Win the Sewing Storage Collection of Your Dreams!

Everything Mary Sewing Machine CoverIt’s a good thing we don’t keep the Everything Mary Complete Sewing Storage collection by our desks, or the AllFreeSewing editors would have taken off with it. With a trio that includes a Sewing Machine Cover, Sewing Box, and Rolling Sewing Machine Tote, we find this bunch completely irresistible.

Everything Mary Sewing Machine Cover

The great thing about this exclusive collection from Everything Mary is that each piece includes additional storage opportunities for items. For example, the sewing machine cover not only protects your machine from dust in style, it includes pockets that surround the entire cozy. Thanks to this innovative addition you don’t need to wonder where your seam ripper or patterns are.

Everything Mary Square Sewing BoxEverything Mary Square Sewing Box

We’re particularly excited about the square sewing box that is part of this brilliant prize. The removable trays allow you to stack your supplies in the most space effective way within the square body of this container. Even more helpful is the dome top that provides additional space for goods that you might not otherwise confine in a cube.

Everything Mary Rolling Sewing Tote

 Everything Mary Rolling Sewing ToteWhat we’re really wild about, though, is the rolling sewing tote. As a group of sewing editors who work in an office away from our home bases, a rolling tote would be invaluable. Since the start of the Everything Mary Sewing Storage Collection giveaway we’ve been dreaming about rolling our machines to the office for a sewing soiree. Socials, trade shows, or just a move from one sewing room to another in the house would be made all the easier thanks to this nifty solution.

So, how do you get the Complete Sewing Storage Collection from Everything Mary?

If you want to win this exclusive collection, here’s what we suggest you do…

  1. Like the Everything Mary Facebook page! They’re awesome; you’ll love being friends with them.
  2. Like the AllFreeSewing page. We’re pretty awesome too and want to be friends with you!
  3. Enter here!


  1. durandconnie says

    This would make great storage for me! right now that’s what I’m trying to accomplish with my craft room and failing miserably;) -con

  2. Ruth Griffeth says

    Cannot seem to find the entry for these beautiful storage collection! I would love to enter I would actually be able to store both my Serger and Regular Machine! and to be able to bring them with me easily.

  3. Jamia jones says

    I need this so bad ! So in love with the design. I an upcoming fashion designer. I need this and want this so bad !!! Too excited. I travel alot , I need a professional set like this. I carry my sewing machine everywhers with me.

  4. Ruth says

    Need to have a nice storage . I have to use box’s to put my sewing in and it does not look nice in the when it in the front room . I would love to win this

  5. Nancy Zorn MIcke says

    This is great! I just bought a new machine a few weeks ago – and need the covers and storage items! Thanks for this contest!

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