Use Yarn for These Unforgettable Home Decor Crafts

When you think about yarn, you probably imagine a crochet hook or pair of knitting needle at the same time. Save for a few popular Pinterest projects and trendy DIY ideas (wrapping glue-covered yarn around a balloon and then popping it – haven’t we all tried this craft at least once), yarn is pretty much exclusively left for fiber crafters. Well, we’re here to show you that this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are plenty of inspiring home decor crafts for people who are less interested in crochet and knitting and more interested in changing the look of his or her space. Home decor doesn’t have to include a stressful trip to a big box supply store or a generic design outlet. Use Lion Brand Imagine Yarn along with a few inexpensive craft materials to turn your drab space into a fab retreat.

Our latest eBook, 17 Easy Crafts With Yarn: Make Accessories, Decor and More with Lion Brand Imagine Yarn, features a variety of quick and easy crafts for everyone. Some of the projects require hooks and needles while others simply require a skein of Lion Brand Imagine Yarn. Seriously – for some projects like the Reversible Foldover Cowl only call for a skein of yarn. Does it get much easier than that? These projects are idea for everyone from kids to lifelong crafters, so gather up the entire family and see what you can create.

Purple Haze Plant Hanger

One surprising yet simple project you’ll find in the eBook is the Purple Haze Plant Hanger. Fall is officially here and winter is just around the corner, so you might start to feel those seasonal blues. Brighten up your space (and your mood) but creating a colorful plant hanger. To start, you need a plain flower pot (look at your local garden supply store or home decor outlet) and a sewing needle. Grab a skein of Lion Brand Yarn and get to work! A little cutting and a little stitching go a long way with this craft – you’ll have a complete piece in just a few minutes! This is a great way to add color and excitement to your home. Buy a potted plant and keep it inside – that way to can stop and smell the roses without worrying about frost or other seasonal elements!

Autumnal Wreath

Fall isn’t over yet, so capture the best aspects of the season by creating your own DIY wreath. You’ll want to hang your Autumnal Wreath on your front door to greet guests, neighbors and even the mailman! Use two different skeins of yarn to create a dimensional look that really pops. Another cool aspect of this wreath is the multitude of 3-D bobbles that you create separately and adhere with glue. Everyone will want to know where you scored such a cool-looking wreath – it’s up to you if you want to tell them it’s handmade. You don’t have to just make this craft in the fall, either. Customize the colors and make one in the winter, spring or fall – you’ll love the festive look and rustic feel of this simple yarn craft.

These are just two of the 17 crafts featured in our latest free eBook. Besides simple home decor projects, this collection featured handmade scarves, kids’ wearable and so much more.


Download a copy of 17 Easy Crafts with Yarn: Make Accessories, Decor and More with Lion Brand Imagine Yarn and check out the rest of the free patterns in this brand new eBook.





What is your favorite way to craft with yarn?



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