Mother's Day Craft eBook: Blogger Edition

With the contributions of some of our favorite craft bloggers, we have put together this FREE collection of Mother's Day craft projects to decorate and give. These craft bloggers have some of the best ideas for how to decorate for Mother’s Day celebrations and what to make Mom. Best of all, these projects won’t break the bank! In this eBook, you'll find:

  • Free Sewing Patterns for Homemade Gifts
  • Easy Paper craft Projects
  • Fun Crafts for Kids to Make for Mom
  • Floral Decorating Ideas
  • Painting Projects
  • Last Minute Gift Ideas

Tissue Paper Topiary Tree
Tissue Paper Topiary p. 58

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Crafts in this eBook

Mother's Day Voucher Wrap
Create a wrap for Mom with vouchers such as "Home Cooked Roast Dinner (includes Dessert)," a "Coffee, Cake and a Chat" or a "Cupboard Tidying."

Mother's Day Voucher Wrap

Monogram Plate for Mom
Using foam alphabet stamps and a stylized stencil stamp, monogram a clear plate with Mom's initials or a club name.

Monogram Plate for Mom

Mother's Day Mini-Book
For the coming Mother's Day treat your mother like a valentine and send her a series of micro love-letters assembled together in a mini book she can carry around in her bag.

Mother's Day Mini Book

Mother's Day Sleep Mask
With this easy-to-follow tutorial, create a sleep mask for Mom to wear on flights, or anywhere she likes. Use her favorite colors and embellish for her personality.

Mother's Day Sleep Mask


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