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Winter and Free Crochet Flowers?

I bet you’re wondering what winter and free crochet flowers have to do with each other. Well, I got a phone call from my sister yesterday with a request. She had wanted me to make her a headband/ear warmer for Christmas because she lives in freezing Minnesota. She knows I’m all into crochet now and thought it would be an easy project for me to work up. Of course I said yes. The only thing that scared me is I’ve never crocheted flowers before, so I was intimidated. Nonetheless, I went home last night and started my magic. Making the actual headband part was really easy; I used half double crochet and made it long enough to fit around my head. Now came the crochet flower part.

Did you know there were so many free crochet flowers on the web? Holy cow, I had such a hard time deciding which pattern to follow. I finally found a rose that I thought I could do, and voila! I did it! I was so proud of myself, I ran downstairs to show my husband right away and show off my talent. Of course his typical answer was “nice”.







I couldn’t find an exact pattern on our site that I wanted to use, so I pretty much just made up my own pattern for the headband part and used a flower from a different site. However, you can find plenty of headbands and ear warmers to choose from on our site; I was just looking for something specific. We also have a lot of free crochet flowers, so be sure you check out the Roses. As you can tell, the flower is a bit large for my head, but hey, if I’m giving it to my sister who has more hair than I do, it’ll probably look better on her. I really love Loops & Threads Charisma yarn for winter projects, which is what I used here.








So now I ask you, are you winter ready? What color yarn will you use?