14 Creative Uses for Mesh Produce Bags

By: Karisa Tell, Editor,
Creative Uses for Mesh Produce Bags

We asked our Facebook fans what they would do with mesh produce bags from the grocery store once the produce is gone. These little bags, which hold clementines, apples, brussels sprouts, and more, are too cute to throw away.

Here are some genius ideas our crafty fans came up with for ways to reuse mesh produce bags. We love crafts using recycled materials!

We also compiled our favorite ideas from the comments below and added them to our article! Learn what our site visitors use mesh produce bags for and see how you can help the environment by making better use of those helpful bags.

Creative Uses for Mesh Produce Bags

Ideas from Our Facebook Fans

  1. Wad them up in a ball, secure with an elastic, and use them as scrubbies to clean nonstick pans and other dishes.

  2. Hang the bags from a mirror and throw hair bows in them for easy access.

  3. Make potpourri sachets from them. First line each bag with colored tissue paper, fill them with a small amount of potpourri, and tie them shut with a decorative ribbon.

  4. Carry sand toys to the beach inside of them.

  5. Hold skeins of yarn inside the mesh bags, then pull from the center right through the mesh. No more tangles!

  6. Make them into bath loofahs.

  7. Sew them into the shape of a stocking, finish with binding fabric, and fill with pet treats. Mesh bags make pet stockings like they sell in stores.

  8. Run them through your embossing machine to add texture to your cards.

  9. Fold them in half, sew an X through them, and use them as dish rags.

  10. Add velcro so the bags can be opened and closed, and use them as lingerie laundry bags.

  11. You can crochet with them! Make crochet table settings and doilies from the mesh. Find some of our favorite crochet doily patterns here.

  12. Sew a doormat made of mesh produce bags. Cut them into long strips, pin 3 or 4 together at one end and braid. Then sew the ends to another strip and continue until you have a long braid several feet long. Lay flat and and start to curl in an oblong shape. Stitch this as you go so you end up with a mat.

  13. Use them as a paint brush for splatter painting. Dip the wadded up mesh into your paint, then fling it at your canvas for a splattered look!

  14. Stretch the mesh over an old frame, staple it in place, and hang earrings from it for a stylish earring organizer similar to this one.

Ideas from Our Site Visitors

  1. Hang a bar of soap in one near the outdoor faucet to wash away garden and lawn dirt. You won't have to take it out of the bag to use, just scrub with the bag and all. 

  2. If you use bar soap to shower, hang it in a plastic net bag over the shower head between showers so it will dry out and not melt into nothing. 

  3. Use the soft ones to hold small items in the washer so they won't get lost. Not too small though, as the holes expand. Also, don't use them in hot water. 

  4. Use them for bags to sort and group small food packages in the freezer.

  5. Use them in your garden: Cut them to size for placing over the iris & lily buds that are so appealing to the deer. Put the 'covers' on the growing stems & let them stay there until after the bud breaks & the petals begin to open. Then cut them & bring them inside, & re-use the covers on any other budding or fully flowered plants that are around the garden. They deter rabbits & groundhogs. Find more garden ideas in our new Gardening Ideas newsletter from DIYIdeaCenter.

  6. Use them to hold scraps of yarn, then hang it out in the spring for birds to build their nests.

  7. Use them as a free latch-hook canvas with all old yarn scraps. They are wonderful for mats in the doorway, bathroom, mudroom, wherever... free, fun & fashionable!

  8. Put leftover mushrooms in them and hang in a warm place to dry. Dried mushrooms are very useful.

  9. These bags are great to put bathtub toys into to dry out after the bath is done.

  10. Use them as backgrounds in scrapbooking.

  11. They make a sweet and nifty bow on a present. This Cereal Box and Fruit Net Upcycled Gift Boxes tutorial will show you how!

  12. Use mesh bags to dry homegrown fresh herbs for storage. Hang them til they dry out.

  13. They're great for itty bitty newborn socks. Throw the socks in-tie the bag in a knot at the top, or run a piece of ribbon in and out at the top, tie and throw in the washer and dryer. Haven't lost not one of my grandbabies socks yet!

  14. Use them as veiling for silly hats used for costumes or celebrations.

  15. Use them to clean potatoes or other vegetables where the skin might be eaten. Just take a square and under warm running water scrub the potato clean, gets in to the dimple areas well, just needs a bit of more attention to those areas. Scrubber can be reused often just let it dry before storing.

  16. Use the mesh to imprint patterns in unbaked Polymer Clay projects! Find some of our favorite clay projects in 20 Clay Crafts for Adults.

  17. Use a dark green one and save it for papercrafting. Well you never know when you might need a fishing net, a tennis net or a basket ball net etc.

  18. Use them as a lint filter on the end of the drain pipe from the washing machine. Just attach them with a hose clamp........change often!!

  19. Use them for lids and such that have nowhere to land in the dishwasher except the bottom. Use them as a bag to put those jar lids (and other small things to small for the DW) and simply hang it from the top rack.

  20. Use a mesh bag and tie it at one end for the bottom, leave the top open, then sew a little handle to the top. Hang it on the knob of the pantry door to put the shopping bags in when you come home from the store. It is so easy and convenient too.

  21. Use them to clean up bug residue on the car without messing up the paint!

  22. Use these mesh bags to put moth balls in and hang outside the doors in the summertime to keep flies out of the house. Hang them beside the door so you don't have a problem with flies coming in the house. I live in the South and sometimes flies can be a problem no matterhow clean you keepit around your doors. Carolyn 2/13/12

  23. Cut the bags into 2 to 3 inch strips and use to tie up plants to a stake. They are soft and will stretch as the plant grows.

  24. Cut them doubled into about 8" strips, make a knot in the middle and throw them inot your Clothes-Dryer along with your load. IT HELPS TO GET THE LINT OFF and you can use them over and over,until they go real limp.

  25. Crumple a yellow produce bag and use it in the center of flowers, like with these Egg Carton Poinsettia Ornaments!

What will you use mesh produce bags for?


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