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Yarn Bombing

Is yarn bombing a good thing or an enviromental nightmare?

Viewers of The Crafting Crowd / The Crochet Crowd Facebook  gave their opinions on June 30th, 2011. What say you? You may be surprised that this topic brought out some frustration or anger about the yarn usage. Was surprising to say the least!

  1. Jason – i think it is awesome, but you need to make it easy-ish to come off so it can be removed so it doesnt harm wildlife.
  3. Mikey – My opinion is that I think it’s pretty but it’s very much like a garage sale sign… after the sale… take it down so it doesn’t stay on the pole and rot and confuse people by it’s message.
  4. Cathy – I love it!
  5. Lisa – I think yarn bombing for a cause is a good thing. I’ve see water towers bombed for a cause. However, you do have to be responsible. Some people think of it as grafitti.
  6. Anita – I think it would ok if you didn’t leave it where you put it because some animals are scavengers and will eat anything or get tangled up in it. if it kills the natural wildlife then no I wouldn’t do it
  7. Misty –  I love it!! I just yarn bomb things like friend’s mailboxes or friend’s cars so that I can take it down and recycle the yarn. =)
  8. Sara –  yuck, i really don’t like the look of it.
  9. Tanya – yarn bombing is done by Inner Hooker in a great way at starbucks we love what she is doing.
  10. Jessica –  while yarn bombing is pretty, i believe it is a waste of yarn that could easily be used to make something for a donation or gift.
  11. Elizabeth – NEVER HEARD OF IT..
  12. Shannon –  I think as long as it doesn’t interfere with small critters as in squirrels and birds and doesn’t interfere with people being able to use an area/walk through it is pretty awesome.
  13. Teresa – It’s a cool thing, but only if the artist diligently keeps their work looking fresh or takes it down…oh, and they cannot damage anybody’s property in the process! a Yarn Bombing Code of Conduct if you will….
  14. Julie – I find the scarves on statues fun but random covering of poles and parking meters a waste of yarn.
  15. Joy – I plan to bomb a friends pig statue in their garden, while they are away on vacation.
  16. Terry – ITS COOL!!
  17. Katherine – It’s awesome… A Beautiful expression of creativity and imagination 🙂 plus it looks really cool!
  18. Becky – I think it’s a waste of yarn and time. Instead of doing something like this, spend your time crocheting/knitting for a hospital nursery, chemo caps, for the elderly who may not be able to hold needles or hooks any longer.
  19. Diane – i think its cool in a way cause it normally looks nice but a waste of yarn that could be used for other stuff its like putting paper on the floor its litter just cause its yarn and around items dont mean it not left for other people to have to clear up and then figure out what to do with all the yarn only time i have agreed with it was when i saw one that was out of blankets done in winter and a sign was left saying take a blanket to keep ya warm
  20. Charlene – Don’t know my opinion, because I don’t know what it is!! LOL
  21. Kathi – I think it is a TOTAL WASTE of yarn. I know an elderly lady who begs for yarn to make prayer shawls for local churches and when I think of yarn bombing grrrrrrrrrr. Charity needleworkers should be given the yarn.
  22. Judy – total waste of good yarn…..
  23. JenJen –  I’ve seen crocheted & knitted flowers woven through a mesh fence in a really ugly area…it brightened it up & looked lovely. Other than that, I mostly don’t like it. The yarn could be better put to use making blankets for the poor & needy.
  24. Sharon –  Ive never seen it done here in Australia
  25. Kristen – Gosh it would be great if yarn bombing were made of colored spaghetti!…oh wait, then it wouldn’t be yarn!
  26. Suzzette –  I had never heard of yarn bombing until you asked this question. It is insanely creative and I don’t know how anyone could look at it and not smile! Tho with weather and time i can see how it would get gross but until then I think a lot of people would enjoy it. If you put it up you should check on it regularly tho so you can take it down when it gets gross.
  27. Jana –  I think it’s coming back but slowly
  28. Lynnette –  Most yarn bombings are a waste. But CJ (aka Inner Hooker) recently left coffee cup cozies in a shop with a tag on them. I think this was a sweet and kind gesture.
  29. Amethyst – When done on urban items like bus stop benches, or signs, it can be beautiful. I agree that it should be removable if someone wants to remove it, and should always be done in a natural fiber so that it won’t polute the planet.
  30. Eduarda – HMMMMM I don’t liked!!!!
  31. Rose – definatley kewl!!!
  32. Alicia – i’d rather just toilet paper…much cheaper!
  33. Deborah –  
    I think yarn bombing is really awesome, and I agree that it should be taken down after a few days or maybe a week, and as far as it being a waste of yarn, well, when you take it down it could be taken apart, then yarn washed and then made into something that could be donated to charity. That way you could add a little color to the outside world for a little while an then give something to help someone else out with the remants.
  34. Christin –  i think its a waste of yarn