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Video Tutorials Available Through AllFreeCrochet

It is my pleasure to film Crochet Video Tutorials on behalf of AllFreeCrochet who is affiliated to Favecrafts. Each week, I get to pick 2 tutorials in which to film a step by step video demonstration on. I am broadcasting through AllFreeCrochet’s new You Tube Channel and my own.


Pick stitches or concepts that many viewers would be interested in learning. Teach simple tutorials for beginners but also focus on crochet that is a bit more complex for those who are wishing a challenge. Teach it clearly trying to answer all questions in the tutorial along the way. Keep it quick paced yet slow enough for the majority to follow. Provide the tutorials in both Left and Right Handed so “everyone” has an opportunity to learn.

I work closely with one editor at AllFreeCrochet who decides before filming if the idea I have is appropriate or wanted. Once I get the green light, I begin mentally planning my steps, words, and begin doing up sample peices for my viewers to see.

Open To Suggestions:

I am open to ideas from viewers and fans of Favecrafts, AllFreecrochet & Mikeyssmail. Please note that many patterns are not allowed to be filmed or recorded in what I do without the express written consent of the author. The key to Mikeyssmail is to teach stitches that are standard and sometimes add a twist here and there for interesting creative variation. Many concepts of crochet are considered open source standard crochet stitches which makes many tutorials limitless in possibilities.

Recording of tutorials appears to be easily done as my video programming makes it look pretty snazzy. What appears to be 5 minutes of a tutorial is literally hours in my studio editing out “bloopers” or “hiccups” during the filming. Adding graphics, sounds, and keeping the tutorial flowing seamlessly. I’ve got it down to a science but it all takes time.

If you are interested in a stitch tutorial that you think many people would enjoy seeing, send me an email to mikeyssmail@gmail.com , I will see what I can do to locate it, ensure it’s not copyrighted, and then if time allows to film it.

July’s filming tutorial list is going to be soon drafted up, maybe you have an idea on what you would like to see. This also applies to my own Mikeyssmail You Tube Channel as well.