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Silk Necklace

Silk Cord Necklace

Silk is a very beautiful craft material that epitomizes luxury. When you create a design with silk—whether it is in the form of yarn or fabric—it elevates the status of the product making it unique, exclusive and worthy of … [Read More...]

beachy cord necklace 1

Beachy Cord Necklace

Around where I live, the scorching summer is now slowly fading and the monsoons are gaining momentum. In my opinion, this is a period when beaches are at their very best. Blue, clean and quite lovely! If you can afford a trip … [Read More...]

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Paper Flowers

The M O S T Sophisticated Paper Flower Crafts

I used to just brush off paper flower crafts like they were just something to use scraps for, but these fun paper crafts have become a new way of saving money and putting a personalized touch to any home or decor. You mostly see paper flower bouquets for weddings and center pieces on Pinterest, but they can be for more than just weddings! These delicate paper flowers will look great in your home as some colorful accents with any pattern or color of your choosing. The M O S T Sophisticated Paper Flower Crafts I know it's a little difficult … [Read More...]