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Guest Blog: Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Helen Bradley from http design www.http-design.com joins us as a guest blogger.


I’m a self-confessed Valentine’s Day junkie. There’s just one day of the year that I get to use heart-shaped anythings everywhere and I have such a large (and growing) quantity of them. One reason why I have so many is that they’re just so simple to make. If you need heart stamps in all shapes and sizes a sheet of adhesive foam is all you need.

Flip the adhesive backed foam face down on your work surface so that paper side is up. Grab a marker and start drawing hearts of all different shapes and sizes. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut them out and then peel the backing off them and stick them to an acrylic block. Now you can create all sorts of Valentine’s Day projects using your homemade stamps. When you’re done place your stamps on a sheet of acetate (overhead transparencies work well) and file them away until next time.

Heart Stamp

One great way I found to get maximum mileage from St. Valentine’s Day heart madness is to give not just a card but a bundle of gift vouchers to your sweetie. Gift vouchers don’t have to involve money; in fact they’re better if they are just well thought out ‘things’ that your partner would like. If you can write them in a funny way, better still!

Consider a gift voucher for a “one night only” use of the television remote – you can reserve the right, as donor, to leave the room if you don’t like their choices but they get full control. Give a coupon they can use next time they want to be right and win an argument (regardless of how wrong you know they really are). A “You Drink I Drive” coupon making you the designated driver gives them a chance to party and still get home safely. On the practical side, include coupons for breakfast in bed, a day without the dishes – you get the idea.

I use a color theme for my coupons – this year they are pink, red, cream, white and black courtesy of some Junkitz Teresa Collins Love Line paper I have in my stash. I also use shipping and clothing tags of all shapes and sizes as they add instant variety. Color the tags with ink or paint or glue paper to them. Write, stamp or use rub-ons for the gift coupon message. Staple some cut heart shapes to them, wrap one or two in string and shove the lot into a library pocket that you’ve bought or made. I stamped my custom made pocket using some of my home made heart stamps and finished with some lines made by pressing the edge of the acrylic block into ink and then onto the pocket.


When it’s all done you have a very personal Valentine’s gift/card that doesn’t break the bank, it’s a tiny bit green if you make it with recycled bits and pieces and it’s so much fun to make because there are really no rules.

Remember too that even if you don’t have a very special someone in your life you always have special people who would love to receive a special “I love you” pocket full of inspirational quotes or coupons.