Wedding Trends: Opposites Attract

opposites-attractYou’ve heard the phrase “opposites attract,” but do they? Yup. What fun would it be to marry someone exactly like you? They wouldn’t challenge you or help you to explore and strengthen new parts of yourself. Life would be predicable. Life would be boring. Transfer that to wedding themes, and you’ve got a similar situation. Sure, a one-note wedding can be beautiful, but imagine the dimension added when completely contrary elements are juxtaposed. That’s when you’ll inspire awe.

If you just can’t put your finger on a theme that encompasses your relationship, the answer lies where you would least expect it: antonyms. If you’re loving the vintage trend, but you just can’t stand to throw another whimsical bicycle wedding, look to modern vintage to give a fun twist on a classic idea. This brilliant method of finding wedding themes that are uniquely you has endless possibilities. Below are some of our favorites, but this list truly goes on and on…

Extravagant Simplicity

Rustic Sophistication

Nature’s Lab

Modern Vintage

Soft Rigidity

Extravagant Simplicity

You’ll find it easier to wrap your mind around these extreme opposites becoming one as you get more used to the idea. In the meantime, use our inspiration to help you better understand what in the world we mean. As with all of these genius concepts, extravagant simplicity can go one of two ways: extravagant details presented simply or simple details setup extravagantly.





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winter-white-bridal-shower-rosette-linen    chand




Rustic Sophistication

Rustic weddings are hot, hot, hot, but taking that concept and turning it on its head makes it that much more spectacular. Add soft, sophisticated elements to the unwieldy harshness of earth, and a beautiful hybrid is born. Sophistication can manifest itself in straight lines, carefully arranged flowers, wine glasses, or chandeliers.


frita green-table-piece



Nature’s Lab

Bring the outside in or the inside out to achieve the fabulousness that is Nature’s Lab. In the gorgeous photo below, an incredibly crafted reception was set up inside a tent, while other inspiration injects man-made materials into nature. Watch handcrafted details mimic nature and experience the amazing result that occurs when “the lab” intersects nature.



Modern Vintage

Trade in plain mason jars for the modernized version to give your wedding spunk. The modern vintage theme can be seen in the increasingly popular Great Gatsby parties, but the concept is hardly limited to that. Infuse a bit of modern moxie into the typical vintage details to throw your guests a curve ball. They’ll be pleasantly surprised that you took a few steps off the beaten path.


gats  full_size

centerpieces   il_570xN.437947366_lhca



dress    cake









Soft Rigidity

Play with shapes to make your wedding one for the books. Contrast sharp lines with soft colors or rigid concepts with more delicate details to execute this wedding theme. Your guests won’t know what hit them, but they sure will be picking their jaws off the floor all night long.



Geometric-wedding-inspiration-33 knot-austin-market-mixer-2013-061

teal-peach-geometric-wedding-19 teal-peach-geometric-wedding-61





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What would your opposites attract theme be?


  1. Laura says

    Thank you so much for this blog!! I can’t tell you how much it has helped me feel sane. I love different aspects of each theme and wanted to coordinate it into my wedding. Also, being on a budget, didn’t make it easier. I’ve found plenty of ideas but it was either or, It was hard to find ideas on blending the ideas together. I felt that I almost have to give up on one style to make work. Now I have direction and can start planning again! Thank you!

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