Strawberry Truffles Skirt

Strawberry Truffles Skirt


The Strawberry Truffles skirt is a cute crochet baby skirt pattern made with rows of adorable crocheted ruffles! This free crochet pattern makes a great gift for a baby or little girl.

Special thanks to sannytee for coming up with the name "Strawberry Truffles Skirt!"

No Name Skirt


  • RED HEART® “Shimmer™”: 2 (2, 3, 3) balls 1715 Hot Pink
  • Crochet Hooks: 4mm [US G-6], 5mm [US H-8], 5.5mm
  • [US I-9], and 6mm [US J-10].
  • Yarn needle.

Directions are for size 2; changes for sizes 4, 6, and 8 are in parentheses. Finished skirt sits 1” below waist.
Finished waist: 19 (21, 23, 25)”.

16 sts = 4”; 8 rows = 4” in dc with smallest hook.
CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.

ABBREVIATIONS: ch = chain; dc = double crochet;
mm = millimeters; sc = single crochet; st(s) = stitch(es);
yo = yarn over; * or ** = repeat whatever follows the * or **
as indicated; [ ] = work directions in brackets the number
of times specified.

NOTE: If you have changed hook size to obtain gauge, use appropriate hook sizes throughout pattern.

Special stitches:
cfr (Chainless Foundation Row) = Ch 3, yo and draw up a loop in 3rd ch from hook, yo and draw through 1 loop, [yo and draw through 2 loops] twice – 1cfr made. * Yo and draw up a loop in chain at base of last st, yo and draw through 1 loop, [yo and draw through 2 loops] twice. Repeat from * for required number of sts.

fpdc (front post double crochet) = yarn over, insert hook from front to back to front around the post of indicated stitch and draw yarn through, [yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] twice.

bpdc (back post double crochet) = yarn over, insert hook from back to front to back around the post of indicated stitch and draw yarn through, [yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] twice.

Foundation Round 1: With G hook, leaving an 8” tail, cfr 76 (84, 92, 100); join with a slip st in top of first cfr to form a ring, making sure round is not twisted.
Rounds 2-5: Ch 3 (counts as dc), fpdc in next dc, * bpdc in next 2 dc **, fpdc in next 2 dc; repeat from * around, end at **; join in top of ch-3.
Round 6: Ch 3, dc in same st as joining, dc in next dc, * 2 dc in next dc, dc in next dc; repeat from * around; join – 114 (126, 138, 150) sts.
Round 7: With H hook, ch 3, dc in next dc and each dc around; join.
Round 8: Ch 3, dc in back loop only of each dc around; join.
Rounds 9 and 10: With I hook, repeat Rounds 7 and 8.
Round 11: With I hook, repeat Round 6 – 171 (189, 207, 225) sts.
Continue with J hook only.
Rounds 12, 13 and 14: With J hook, repeat Rounds 8, 7 and 8.
Sizes 6 and 8 Only-Rounds 15 and 16: Repeat Rounds 7 and 8.
All Sizes-Round 15 (15, 17, 17): Ch 3, * 2 dc in next dc, dc in next dc; repeat from * around; join – 256 (283, 310, 337) sts.
Round 16 (16, 18, 18): Ch 4 (counts as dc and ch-1), dc in same st as joining, * ch 1, (dc, ch 1, dc) all in next dc; repeat from * around; join in 3rd ch of ch-4.
Round 17 (17, 19, 19): Ch 1, * sc in next ch-1 space, ch 3; repeat from * around; join in first sc. Fasten off.

With right side facing and J hook, join yarn in front loop of any st on Round 7.
Round 1: Ch 4, dc in same loop, * ch 1, (dc, ch 1, dc) all in back loop of next dc, ch 1, (dc, ch 1, dc) all in front loop of same dc; repeat from * around; join in 3rd ch of ch-4.
Fasten off.
Repeat Ruffle Round 1, working into Rounds 8-17 (17, 19, 19) with unworked front loops.

Holding 2 strands of yarn together and leaving a 5” tail, with G hook, ch 35 (37, 39, 41)”. Fasten off. Weave in ends. Beginning at center front, weave tie through sts of Round 2.

Sew ends of Foundation Round together. Weave in ends.

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I think most girls would love this skirt.

I just finished this skirt-size 8. It is absolutely adorable, and a big hit with the little girl I made it for!


ahh here Pretty Pink Ruffle Skirt

here is some words that could be in the name - Pink, Frilly, Girly, and Skirt

Curly Sue

The name is perfect!

The All Girl Skirt.

ruffle cutie

twirly twirly little star

Labamba skirt

Way to cute, I can't wate to make it for my granddaughter.. I think I'll call it " Prity in Pink"

Hi. My name is Rosanna...I would name this skirt RUFFLED PINK.

love bug

My Heart Swirls

this is adorable. my name for it is Cotton Candy Girl

Tu-tu Cute

looks like the old "Can-Can's we used to wear "under" our dresses, so my suggestion is "Can-Can"

Pretty in ruffles!

Ready To Ruffle!!!!!

I would name this ruffled skirt Charleston ruffle or Charleston tootoo

Strawberry truffles

Shimmering Hot Pink Ruffles

How about the ruffle rara skirt?

The Whirley Twirley Skirt

How adorable!! I think it should be called Ruffle Extravaganza.


Name it RUFFLELICIOUS! Obtained from ruffle and delicious together.

chinchin skirt

I can just see my granddaughter shuffling around the house twirling in this beautiful little skirt. Two names come to mind, Shuffle Ruffles or Twirly Girly.

Little Missy's Ruffles

summer bliss

Little Missy's Ruffles

Pixie Ruffles or Princess Ruffles

Granny's Little Girl's Skirt

Pretty In Pink Pruffle Skirt

cha cha skirt or as my little girl would of said a swing skirt because it was only good if you could spin in it

So pretty I would call it Ruffle Me Pretty

Frillie Lillie in Rose

Rasberry Ruffles

Frilly lilly

Raspberry Squiggle Skirt

this is a "fluffle" skirt I will name this skirt a froo froo skirt

frilly in pink

Thrills of frills

My suggestion is "Red Heart Ruffles" Skirt.

dainty ruffles or pink ruffles

The "Frill" of It All

Frilly Filly

squiggle skirt

Pretty in Pink Ruffles

Sweet & Sassy Ruffled Skirt

I like the two names put together: Little Diva ruffles and frills.

Frilly and Flirty

curly cute skirt...

Little Diva 4 little divas will love this!

Ruffles and Frills would be perfect.

I think "Dewberry Skirt" would fit perfectly :)

How about "Waves of Giggles"?

sumba world of dance or turl and dance

Little Princess Ruffle Shirt

Ruffle My Feathers!

I say it should Definitely be called the "Strawberry Shortcake" skirt. Kids can relate to the fun character while sporting this beautifully berry colored ruffle skirt!

Cute skirt. I have 3 granddaughters that I am going to make this for. I like the name "Shimmering Ruffles".

"Shimmer Glimmer" Skirt Pattern

Dance with me "Salsa Skirt"

Ruffle-me-up a Skirt

How about "RuffleDoodleDoo" as a naqme for this cute skirt?

So cute. The 1st name I thought of was "hoochie mama rhumba skirt"

Loved the skirt. Name it Curly Cute.

sugar n ruffles skirt

Bouncing Ballerina Ruffle Skirt,My Name is Essie Dumont

Frilly + ruffle = Fruffle skirt!


ballerina ruffle bottom

Sassy in Twirls or snazzy jazzy

Name for the skirt - love ruffles

Sassy, Shimmer and Shine!

call it "Ruffle Me Up"! janet lilje

Name for skirt - frilladill


Rose Petal Ruffle Swirl

oodles of ruffles tutu

shimmering ruffles

Pink Petunia


Twirly Girl

pink winter waves

HOW CUTE!! I will have to make one for my little niece. I would have to call this RASPBERRY RUFFLES.

winds on the sea.

Frilly Filly Skirt

Sherbet Swirl Skirt

Pretty in Pink Ruffled Skirt

Frilly Filly Skirt Sherry Carbray

I have a name for this adorable skirt the "The Ruffled Twirl Skirt"

I think a little girl would look like a modern princess in this pretty skirt. I would call it the Mod Princess Ruffle Skirt

Ruffle My Feathers

Girl's Crocheted Rufflicious Skirt

Forever Ruffled

I have a precious granddaughter she's beautiful with long curly blond hair so I would name it Precious sweetie

The skirt is adorable! When I'm looking for a pattern, I may not recall a cute name, but I will remember general description. Sometimes I've been so frustrated because the pattern name is so cute that I can't get a "search" to find it, that I just go on to something else. So, I suggest a descriptive name: "Girl's Ruffled Skirt"

I think it should be called Frosted Cupcake Skirt.

I really like the idea of calling it Ribbon Candy as if it is done in the ombre colors it will give it the multi-colored ribbon candy effect as well.........who says it has to be in pink only?

its a cute skirt call it PINKALICIOUS!!!!!!!

My first thought was Ribbon Candy. Very sweet and reminds me of old fashioned ribbon candy, a childhood favorirte!

I have this printed out already, going to give it a try! I have a Great-Granddaughter, Kymbre that would look "Sweet But Sassy" in this skirt.. So my name would be "Sweet but Sassy"! CajunBear

When my now grown daughter was little she loved anything with ruffles but she couldn't quite say the word and would always ask for fluffles. This little skirt has such fabulous ruffles that I would call it "Fluffles".

I would call this Wild About Ruffles.

I would name this beautiful skirt "Curlycue" it's so girly.

My name for this skirt would be "Hotsy Totsy". I'm going to make it for my 6 year old granddaughter. She loves ruffles!

My name for the skirt is "Cupcake".

lots o ruffles

Fluffy Ruffles make me Smile skirt

I would name this frilly fun.

Ruffled Princess

Ruffleie Delight!


I would call it Curly-Sue.

Potato chip ripple skirt :)

WUFFLE-ME because you can make it any color and a 2-year old should be alble to say it easily.

Sassy girl skirt

Ruffles of Love skirt

Frilly fun skirt

Forever Ruffles skirt or Ruffle Shuffle Skirt


I think it's cute. Name it : " Gobbs of Ruffles"

I think it should be called Ruffles Abound.

gumdrop skirt

I like it very much. FAIRY TALE SKIRT

Frilly Twirls Skirt

Whirly Twirly Girly Skirt

Call it "Frilly Fru-Fru" Skirt

I think it should be called "My TuTu Cute" Skirt.

I think it should be called "Flirty Girl"

Such a cute skirt, I think it should be called... ' Little Miss Ballerina '

You should call it the Ruffled Cutie Skirt.

Flirt Skirt

My daughter just made a skirt like this. Her own pattern. She calls it: Rufflesd Rhapsody!!!

Tutti's way too sweet!

my suggestion for the no name skirt is: Pretty in Pink Ruffled Skirt

Either Bountiful Ruffles or Bundle of Ruffles would be good. :)

I think Strawberry Swirl would be a good name.

I think the best to-the-point name would be the FRILLY FLIRT SKIRT.

Valentine Sweatheart

I think you should name the skirt, "TINY DANCER". Such a sweet pattern...I just love it! And...the little one wearing it is such a cutie-pie :-) Thanks for sharing the pattern!

"Little Miss Ruffle Delight"


I think "Fluffy Ruffles" skirt would be a great name....its adorable!

crimson confection , or maybe diva delight...

Girly Flirty Skirt

pink perfection

It's a Sweetheart Ruffled Skirt.

Rhumba Ruffles

I think this is a darling skirt. You should call it "Cruffles" (crocheted ruffles)

Frufru Cutie

rufflelicious or pink fluff

Ruffly Duffly

Pretty in pink ruffles.

Frilly Stitches sounds right to me

Looks so cute, call it pink ruffle luciuos

Strawberry Swirl

ruffle enoufle

Crimson Frills

Lotsa' Ruffles

The can can skirt

raspberry ripples

Watermelon Ruffles Skirt

Watermelon Ruffles

Ruffles & Ridges

Nutin' but ruffles!

ruffles galore

Blushing Tutu;>

jupe corolle .... in French that's how I would call it

Looks like a "Bubblegum Twirl" to me! - Amy

Love n Ruffle's skirt/tutu

Scuffle Ruffle Flirt Skirt. - Sarah

Lovebird or Lovelock, because pink assosiates with love

Hot Pink Petti

princess's frilly skirt

The skirtchet'

Frilly Milly Tutu

ridges of ruffles, sounds like a good name

Forever Ruffles

Ripple Ruffles

Sassy Scribbles

Whipped Cream Cupcake

Frills for Thrills Skirt

Rows of Rosy Ripples Skirt

Red Heart Ruffles

THis is so pretty. I name it Fluffles

My First Flirty Skirt

raspberry ruffles

Silly Frilly TuTu :) -Amy Davis

My First Flurty Skirt

My Curly-Q skirt

Rows of Ruffles Skirt

Sassy Salsa

The frilly Jilly skirt

dare to dazzle Because any Little Darling will Dazzle while dancing,playing or doing anything she pleases in the down right darling skirt. And remember it would look just as cute in your little darling favorite color no matter what that may be

Ruffle Cascade

How about "Pretty in shimmery pink skirt"

Frillie Fun Crochet Skirt Pattern


ruffles galore

Petite Flamenco



I thought of Curly-Qu as well. Ok, plan this skirt reminded me of Shirley Temple or little Orphan Annie. I suggest to name it after one of them.

girlie whirlie

How about Rumba Ruffles?

I think it should be named Curly-Qu skirt

Shimmering heart tutu

I think it should be called the ooo la la skirt

Bubble Gum Ripples, or Cotton Candy Fluff

it's just TUTU CUTE!

It's obvious the name should be "flamenco." It reminds me of the dresses the women wear when they dance.

I think it should be named the' Fru Fru skirt'

Strawberry Shake

I think it should be named the Fluffel skirt. My geese fluff their necks up and I call it fluffeling and this reminds me of it.

Mini crocheted ruffles

pretty in pink! an adorable skirt for my grandaughter. i am going to make this . i love the ruffles!

Cotton Candy ruffel skirt

Ruffles In Rows.

FOO FA LA Sugar Skirt

twirlie bird skirt

Shimmering Pink Waves Skirt

cute worllie poo skirt

Tuti Fruti Skirt

Little Sweetheart Skirt

ribbon candy!

"Cutie Pie" ruffled skirt

Twirly Whirly skirt

Twirly Whirly skirt

I would call this skirt "cork screw skirt"

curly Q skirt

CurlyCue Skirt

Hot Pink Fru Fru Frilly Skirt

Itty Bitty Pritty Skirt

Cutey-Pe Tu Tu!

pretty in pink frills and thrills

I think the Cutie Petutti Skirt would be a good name for this.

i think i would name the skirt "knitted ruffels skirt" something that is not long and hard to remember.

Flurries and Frills Skirt!

A Flurry of Frills Skirt!

Such a pretty skirt, how about "Girly Girl Flirty Skirt"

All Frilley Dilley Skirt

I think "Ruffle On Ruffle" is a good name.

I think it should be called "My Frilly Skirt". Thanks

Sweet and Sausy Ruffled Pink Skirt

I think it should be called Tu-Tu Cute Skirt.

Curly Q Tutu Skirt

Cutie Pa-tutu-ey skirt. Sassy Lassy skirt Can't Have Too Many Ruffles skirt I Got Cha Ruffles skirt The Ruffle Shuffle skirt

I think you should name this little skirt "Fruffles". It's adorable. Jenn in Oregon


pink frilly tutu

ruffle 'me' bottom bottoms up ruffles galore 'tu tu' cute skirt kvetch4

I would call this...Angel there certainly has to be a "lLttle Angel" wearing it! Dee Ferrero

The twirly tutu

the skirt of many ruffles

I'm making this for my two Granddaughters, Since they are Grammy's Princesses I called the skirts, "Princess Frills Tutu"

The raspberry ruffle

ruffle me tutu

How about: Silly Knit Tutu?

The Rutty Tutty Skirt.

I may be silly but what about Cute Ruffled Skirt? That's what it is!



Forgot my first instinct was Twirly Toddler Tutu.


Cute skirt. How about "The Twirly Toddler"?

I look at my 2 poodle mix dogs and then this skirt and think Curly Poodle would be a good name for the skirt.

I think the skirt should be called RASPBERRY RUFFLE ROUNDS SKIRT

Shimmer and Shine Ruffles!

Ruffle Fluffle

Shimmer & Shake

@nikita2186 Rasberry Truffle

Fun & Fancy Free!

Sweet Girls Shimmering Flowers & Swirls skirt

Curly Girly is my suggestion...hehe

The Fru-Fru

Ziggy Squiggle Skirt !

Ruffled PInk Delite!

The Squiggle Skirt

whirly twirly skirt

Shimmy and Shake ruffled skirt -Katrina Goldbaum

Raspberry Cream

Ruffle Rosy

Rufflw Rosy

pink peony

I liuke Tutti-Frutti-Cutie

I think it could be called the "Pink Pretty Petti Skirt". Good Luck to all the entries, I am sure a great name will be chosen.

Twirly looks like she would just LOVE to twirl in that skirt!

Tutu cute!

The very first word that came to mind was: "Toodles!" I could visualize a poodle sitting nearby. :)

Shimmer A GoGo Skirt ... very cute!

I would call it the "Princess Shimmer Skirt" because it would look good on my little granddaughter. She just loves pricesses and dressing up

The Poppy Ruffle Skirt.

pink ruffle a go go

I think it should be called the Fluffle Ruffle skirt

Maybe "Shimmer Me Pink" skirt?

Maybe "Shimmer Me Pink" skirt?

The Rhumba Bum skirt :)

I would call it "ruffle fluffle skirt"

I think you should call it Celeste as my granddaughter would love.


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