How to Crochet a Cord

How to Crochet a Cord

Technique 1

  1. Take your crochet hook and yarn and tie a slipknot as normal.
  2. Chain 4.
  3. Do 3 single crochet (sc) in first chain.
  4. Front post single crochet (fpsc) around chain 3, turning clockwise.
  5. Then fpsc around first sc, then second sc and on. Continue to fpsc.
  6. This will create a kind of square cord.

To Front Post Single Crochet, yarn over (YO) and insert hook back to front between next two stitches then back again between stitch being worked and the stitch after it on the previous row, yo and sc.

Technique 2

This technique is an easier way to create a cord without having to crochet around.

  1. Take a long length of yarn or string and double it over. Do the same with another length of yarn.
  2. Tie each doubled-over length of yarn to the crochet hook with a slipknot.
  3. To make the first stitch of your cord, pull the first loop through the second.
  4. Alternating yarn, continue to pull the opposite yarn through the loop on the hook.
  5. As you go, it will start to resemble a cord.
  6. To finish, pull one all the way through the opposite loop. Pull tight and secure the yarn with two knots for each pair of strings.

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So many comments about missing pictures... so PLEASE post some pix so we can understand how to make an icord by crocheting (and not knitting). Thanks.

Pictures would be extremely helpful for these patterns! I can usually just visualize how to do a pattern by reading it, but this seems a little more complicated. Thanks, I'm looking forward to giving it a try, but please try to get some pics up! :).

Your instructions for a front post single crochet are actually describing a back post single crochet. Font Post Single Crochet is worked from front to back to front.

Cord is not that hard to make Cut all yarns to more than length of cord you want Tie a knot in one end leaving about hanging and then run a single thread between the knot and the lengths of yarn and tie a knot in it Loop this knot over a door handle Now depending on how thick you want your cord braid the yarn by reverse twisting groups of threads around each other As you twist to the right cross the group of threads toward the left over each handful It's tedious and you have to hold the cord while you untangle the length of the yarn strings but it makes a beautiful soft rope like cord when you are finished Tie a knot in the other end of the cord when it is the length you want and cut away excess leaving inches of tassel Cut the singleRead More string cord from the other end and pull it free

just buy a French Knitter from someone like Susan Bates. You can make all the cords you want in minutes without the fuss. They're cheap, easy and fast, plus they have many other uses.

I use a lucet to make cords - a really fun craft, very easy, even for children!

Here 's another link

PICS!!!! Okay, I THINK I get it ... you are inserting the hook from the inside of the "cord," around the "post" or vertical section of the stitch BELOW the loops one usually stitches into in crochet. Here's a pic: (sort of) stitches: @ @ @*@ @ @ @ @ 3 2 1 (stitch order) * (stitch you are working) YO and put hook here: (view from front) @ @ @*@ ==========>> @ @ @ @ 3 2 1 (stitch order) YO and finish just like a single crochet. (YO, pull under and through 2 loops on hook X 2) Now, why you don't insert the hook this way, baffles me. Explanations welcome!: @ @ @*@ <<============= @ @ @ @ 3 2 1 (stitch order) In fact, this next might be easier, though it certainly would produce a different effect: @ @ @*@ <<============ @ @ @ @ 3 2 1 (stitch order) I hope I got this right! Note: If it looks funny, just copy and paste it into any text program and put the carriage returns back where they belong.

I think I figured No out Make the slipknots separately on the your crochet needle as instructions indicate You will have four strands hanging down You will be crochetting as usual except you will be using each set of two strings alternately as if it is one string As you crochett you will drop one set and pick up the other set yarn over and make a stitch then drop that set and pick up the other set yarn over and make a stitch Continue alternating sets until you have the length you want For my learner cord I used two different colors to be able to better see what I was doing and what the cord was doing This makes a neat cord and I can see many uses for it -- decorative trims stems drawstrings Hope this helps Have not tried No yet looks complicated without picture but thenRead More this did too at first

I agree, a picture or drawing would certinally help Rose 71

Pictures (or tutorial) is mandatory.

Need picture for each technique.

Wouldn't it be easier to just make a chain the length you want your cord to be and then single crochet up the chain and fasten off?

I agree with the rest of the comments, a picture would be a great help.

need a picture

oh yes I agree with the rest of the friends here that visual aid is a great help.

Technique 2 was far easier that 1 to understand. I agree with previous comment of needing a picture or video to confirm understanding. There was another pattern to crochet a drawstring that I used with ease and great success however, I can't find it and having problems finding the instructions on the web. Anyone else have that easier pattern? Will be used in baby booties.

Need a picture


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