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Working With Faux Furs + 1 Big Announcement

It was a pretty typical day in the office until – GASP – a package arrived to the editors of AllFreeSewing. If you’re a FaveQuilts fan you’re surely familiar with Shannon Fabrics. Like a swarm of bees who spotted fennel amongst a barren wasteland, we were all over the package from Shannon Fabrics. What could it be? A cuddle kit? Something Suessian? Oh no, something much better…

Faux Fur Kits.

You can imagine how excited sewing editors get when they receive products to try, and I was ecstatic at the opportunity to test run the Sadie Fur Throw & Pillow Cuddle Kits. Before my fellow colleagues could snatch these gems away from me I hurried home and started work on what is now an object of envy in my family. Read on to see how I worked with these gorgeous kits, then look down below for one big announcement!

Sadie Fur Throw Cuddle Kit

Let me tell you, I was most excited to get my hands on this bear of a kit the moment I set eyes on it. The first few minutes with this decadently soft textile was like a dream.




Taking out the pre-cut sheets of fabric for the faux fur throw was like watching a monster emerge from its lair.



fur-6   fur-9

Since I’m no self-proclaimed faux fur expert, I was very relieved to find helpful tips and tricks from Shannon Fabrics wrapped up with the materials to put the throw together.

I was curious over what the backing would look like to this piece, and was thrilled to find a complementary solid brown to the wild, animal print front piece.

fur-11    fur-15

Here the two pieces are side-by-side.


After prepping the faux fur with a light wash, it was time to get started. Shannon Fabrics suggests sweeping a yard stick over your fur pieces once they’re aligned so that the direction of the fabric matches.


Seam allowance for this type of fabric is about 1/2 an inch.




For rounded corners, simply use a 9″ plate.




The rest of this assembly was easy as pie. The only challenge I had sewing this throw was holding it up with my little sewing table.



Do NOT forget to take out all of the pins before sewing your throw closed.




Et voila! A gorgeous, seductively snugly throw.




Sadie Fur Pillow Cuddle Kit

Obviously after creating the larger throw, putting the pillow together took no time at all.

Again, the moment I took the kit pieces out of the wrapping was dream-like.



This process is exactly like the larger throw. You’ll want to pin 1/2″ seam allowance after you’ve faced your right sides together.




I opted for harder, square corners for the pillow, just to switch it up. That really only affected me while sewing. If you’re new to sewing, square corners mean rotating your fabric 45 degrees, make a couple of stitches, then finishing the turn to a full 90 degrees to begin on the next side.




Remember again that those pins need to be removed! I certainly didn’t sew one in because the faux fur was so luxuriously concealing.


Pull your pillow case right side out, and hand sew the opening shut.

fur-44  fur-45

I thought it was hard keeping my co-workers away from the kit before it was finished. I didn’t count on them trying to take it afterwards! The Sadie Faux Fur Throw & Pillow are huge hits at the office, and we’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to win these kits!

Want to win the Sadie Fur Throw & Pillow Cuddle Kits?

You can! Enter the Fabulous Faux Fur Pillow and Throw Kits Giveaway here every day until March 31st and you could have your own incredibly soft, faux fur set! Read the review for the Sadie Fur Throw Cuddle Kit right here; then, read the review for the Sadie Fur Pillow Cuddle Kit right here! Good luck!

Have you ever made anything out of faux fur before?