Wedding Planning Tips: Kid-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Hot Air Balloon Sweets Table

Some brides make the decision to make their wedding a kid-free affair. This can eliminate some hassle. It can also mean some of your most beloved friends and family members will not be able to attend. If you don’t want to force your friends into getting a sitter, try these unique wedding ideas for keeping kids busy at your wedding. These Wedding Planning Tips: Kid-Friendly Wedding Ideas are sure to make it a stress-free experience for both parent and child. As long as you plan ahead and think about the kiddos along the way, you will have no problem having kids (no matter how rambunctious) attend your festivities.

Tip One: Keep Kids Busy and Occupied

DIY Wooden SwingKids act out and start to misbehave when they are bored. If they cannot keep their little brains happy, they start to get rambunctious. The best way to plan for this is to install kid-friendly wedding ideas into your wedding from the start. Surprisingly enough, plenty unique wedding ideas double as boredom-busters for kids.
1. Use free wedding printables like this I Do Printable Activities for Kids during the ceremony and dinner downtime.
2. Install fun little activities like this DIY Wooden Swing, so they have a place to play.
3. For older kids, you can get their brains working with a fun scavenger hunt and photo activity. Free wedding printables are perfect for this.

Tip Two: Involve Them in the Process

Adorable Kids TableKids will also act out when they feel like they are not getting enough attention. Since weddings are such an adult-centered event, you really need to plan for the little ones. If they feel like they’re involved, they won’t act out quite as much. Use these unique wedding ideas to keep adults and kids involved.
1. Give them their very own table at your DIY wedding. If they have their very own space and it is exciting enough, they won’t be running to mom and dad constantly.
2. Let them do some of the big kid stuff like hopping into your DIY photo booth and playing with props like these Goofball Photo Booth Props. Kids absolutely love taking silly photos.
3. Since kids will probably refuse to step out of that DIY photo booth, create a separate play area that is similar for them. This dress-up box is a brilliant kid-friendly wedding idea.

Tip Three: Think Like A Parent

Kid-Friendly FoodOne reason parents are so great at keeping kids busy is that they are fantastic at anticipating what a child will do. When you are planning your wedding, seek out unique wedding ideas that will make your wedding tables and reception kid-friendly and safe.
1. Use unique wedding ideas like these General Store Candy Jars or this Hot Air Balloon Sweets Table to provide sweet treats for the little ones as well as limiting access to it. If you have a candy table, parents can control how much the kids grab instead of your over-worked waitstaff who might have a hard time saying no.
2. Keep wedding tables clear of danger. If you have a beautiful DIY centerpieces at every table, skip it at the kids’ table. This is especially true for DIY centerpieces with glass or lit candles in them. Better yet, find a centerpiece that will be out of reach like these Sensational Sky DIY Centerpieces.
3. Serve kid-friendly food. This is probably one of the most important tips to take with you. Kids will probably refuse to eat your yummy salmon dish or fancy chicken. Be prepared to offer something like these Dinosaur Shaped Sandwiches to keep their bellies happy. Hungry kids are naughty kids.


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