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Wooden Bangle Bracelets Video

Spice up your look with help from this Wooden Bangle Bracelet Video. You… More

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Transfer Artist Paper Video

Ever wondered how to use Transfer Artist Paper? Don't know what Transfer… More

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How to Make a Sing Loud Canvas

Whether you have the voice of an angel or you have a tendency to shatter… More

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TeaCup Blog Hop Video

This TeaCup Blog Hop Video features a variety of fantastic videos. This… More

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Vintage Aleene's Look of Copper Enamel Earrings…

Make awesome jewelry crafts with this free craft tutorials. This Vintage… More

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Speaking of Color Values

Expand your understanding of the use of color. Speaking of Color Values is… More

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Painting on Tissue Video

Love to paint? Want to learn more? Check out this free craft video!… More

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Floral Painted Pumpkin

"Up your fall decor game this year with this DIY floral painted pumpkin! I… More

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ScoreBoards by Sizzix Teacup Blog Hop Video

This ScoreBoards by Sizzix - Teacup Blog Hop Video shows off fantastic… More

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How to Create a Bloomin' Pen Set Video

Celebrate the most fabulous season by watching this How To Create a… More

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How to Decorate a Frame with Salted Glue Painting

Boring frames are a dime a dozen. Learn how to decorate a frame with… More

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That's Too Cool! Foil Frame Video

The title says it all - this craft tutorial will have you cheering! This… More

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How to Make Bright Button Clothespins

Use acrylic inks to add a colorful touch to plain buttons. Learn how to… More

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Makin's Clay Mixed Media

Use clay for a mixed media project! Watch this video to learn how to make… More

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How to Create a Whimsical Fabric and Wire Flower

Floral craft ideas are a fun way to celebrate spring. Grab your favorite… More

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