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How to Watercolor Roses

Learning how to watercolor is one of the most requested crafting techniques when it comes to the FaveCrafts audience. This charming and trendy painting technique is a stunning way to add subtle color to your DIY projects and … [Read More...]

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9 Succulent Crafts You Can’t Kill

I know that succulents are supposed to be the easiest plant to keep alive. I have read over and over again that these low-water, low-maintenance, admittedly very cute plants are impossible to kill. This is supposed to be the case, but you know what? I have yet to meet a succulent I did not kill. My thumbs about as black as they come or maybe my apartment is a dead zone.  Whatever the reality is, the succulent struggle is real. This is why I have put together this charming selection of succulent craft ideas that don’t actually involve real su … [Read More...]