“Best Witches” for a Vintage Halloween!

Ghosts and goblins roam the night, giving kids a dreadful fright!  Don’t distress, they’re not that mean…They just want to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Who remembers awesome vintage Halloween cards like that?  I love the look of holiday themed vintage crafts, and Halloween lends itself so perfectly to a wonderful assortment of vintage-themed projects.  From vintage black cats to a more modern take on old-school steampunk designs, these awesome Halloween crafts will help you get in the spirit of Halloween in no time!

Get your celebration off to the right start with this All Hallows Eve Banner.  Made with various bits and pieces, this festive banner makes a wonderful Halloween decoration.  You could also use this same tutorial and trade Halloween for Christmas or a birthday banner.  The possibilities are endless for this festive party decoration.

And Halloween isn’t Halloween without some pumpkin decorations.  Help your pumpkins last longer by thinking of other creative ways of decorating them, like covering them in vintage lace.  This Vintage Doily Pumpkin is absolutely stunning, and takes minutes to make.  This is a great way to decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving, and it makes a great decoration for those having a fall wedding.

This Needlefelted Pumpkin Cube is another great vintage craft for Halloween.  Made with easy to find supplies and decorated with those classic vintage Halloween greetings, this decorative item makes a great centerpiece or mantel decoration.

Still need some festive costume accessories?  Jazz up your wardrobe with one of these 21 Steampunk Style Jewelry Designs.  By combining different textures, materials, and colors, the art of steampunk gives your jewelry a look that’s totally unique and original.  Use clock gears, washers, keys, lace, and coins to give your projects the vintage look you desire.

And don’t forget to send out your awesome Halloween greetings this year!  This “Best Witches” card is a great way to send your love to friends and family this Halloween.  Use your favorite vintage Halloween greeting and embellish it to create a card that’s sure to please everyone!

Get ready for a classic Halloween with these fun and easy vintage craft ideas!


Do you like the vintage look when you’re decorating for the holidays?  What’s your favorite holiday to decorate for?


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