Whatever Happened to Serenity Looms?

Serenity Looms sold by Hobby Lobby
Whatever happened to Serenity Looms?

Ranking extremely high on my daily views of video tutorials at about 800 views per day is Serenity Looms. Interestingly enough, a regular email and posting I get weekly, is Where can I  find one of these looms?  They are currently off the market. Even though I have posted on the videos they are not available, people are still inquiring where to find them.

Serenity Looms to me were anything but serene, in fact, I swear the ‘S’ configuration was short of “Satan”. Not surprising, the Serenity Looms couldn’t be found on shelves by spring of 2009. They had all vanished without a trace.

The only reason why I have two of them now, is that a viewer found them on the clearance shelf for nearly half price. So she bought the entire shelf out thinking she was getting a bargain. For me, I hadn’t used one yet but was fascinated by the afghan design. I’m not selling them.

I got my Serenity Loom eventually and I was so disappointed with it. My serenity loom fell from my lap and hit the floor and broke as I was starting my first project. The plastic was too flexible and snapped a peg off at the bottom. With no replacement pegs, my loom was garbage. I was pretty ticked off. I found the loom to be too flexible that I believe that if I did something big on it, the loom could potentially snap in half.

I have a rule, I don’t like to criticize current gadgets on the market. However, knowing it was off the market, I figured I can be honest about my feelings and interactions with Serenity.

I ran a second video on how I felt about the loom and its draw backs. The Truth About Serenity Looms. This video got some attention and executives involved with this loom got a hold of me. Knowing already that it went off the market, there were key issues shared in this video which could lead to the re-creation of a similar loom and address the faulty problems going on with it. I was told that it came off the market because the manufacturer’s plant had caught fire and burned to the ground. Regardless of that unfortunate circumstance, this is actually an opportunity for a re-birth to a product that was not doing the greatest.

I’m about giving the consumers choice,give them the knowledge whether it’s good or bad; allow viewers to make the choice. Though my review about Serenity is still negative, there are people who still want the looms. I think human curiosity compels us to want products though others aren’t too happy with it.

So the answer right now is that Serenity Looms are not currently available.


  1. betty wilkinson says

    I wanted to tell everyone that the new Serenity Loom™ is being shipped next week and will be in the Hobby Lobby stores in about a month. I also am taking advance orders on it and you can e mail me at bwilkinson9@cox.net with requests or questions. The gauge will be a little bigger and the shape more streamlined thanks to Mikey’s help.

    I contacted Mikey of the Crochet Crowd and he was kind enough to explain the problems his customers had been having. I implemented these changes and now the Serenity Loom™ should be even more fun to use. Please e mail be with suggestions from your experience. Thanks,
    Betty Wilkinson


    I Am Thinking About Purchasing A Serenity Loom. The Toss Up is Between The Cindwood Universal 48 Inch Or London Gallery Large Pink Loom. Any Suggestions?
    Thank You.

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