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What is Steampunk Jewelry?

Steampunking:  When Victorian feminine style meets robust metallic accents.  It’s the ultimate clash of opposite medias…and it’s the latest craze sweeping the crafting world.

Steampunking gives a whole new meaning to “girly gear”, mixing lace and metal to get the ultimate in jewelry accessories.  Common steampunk supplies include vintage clock gears, cogs, various pocket watch parts, and other brass findings, like washers and nuts.  Mix these odds and ends with feminine lace, Victorian accents, and 18th century style accessories and you’ve got one heck of an art piece.

Similar to mixed media art, steampunk jewelry is great for those who love to shop the thrift and junk stores.  Chances are you could probably create a stunning piece from the stuff sitting in your junk drawer right now!  So gather up those broken nick knacks and let’s turn them into something fabulous!

Get your creative gears moving with this Quick Steampunk Pendant.  This locket charm is a great project for steampunk beginners.  You can easily make it into a necklace, a pin, or even a beautiful Victorian brooch.

I know we’ve got some time before Halloween, but I just can’t wait to make this cute Mini Top HatWhile most steampunk crafts are heavy on the medal, this whimsical top hat is more Victorian with subtle hints of metallic flair…perfect for Halloween, New Year’s parties, or even Mad Hatter Tea Parties!

Speaking of The Mad Hatter, I cannot tell you how much I love these Steampunk CupcakesThese little decadent bites are perfect for Victorian costume parties or masquerades…or even for hosting steampunk crafting parties!

If you ask me, I’m all about simple and savvy jewelry.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a little color and sparkle, but I’d take something soft and feminine over something glitzy and shiny…and that’s why I just love these Faucet Handle Necklaces.  The sweet flower in the center of these steampunk necklaces reminds me that there’s life and joy in even the dirtiest of places!

Even those who don’t really like the technical look of steampunk accessories can still enjoy creating steampunk crafts.  These Full Steam Ahead Earrings use metallic items to make steampunk earrings that look classy and vintage.  I love that these earrings could go with just about anything, from jeans and a tee to a little black dress!

Love the steampunk look but don’t want to wear it?  Steampunk home décor is a great way to add vintage charm to your living space.  This Steampunk Frame is a great way to get started and experiment with different techniques and styles.  A trip to the thrift store or hardware store will give you enough materials to create this frame in no time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited to try this new steampunking craze!  Plus now I have a great use for all my broken watches and jewelry!

What do you think of steampunk jewelry?  People seem to love it or hate it, and we wanna hear what you think!