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What to Make Today: 21 Crafts for Boys

crafts-for-boysRough and tough it with the boys. It’s no secret that boys like to play in the mud, cheer extra loud for their favorite sports team, and wear a superhero cape around the house. What can you say? Boys will be boys. If you grew up with all girls, like me, and have no idea how to entertain those little balls of energy, then this is the perfect list for you. All these crafts are kid-approved, and boys are sure to have a great time with any and all of them. From football Rice Krispie treats to a Batman bath towel, these crafts for boys are so much fun to make. Sometimes it’s hard to find crafts that boys will be interested in, or ones that will hold their attention, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can choose from sports, science, or superheroes to find the perfect project.

Sports Crafts for Kids

Football Rice Krispie TreatsGo team, go! It’s no secret that little boys love to chant and cheer for their favorite sports team. Whether it’s basketball, hockey or baseball, sports can be so much fun to watch. When you go out to your next ball game, don’t forget to bring the #1 Baseball Fan Sports Craft. You can show everyone just how much you love baseball by being the biggest fan in the entire stadium.

Other Sports Crafts for Kids:


Science Experiment Projects for Kids

Water Bottle RocketYou can fly up, up, and away in your homemade rocket. Well, water bottle rocket, that is. Make the Water Bottle Rocket craft and you can see just how much fun science and physics can be. Science experiment crafts are great for kids because they teach them all about the world and how it works. If you have a naturally curious mind or want to explore everything that is around you, then you will love these crafts.

Other Science Experiment Projects for Kids:

Superhero Craft Ideas for Kids

Earth's Mightiest Avengers Cake PopsAvengers, assemble. Every little boy has a favorite superhero who is someone he looks up to. Whether it’s Captain America or Iron Man, superheroes are great role models. These delicious Earth’s Mightiest Avengers Cake Pops are so cool, and you can make your favorite guy. These superhero craft ideas for kids are great because at the end of the craft, you have something yummy to eat!

Other Superhero Craft Ideas for Kids:

Would you rather do a sports, science, or superhero craft, and why?