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Upcycled Camera Strap Cover Tutorial Plus Earth Week Giveaway!

It’s amazing what you can do with leftover materials lying around your house. Your closet, for example, is a treasure trove of material perfect for refashion projects. This Earth Week, celebrate by creating upcycled projects that are totally simple to make and useful. Reusing fabric and material you have on hand will not only help you make awesome new projects, it will help reduce your carbon footprint. FaveCrafts is happy to offer up crafty ideas that will inspire you to create with the earth in mind!

Day five of our special Earth Week celebration includes a tutorial for an Upcycled DSLR Camera Strap Cover. With just a few supplies and these easy steps, you can make yourself a lovely little cover free of a heavy price tag.  And since we’re celebrating all things Mother Earth, this project calls for shirt material you already own. It’s time to reduce, reuse and refashion with our friend Calley, from The Eco Chic.

Upcycled DSLR Camera Strap Cover



Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric approx. 27”X8” and option lens pocket (to desired size).

Step 2: Place the lens pocket in place at one end of the fabric (on half of the fabric only). Sew around 3 sides of pocket leaving the top open.


Step 3: If you prefer a padded strap you can add the padding to the back at this time. Hem both ends (the 8” width) of the strap cover about 1/2”.

Step 4: Fold the 27” length in half with fronts facing each other and pocket on the inside (it should be folded to approx 27”X4” at this time). Using your lens cap as a guide, measure the desired width and pin both sides of the strap cover. Sew along the length of the fabric being sure to leave the short ends open on each end.

Step 5: Trim the edges and flip so that the right-side of the fabric is now facing out with the pocket at the bottom of one end. Iron flat and feed your camera strap through the cover.

Step 6: You are now a trendy photographer! When taking pictures you’ll never lose your lens cap again because it will be stored safely inside the pocket. Depending on how wide your pocket, you may be able to fit your cell phone in the pocket also.


Note: The sample shown here was not padded but some photographers prefer padded straps. Also, adding elastic to each hemmed end will help keep your strap cover in place.

About the author: Calley is an eco-junkie and mom of 2. I love crafting with repurposed or upcycled materials and have recently taken up photography along with my numerous other hobbies. For more upcycled crafting projects please visit my blog The Eco Chic.

Earth Week Giveaway

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What’s the most creative thing you’ve made with an old shirt?





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