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Craft Projects by Maria Nerius

• Sunbonnet Crafts (Spring '93) Homebound Angel
• Wearable Wonders (3/93) Heavenly Helene, Sewer's Brooch
• Wearable Crafts (10/93) Ghost Pins
• Quick & Easy Crafts (12/93) Lighted Snowman
• AMACO (5/93) Wild Bird, Spools of Color
• Wearable Crafts (12/93) Teacher’s Jewelry w/Gift Bag, Apple Jewelry w/Gift Bag, Gingerbread Jewelry w/Gift Bag, Thread Jewelry w/Gift Bag, Sponged Gift Tags for All Occasions
• Wearable Crafts (2/94) Gingerbread Pins
• PI (1993) Dove’s Home, Bunny in Pink, Bunny Centerpiece, Ladybug Barrette, Fresh from the Garden, Garden Bunny Pin, Funny Bunny Jewelry, Chick Friends
• Quick and Easy Crafts (2/94) Valentine Wreath
• Sunbonnet Crafts (Fall '93) Lighted Angel
• Quick and Easy Crafts (3/94) Doll
• Quick and Easy Crafts (4/94) Cake Topper
• Wearable Crafts (4/94) Good Hair Day
• Crafts 'N Things (4/94) Bunnies in the Garden, Rabbit with Carrots
• PI (1993) Watering Can Centerpiece, Headed for the Garden Pin, Bunny Family and Friends, Watching the Corn Grow, We Gather Together, Ghostly Necklace Set, Friendly Witch Next Door, Mummy and Family
• Crafts 'N Things (11/93) Friendly Snowman, Pa and Ma Reindeer
• Crafts 'N Things (2/94) On Pins and Needles, Sewer's Wreath
• Crafts 'N Things (3/94) Bunny in the Garden, Bunny Pair, Just a Bunch of Carrots
• Doll World (4/94) Whispering Waters
• Crafts 'N Things (4/94) Pin Cushion Doll, Sewing Pin
• Wearable Crafts (4/94) Seashore Pin
• Quick and Easy Crafts (4/94) Bunnies Wreath
• Quick and Easy Craft (6/94) Mary had a Little Lamb
• Wearable Crafts (8/94) Ghostly Necklace and Earrings
• Quick and Easy Crafts (8/94) Boo Wreath, Mummy Set
• Quick and Easy Crafts Special (10/94) Clothespin Angel
• Quick and Easy Crafts (12/94) Wizard
• Quick and Easy Crafts Christmas Special (10/94) Pearly Gates
• Wearable Crafts (10/94) Ghostly Trio
• Quick and Easy Crafts (1/95) Hop and Bop Bunny Couple, Bunny Garden
• Craft’s ‘N Things (10/94) Yo-Yo Angel and Gift Bag
• Wearable Crafts (2/95) Silk Pins
• Quick and Easy Crafts (3/95) Baby’s Sleeping
• RSG (6/93) Sunflowers in the Sun, Angel Fish in Yellow, Moon and Stars, Textures with Salt, Mood Swings, Strange Shapes in the Dark, Just Having Fun
• Quick and Easy Crafts (6/95) All Season Angel.
• Press Day (94) Children’s Christmas Tree, Glistening Angels, Angels on High, Fairies on the Tree, Sugar Plum Fairies, Christmas Candy Garland
• Crafts N Things (2/95) Sewing Wreath Pin
• Decorative Painting Digest (3/95) Decorated Hose
• DO (1995) Izzy Marie, Megan, Sarah, Annie, Barbara, Elizabeth, Wanda, Carol, Beth, AJ, Jamie, Beau, Randy, Billy Bob, Samsters, Jimmy-Jamz, Max, Brad, Hare Pin, Mitzy, Bitzy, TolLee, Mary-Jo, Friends Pin, Friends Necklace, Hare Necklace, Wagon of Hares, Wagon of Friends, Gardening Wagon, Wagon of Goodies, Wagon for You, The Carrot Patch
• Ad-tech (3/94) Feathery Light Angel
• Quick and Easy Crafts (12/95) Lighted Penguin
• PI (1995) Whimsical Wreath of Gold, Angel for All Seasons, Dizzy Izzy Clothespin Angels, Angel Folk Band, Joyful Noise, Starry Angel Shelf
• Crafts ‘N Things (11/95) Cooking Gingerbread & Santa Ornament
• Aleene’s Creative Living Magazine (9/94) Embossed Shower Invitations, Brass Template Ornament for Baby’s First Christmas, Baby Tips Cards, Baby’s Box
• Aleene’s Creative Living Magazine (10/94) Hair Dos and Don’ts
• Aleene’s Creative Living (10/94) Jewelry Sets with Yarn
• Press Day (95) Framed Press Florals, Candle Forest, This and That Candle Set, Sunrise Tie Dye T-shirts, Clowning Around PJ Sack, Falling Leaves Silk Scarf, Sunflower Sunset Silk Scarf, Picnic Set, Garden Candle, Light as a Feather Angel
• Kunin Felt (6/94) Gingerbread Couple, Reindeer Randy, Mitten Madness, Snowman Jam, Snowy Ornament
• Kunin Felt (8/94) Reindeer Stocking
• Aleene’s Creative Living (3/95) Yo Yo Tie
• Handicraft Illustrated Fabric Paint Testing (1/96)
• Women’s Day Silk Scarves (12/95)
• Crafts Magazine (9/95) Beeswax Candles
• Quick and Easy Crafts (9/95) Scary Kitty, Funny Pumpkin
• PI (1994) Wreath of Gold, Fun in the Forest
• RSG (7/94) Shark Infested Waters, Science Project Explosion, A is for Apples, Hanging By A Thread, Yell Fore!, Button of a Different Color, Little Ol’ Pumpkin Patch, Crayons For Play, Deep Ocean Depths, Pearls and Lace
• Quick and Easy Crafts (5/95) June Bride
• Kraftco (7/95) Beeswax Candles for Children Kit
• Offary (11/95) Ribbon Flowers are Fun
• Janlyn (11/95) Basic Step By Step Silk Ribbon Flowers
• COMOTION (11/95) Party Hearty
• Ad-tech (5/95) Reindeer, Snowman for Crafting in the 90’s
• Aleene’s Creative Living (8/95) Too Pretty for the Closet, Yo Yo Hanger, Battenburg Lace Hanger, Mom’s Buttons Hanger, Button Candles
• Painting (8/95) Elf Pin
• Handcraft Illustrated (2/96) Embossing Techniques
• Quick and Easy Crafts: (12/95) Lighted Penguin
• Classic Elite (6/93) Paper Angel Heaven
• Delta (6/95) Yo Yo Picnic Set
• Aleene’s Creative Living (6/95) Pressed Flowers and Beeswax Frames, Beeswax Candles and More, Watermelon Picnic Set
• Aleene’s Creative Living (9/95) Tie of Circles, Starry Tie Tack, Heart Tie Tack, Pretty Button and Bows, Yarn Necklace with Beads, Santa on the Tree
• HIA (12/95) Friendship Angels for NCM
• WINK-TV (10-95) Ribbon Roses, SRE Sachets
• Classic Elite (1/95) Folded Angel, Bookmark Doll, Fancy Angel Pin, Folk Paper Cherub
• WTVT TV (11-95) Pumpkin Patch Fun, Mummy Plant Stick, Mummy Pin, Fall Candles
• Quick and Easy Crafts (12/95) Penguin Delight
• WFTS TV (11/95) Marbleized Ornaments, Crazy Barrettes, Holiday Terra Cotta
• Crafts ‘N Things (1/96) Holiday Family
• Classic Elite (6/95) Freckled Francey, Bonnie Bee, Pigtail Patsy, Ponytail Pam, Three Sisters, Folk Kid Couple, Santa’s Having a Ball of Fun
• Ad-tech (1/96) Mother Nature in Her Place
• Ad-tech (12/96)Flower Jewelry Box with Matching Jewelry Set
• WFTS TV (2/96) Kiss Posey, Rolled Candle Pillars, Jelly Bean Hair Clip, New Craft Product Review, Baskets To Fill, Framing Fun with Buttons, Candle Holders from the Thrift Shop, Beaded Boxes
• DO (11/95) Friendly Beaded Spider in Golden Web
• Commotion (11/95) Stamping Good Fun Birthday Celebration
• Pack O Fun (2/96) Bees and Candles. Aleene’s Creative Living (3/96) Honeywax in the Summer, Guest Candles, Western Frame, Cat’s Meow Pin
• Aleene’s Creative Living (3/96) Button Box, Egg Cuties, Sea Shell Hair Hook-up, Yo-Yo Wreath for Summer
• Aleene’s Creative Living (3/96) Snowflake Sally, Sweet Dreams, Foral Fantasy
• Aleene’s Creative Living (4/96) Tea for You, Crafting On-Line, Funky Favors, Gone Fishin’
• Honeywax (4/96) Honeywax in the Summertime, Confetti Guest Candles
• Aleene’s Creative Living (5/96) Americana Lamps, Bouncing Baby Booties
• Aleene’s Creative Living (5/96) Cat’s Meow, Western Frame. Crafting in the 90’s PBS (6/96) Home Decor in a Day, Pillows and More, Decorated Tissue Box, Rose Tie-Backs, Victorian Sachet, Santa Stocking, Snowman Stocking, Dove Guest Book, Mom’s Vest, Daughters Matching Vest, Bags and Books, Vineyard Plant Holder, Garden Door Hanger, Hat Box and Butterfly, Teacher’s Pet, Rose is a Rose, Ribbon Gold Angel, Guest Lamp, Kitchen Towels, Guest Bath Towels. Aleene’s Creative Living (6/96) Tiffany’s Angel, Mummy and Spooky Friends, Floral Cart, Mom’s Take Out, Kid’s Key Chain, Finger Rings, Wrist Pin Cushions, Button Jars, All Occasion Cards, Icicle Snowman, Victorian Tote. Aleene’s Creative Living (8/96) Floral Round Mirror
• Dried Florals Reflected, Falling Leaves Mirror, Holiday Reflects, Flower Fairies, Spiced Reindeer, Guest Towels Made Easy, Simple Pillows, Terra Cotta Magic, Lady Bug Footstool, Magic Melt Sun Catchers
• Crafting in the 90’s (10/96): Ribbon Footstool, Spring Swag, Kitchen Curtains, Spring Greetings, Birdhouse Metals, Charmed Crafts, Stencil Joy, Fool-Proof Foiling, Hints and Tints
• Ft. Myers Review (10/96) Faux Finish Frame, Iron Boxes, Mother of Pearl Charms, Home Decor Windows
• Pack O Fun( 3/97): Bees A Buzzing, Flower Fun
• Consumer Review Tampa (12/97): Embossed Reindeer Cards, Stenciled Angel Gift Bags, Glass Candle Glow, Painted Angel Candle, Large Magnolia Swag
• Tall Snow Chris
• Fort Myers Review (12/96): Golden Egg Ornament, Framed Sea Treasures Ornament, Stencil Stars In the Heavens Banner, Large Cabbage Rose Swag, Christmas Rose Centerpiece
• Rycraft TV Series (5/97): Paper Bag Cookie Gifts, Gingerbread Pin Greeting Card, Glass Jar Medals, Framed Paper Clay Flash, Faux Finish Framed Papercasts, Bookmarks from Recycled Envelopes, Christmas Ornaments from Paper and Paperclays
• NCM Angels For HIA’s website
• Craftrend’s SIP Memory Making (7/97): Picture Angel Ornament, Desk Set w/photos (pen, frame, lamp, & light switch), Baby Treasures Frame, Mom and Memories Frame, Bridal Video Box, Family Vacation CD, Dog and Cat Dishes, Pet Placemats, Pet Stockings, Photo Album for the Pets, Kid’s Keepsake Treasure Boxes, Vacation Video Covers, Kid’s Cassette Boxes, Memory and Scrapbook Pages (Wedding in 1956, Big Brother, My Mom and Me, School Fun, Daddy’s Little Boy, Baby Boy, I’m Grow Up, Dogs and Bones, Bo and Sam 1978, Bouncing Baby Basset, Cats and Simple Pleasures, Daddy is my Hero
• Consumer Review Tampa (12/97) Santa Wreath, Candy Fun Wreath, Gift of Jewels Wreath, Seashore Wreath, Rudolf Wreath, Painter’s Basket, Hail to the Chef Basket, Stamper’s Dream Basket, Paper Ornaments for Pets, Gilded Ornaments for Dad. Aleene’s Creative Living 2/98: Tin Can Needle Holder, Quilled Angel Card, Hobby Memory Page
• Aleene’s Creative Living 4/98: Fern Vase and Trivet, Violet Vase and Trivit, Gold Pot, Stamped Terra Cotta, Antiqued Terra Cotta, Sponged Flowers, Barn Door Greetings, Embossed Shell Greetings, Sea Shore Greetings, 60’s Candle Dream
• Snapshot Memories Volume III: Cracked Up Frame, Sea to Sea Memories, Ain’t Just for Cowboys Frame, She’s Hot Frame, Stamp it on Leather Flowers, Bugs and Stuff, I Love You Frame, Frogs in the Garden Frame, Nature’s Harvest Frame, Cowboy’s Journal, Joy Journal, SRE Wedding Journal, Angels in the Stars Frame, Angels in Lights Frame, Christmas Card and Special Occasion Journal, and Scrapbook Pages (Project Pond, Postcards from Alaska, Cool Dogs, Sunglasses at Night, Little Boy Blue, Where in the World is Ken Nerius?, My Guy, Baby’s Sleeping) (6/98)
• Krylon 1999 Calendar: Fall Magic Gives Thanks Mirror and matching clock and shelf (7/98)
• Craftworks, Our Gang: Be Mine Room Decor (four coordinated designs), Miss Rita’s Spring Party (four coordinated designs), Teen Clay Pens (two coordinated designs), Pansy Seed Greeting Card (four coordinated designs), Terra Cotta Treasures (four coordinated designs), Senior Bazaar (two coordinated designs) and Baby Shower for Sixteen (three coordinated designs)(7/99)
• Proud to Be An American Flag and Poem (12/99) Quick and Easy Crafts: Gardening Thru the Seasons Journal and Frame (3/2000), Boys of Summer Memory Page and Frame (5/2000), Tea Time Journal and Frame (1/2000)
• Creative Living: Vellum Greeting Cards/Mail’s Here (10/99), Tea Bag Folding Stars Greeting Cards Asian Spice (11/99), StratchArt Greeting Cards and Journal Color the Rainbow with Butterflies (12/99)
• Craftworks: Tribute Journal (six designs) (2/2000), Here’s to Living! (8 designs)(3/2000)
• Prima: Holiday Plant Pokes (12 in series), Holiday Angels (4 in series), It’s the Bow Wreath, Snowmen Ornament, Holiday Potpourri and Candle Sets (6 in series) (11/99)
• Creative Living: Emboss the World (3 designs) (1/2000), Fresh Scents (3 designs) (2/2000), Gel Candle Glow (5 designs) (2/2000), Japan Memories (3 designs) (2/2000), Candles and Tea Cups (3 designs) (2/2000), Heavy Metal Jewelry (5 designs) (2/2000), Bleach It (2 designs) (3/2000), Stamping On Wax (3 designs) (3/2000), In This Tiny Box (3 designs) (3/2000)
• Prima: Frog in My Pocket, Cave Drawing Card, Wild Rose, Bees Buzzing The Tulips, Dance of Joy, Forest Path, Finger Paint, Double Happiness, Two Oaks By The Fence, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Sending All My Love, Sparkling Christmas Trees, Star Gazing, Frog in My Pocket, Share Your Heart Leather Frame, Bugs on Parade Leather Frame, Fern Grove Glass Plates, Dew on Ferns Trivets, Embossing Recipes, Leaping Froggies Bookmark, Remembering You, Falling Into Season (5/00)
• Prima: Pioneer Soap, Veggie Only Soap, Wild Coconut, Blue Haze, Honey Dew, Jazzy Juice, Almond Munch, Kitchen Buddy, Strawberry Heaven (1/00)
• House of White Birches: Finger Pin Cushions (8 designs), Scissor Angels (2 designs), Study in Pink Framed Collage, Beeswax Quilt Gift and Ornaments (2/00)
• Quick and Easy Crafts: Prom Page, Prom Autograph Journal, Teddy Bear Blues Picture Frame (10/00)
• Craftworks: Mystery Centerpiece, Going Hawaiian, Spirit Candy Bars, Talking Sticks, Steel Magnolias (1/00)
• Snapshot Memories Volume XV: Hawaii Diving Pages, At the Village Pages, Birthday Fun Pages
• Delta Technical Coatings: Almond Delight, Wheat Treat, Sunshine Citrus, Green Tea, Coffee Bean Classic, Glazed and Drizzled (2/00)
• House of White Birches: Friendship Candles (five designs) (2/00)
• Crafts Magazine: Glittering Sea Soaps, Painted Starfish Soaps, Gardner’s Friend Soap, Rainbow Block Soap (5/00)
• Crafts Magazine: Sweet Treats, Cupcake Fun, Asian Symbols, Rice Gel Candle, Martini Candle, The Noses Knows (10/00: Quick and Easy Crafts: Egg Drop Soap, Egg Drop Gel Candle, Penny For Your Dreams, Pennies from Heaven Gel Candle, Japanese Temple Candle (3/01)
• Stamp It!: Man in the Moon Collage, Reaching for the Stars Collage, Whispering Ferns Collage, Fisherman’s Dream Collage, Dragon And Star Cover, Ocean So Blue Cover, Yours is a Rare Heart Cover, Slender Leaf Cover, Mum’s the Word Cover, Sunshine Cover, Hand Stamped with Love Memo Cube, Flowers and Bees Memo Cube, Ferns and Butterflies Memo Cube, Hearts Frame, Bees Going Home Frame, This is NOT art Frame, Roses For You Page, Very Vellum Roses Page, Lisa Loves Ladybugs Page, Joy Page, Under Glass Pins: Lady With Fan, Bamboo with Seals, Goldfish, Dragonflying Snow Globe, Goldfish Pond Snow Globe, This is Art Panel, Field of Bamboo Panel, Gecko Gone Goofy Panel, Flower Power Panel, Walk Like An Egyptian Candle, Tree Frogs Leapin Candle, Leaves and Lady Bugs Candle, Jolly Cardinal Note Cards and Journal Cover, Garden View Card (1/01)
• Craft Home and Lifestyle: Asian Set, In My Garden Set, Fish Salt and Fresh Set, Wedding Heritage Pages (1/01)
• Kissing Cousins Pages, Sea Turtle Pins, It’s a Dog’s Life Pages, Quilled Flower Garden, Bookmark Mania (3/01)
• CreateForLess: American Flag, Papercrafts and Silly Soaps (5/02)
• Craftworks: Beads Gone Crazy Ornaments, Tempting Tea Delights, Field Trip Journal (12/01
• Craft Home and Lifestyle: Family Dynamics, Call It Home, Butterfly Card With Bookmark (12-01)
• House of White Birches: Weaving Magic Greeting Cards and Tea Bag Stars For Thee (1/02)
• Stamp It!: Backgrounds in the Foreground, Gingko Tree Papercast, Stamps & More Stamps Papercast, Butterflies Are Free Tri-fold card, Winter Wonderland Card Set, Christmas Lights, Colorful Simple Stars, Daisy Stars, Fish On Cork, Glass Ornaments, Home for the Holidays, Joy to the World, Pine Cone, Pine Spring, Quiet Whispers, Santa, Simply Red, New Year’s Blow Out, Olympic Gold, Study of Mosaic, Texture Stamp Necklaces: (11/01)
• Mountain Idea: Japanese Fish Shaker Card, Lady in Red Shaker Card, Dragonfly On River, Quiet Lady With Fan, Jumping Jack Frog, Bamboo Garden, Rabbit and Asian Symbols: (12/01)
• All That Glitters, Starry Delight with Earrings, Fishies with Earrings, Fall Frolic, Focus Beads In Brown, Pastel Spring, Butterflies In Orange with Earrings, Lady Bug Lady Bug, Red And Black (5 bracelet set) with Earrings (7/02)
• Quick and Easy Crafts: Here Comes The Sun Linen Spray, Soap, Lip Balm and Gift Basket: (6/02)
• Girl Scouts®: Making Music, Our Troop, Badges Earned, Our Faces Going Places, Bridging Ceremony (9/02)
• Bridging Die Cut Invitation, Ceremony Invitation, Memo Reminder, Girl Scout Promise, Daisy Sing-A-Long, Our Favorite Songs, Brownie Song Book, Square Thank-You, Diamond Duck, Spinner GS, Butterfly Note, Brownie Try-It Congrats, Cadet Congratulations, Have A Girl Scout® Day (10/02)
• Creative Girls: Magazine Prototype (8/02
• Be Active On Earth Day (10/02)
• Creative Crafter: Spring Potpourri, Welcome Spring Greeting Cards, Leather Scrap Frame 3/03
• Craftrends Designer Challenge: Kid’s Stamped Leather Wristbands (9), Simple Bead Eyeglass Holders (2), Clay Cane Pens (12), Mesh Earring Holder Frame (1-6/03)
• Camp Business: Kid’s & Leather, Silly Soap Fun, Polymer Clay At Camp
• Camp Journals (4), Crafting On The Web, and Crafty Recipes (1-9/03)
• Camp Business: Let’s Make Paper (9-03)
• Arnold Grummer’s: Polymer Plant Pokes (3), Cast Upon Terra Cotta (3), Framed Castings (4) (8-03)
• Craftrends: Yo Yo Frame (10-03)
• Saral (8/03): Paper Piecing Day At The Aquarium page, Paper Piecing Baby Sue page, Having Fun page, paper Piecing Butterfly page, At The Farm page, Lark Books: And The Year Was 1958, Chicago Slide to Photo, Key To My Heart Box, Cory Smiles, Signature Labels, Dog Gone!, Family Heritage (4), Friends (4), Generation of Cousins (6), It’s A Dog’s Life (2), Journey to Africa (2), Ken and Samantha, Reflections, Ski Dreams, Anniversary Party, Decorate A CD (10), Take A Letter, Liz, Motif Papers (4), This Old House (2), To Kiss An Elephant (2), Totally Digital, Welcome To My Garden (5) (9/03)
• Troop News, This is my Troop, Congrats Brownie, Way to Go Scout, GS Thank You, GS Brave, GS Rainbows, Girl Scout in Blue, GS Promise, Have A Girl Scout Day, Come To My Bridging, Turtle Badge, Badge Goals, Senior Bridging, Brownie Invite, Meeting Reminder, Brownie Sing A Long, GS Singing, Going Places Page, Ceremony Page, Badges Earned Page, Welcome Page, Making Music Page: (9/02)
• Kreinik: Christmas Threads, Hope Card, Ivey Tag, Boys On The Beach, Daisy, Butterfly, Flower With Trim, Fish Jewels, Poinsettia Tag (9-03)
• Sony Electronics: Amy And Joel, Aqua Vison Network, Baby Joy, Daddy And Me (2), Bring It On, Family Is Key, Katherine(2), Let It Snow, Me And Grandma, Miami Beach (2), Moe’s Backyard, Love, My Man, Godparent, Las Vegas (2), Sugar and Spice, Faith’s Story (8/02)
• Adhesive Technologies: Drip And Drizzle Frame (2), Razzle Dazzle Ornaments (8), Spanish Moss Covers (2) (8-03)
• Crafts: Folded Heart Valentine’s (8) (2-04)
• Stamp It! Cards!: Tri-folds (3) (3-04)
• Create!: Burning Heart Candle and Gift Bag, Handmade Paper Wraps (2), Scented Wedding Favors (3), Love Letters (5) (9/03)
• Penn Ribbons (2003-2004): New Baby News, Red Hat Parade, Love In The Air, Wedding Bells, Sports View, Eyelash Ribbon Candles, Eyelash Ribbon Chocolates, Eyelash Ribbon Journal, Eyelash Ribbon Folding Charm Necklace, Eyelash Ribbon Beaded Glory Necklace, Color Combo Trends, Simple Words Big Words, In Any Language Ribbons
• Arnold Grummer’s: Pretty In Pink, Dragonfly Lights, Matchbook Matches, Folded Heart Notes (13), Placecards Polymer (4), The Naturals Series (7), Bookmark Casts (7): GS Frame, Daisy Frame, Brownie Frame, Play Frame, Butterfly Frame, PaperWorks 2004: Shimmering Notes, Busy Bee Napkin Rings, Americana Corner Bookmarks, Tea Time Gifts
• MemoryTrends Series 2004: Tucked Away Surprise (12), Childhood Windmills, Weaved Memories, Family Reunion Card, Sweet Chocolates, Trick or Treat Goodies, Starry Greetings, Tag Book Unfolded (5), Purses And More Paper Purses (4), Sunflower Quilt Card, Birdhouse Greetings
• Arnold Grummer 7/04
• Loofah Fun, Pin Flags, Rose Boxes, Shady Blue Eyeglass Holder, Angel on my Mind Boxes, Aloha Decorative Jewelry Box (12/03)
• Dragonfly Dance, Snapshot Memories, Paper Rose Garden, Seashore Dreaming, Grass Roots, Box of Treasures, Lights of Paris, Seasons of Light, Soap Leaves, Wild Wired Nests, Loopy Ornaments
• Paper Crafts Snowmen SIP (10-04): Hot Cocoa With Frosty
• Dragonfly Weaved Beaded Bracelet, Bead Unique (06), Whimsy Sunflower Beaded Bracelet, Girl Scout Ponytail Holder, GS Necklace, Brownie Necklace, GS Calendar, GS Mom Note holder, GS Jeweled Note holder, GS and Brownie Plant Picks, GS Camp Journal, GS Magnets, GS Note Holders, GS Tote Bag, GS Coin Purse, GS Tacks, GS Key chain, Brownie Key Holder, Senior GS Hair Bobbles, Pack O Fun (06), Bugsy Necklaces, AG Booklet (06), Ladybug Card, (5/06): Christmas Flowers Tag, Sea Turtle Tag, Flower Power Tag, Fishy Business Tag, Day at the Beach scrapbook page, Ivy Climbing Tag, Butterfly Whispers Tag, AG Website Project of the Month (06), Felted Jewelry, Mini Dog Album, Garden Pages, Wild Cards, Family Heritage Family Trees, and Felted Soaps, Creative Living TV PBS (11/06), Cinnamon Ornaments, AG Website Project of the Month (12/06), Scrap Tree Card, Blue Holiday Card, Weave It for Christmas Card, Pocket Holiday Cards, and Plaid for the Holidays, AG QVC Segments Project Sheets (11/06)
• Paper Casting Cards (set of 6 unique designs) AG QVC Paper Casting Segments Project Sheets (10/06)
• Felted Bangles, Create and Decorate CFL (6/07)
• Collection Cards (set of 3 unique designs) and For the Boys Cards (set of 3 unique designs) Paper Creations CFL (9/07)
• Don’t Forget the Words Journal, Garden Mini Album, Blogging Is Cool, Your Heritage In Pages, Big Photo Layouts and Framed, Creativity Workshop MemoryTrends 2008Creativity Workbook (10/07), Will You Be Mine Memory Box (2/08)
• Bee In My Bonnet Card, Summer Breezes Card, Flowered Wallpaper Tag Book, Olive Anyone Card (5/08)
 • Be Blessed Journal for Creative Woman Newsletter (1/09) Be Blessed Journal
• Be Blessed Journal for Creative Woman Newsletter (2/09) Recycled and Reused Greeting Cards
• Be Blessed Journal for Creative Woman Newsletter (3/09) Fancy Treats
• Jewelry Creations II (5/09) Birthday Bracelets, Not So Spooky Halloween Pin, Where Did I Leave My Glasses Necklace, Seahorse Badge Holder, Fluttering Hearts Pendants, Zip it Up, Hearts For Your Sweater, Rabbit Pull, Millefiori Joy Bracelet, Remembering The Shore Pendant, Clown Fish Pendant, Sur Noir Et Blanc Bracelets, Felted Pop Bracelet, Buttons and Felt Bracelet, Woodland Thoughts Ring/Bracelet/Necklace, Eye Candy Green, Eye Candy Orange, Ladybug Adornments, Quick Fire Fall Pendants, Quick Fire Fall Necklace, Quick Fire Fall Brooches, It’s A Wrap Green Set, It’s A Wrap Orange Set, It’s A Wrap Felt Set, Birthday Fun Hair Bobbles
• AMACO & Eagle Divers (6/09) Gift of Freedom Bracelet
•Palau (6/09) Fused Diver Flag
•Arnold Grummer Papermaking (8/09) Under the Sea Series of paper cast images and texture sheets
•Faster Plaster (9/09) African Mask Necklace, For Teacher Necklace, Here Comes the Sun Journal, Pond Views Card, Seahorse Dreams Necklace, Simply Sweet Ornaments, The Tribe Has Spoken Card, Mouth Watering Watermelon for
•Faster Plaster (11/09) Felted Pumpkin Mash
•Pajama Party (12/09) Rag Angels (5)
•Pajama Party (1/10) Loofah Soap Madness
•Craft Academy CHA (1/10) Needle Felted Rose, Posey, and Wildflower Rings for
•Pajama Party (1/10) Button Madness Rings

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