looking. Wish me luck!

I am not clear what to do for the WS rows. Do you start with the DC, skip 2 ch then CH2? Do you start the DC in the 4th ch from the hook? Thanks

@2day 0810178, We suggest posting on on one of our sister site's (AllFreeKnitting) Facebook page; the link is here: Perhaps a fellow knitter can help you transform this free crochet patterin into a knitting pattern! --Editor of FaveCrafts

I really like this crocheted curtain.....but alas, I do not crochet... I am a wondering if this could be changed into a knitting pattern. Would anyone have an idea how to transform this pattern? thank you.

I so wish you had pics of the items that could be clicked on to get detail so we could actually see what it looks like close up.

These are wonderful curtains. I plan on using them in my bathroom. Love the pattern.

These curtains look like they would be neat and give any room a new look, and would be cute in pastels.

Kvhpkh, RS = right side or front WS = wrong side or back

What does RS and WS mean?


These curtain panels are beautiful....I have been looking forever for crochet curtains...what I am really looking for are kitchen drapes...can anyone help? I would appreciate any curtain patterns that are available for free. Thanks to anyone who can help.

I do not do charts either would love to have this pattern in plain english or at least some curtain pattern does any one ave a suggestion

This is really pretty, but I have trouble following a chart. They are really confusing to me. I would rather have the pattern written out.

For stichincindi..........increase your chain by 10 chains until you have the lengthwidth you need. this typically works with all patterns.

love the pattern

How much lovelier can lovelier get? These are absolutely beautiful. Surely well worth the try and besides I like working from a chart.

Very pretty.

I like this pattern alot. For anyone looking for yarns to make this project Herschners is a great place to get Size 10 cotton crochet thread. They sell it in many brands including 2400 yard spools. I have seen 1000 yrd balls locally also at our craft store Michaels. As to those wanting to increase the pattern to fit different size windows, be aware that when you make it wider and longer it is going to pull and may effect the look of the pattern.

I just made this curtain and it is really simple I used a size G hook and cotton thread comes on a large spool That increased the width to s and I just continued the pattern until I got the length I needed To Crafter ANGEL Cheeks did you gave the wrong info I only chained then followed directions I did dc in next sts dc in th ch dc then The Key on the chart represents the filled in sq dc which is dc in next sts dc x sqs page is designed to show the pattern The blank squares Ch skip next sts dc in next ch I ended up the first row with dc Key dc and spaces Key dc ch Another thing I do is use an excel spreadsheet to copy the pattern This way I can see what the finished project will look like and canRead More use colored squares to see what the color will look like It also helps me increase or decrease and still get the correct effect

If you can't afford the materials for full size curtains then just use 2 or 4 squares in length as a border for a sheer or opaque sheer on the window. this could be used as an edging or applique at the top or bottom of the curtain. I have some white on white curtains in my bathroom which would look nice at the window with this added- light shines through and would add interest. could use any color....

I am new at this but would like to try I need each panel to be 12inches by 58 long any suggestion how to change pattern thanks Y

To Crafter 2216202 After you do the 400 chain, you follow the row 1 sequence. After the first row you follow the pattern for the next 22 rows. An example would be Row 2 3 DC in the next 11 stitches, 1 DC, ch 2 in the next 11 stitches, repeat to the end of the row (This will give you 5 DC pattern areas and 4 1DC and ch 2 areas) Row 3 1 DC, ch 2 for the same area as in row 2, the 3 DC in the same area as row 1. Repeat the rows as the pattern indicates until you have finished. I hope this helped you figure it out. Good Luck

I do know yarn and cotton are more expensive in certain areas. for instance I was on Vancouver Island a couple of years ago and I wondered how those folks could afford to knit out there?! It was very expensive compared to me here in Cambridge Ontario Canada. We have places like Listowel - where they make Bernat and other yarns and they have a tent sale several times a year. It helps to have a friend who can buy at a sale for you and send it out.

I just wanted the woman who commented on cost that eBay is a great source for yarns at GREAT prices. You can use any cotton--one vendor ships 10g yarn from Egypt..sometimes with no shipping. It's great.

Hi, I am new to this site and not an extremely experienced crocheter. I do know the basic stitches. I am confused to the pattern and the Key that is below. I don't see anywhere where it says 3 DC in one sc, but yet the key shows that. Can anyone explain this to me?

to sbtoll1 about supplies -- I think you might want to try size 10 crochet cotton instead of the heavier yarn listed in the supplies list. You can get a ball of it for under $5 I think. It will make a lacier curtain, wheras the handicrafter cotton yarn would make a heavier one (but still pretty). It depends on the decor in the room where your curtain will be hanging. You might not get everything for under $5, but close.

StitchinCindi look wher it says INSTRUCTIONS 200 Ch (this means chain 200 then start your crochet. Moat patterns tell you ho many to chain a the very top or very beginning of pattern.

You can use any Size 10 crochet thread. There are lots of colors available for under $3. They may have considered you already have the hook. If you have a 5 or 7, the gauge will not be that far off. This is a great pattern for those of us that prefer a more modern look and it also has a Native American look. It would make a nice table runner or dresser scarf. It is my next project - in Burgundy. It could be double across by starting with a 400 chain or made longer by just continuing the pattern to the length you want.

I am relatively new to crocheting and could also use help regarding making these in a larger size. My windows are approx. 35.5" x 55" - I could make them larger than that and they would still look good, I think, so is it just easier to double the height and width of the pattern? I have no experience in adjusting patterns - any help would be appreciated. Thanks -)

I love this pattern, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me the "count" of the starting ch? I need to do them in a different size and not sure how to adjust the starting ch. Thanks for any and all help. Sincerely, Cindi

I can't find the supplies for this project for anywhere near the under $5.00 price stated. Steel crochet hook alone is $1.99, and price for Bernat yarn is $10-plus per ball. What am I missing, here?

Very nice pattern for windows I also think they would be pretty in different colors to suit room decor. I'll be making them for my windows!!!

This is a very versatile pattern. It has a "minimal" feel to it. These curtains would look nice in a kitchen with nothing else added. These could also be very feminine in a bedroom with silk floral accessories added. So many crafty ideas but so little time...

I LOVE this pattern!! I have been looking for something contemporary and modern, and not too fussy to crochet, for my windows!! This will be perfect for them!! I can't wait to get started making them!!


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