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11 Unexpectedly Simple Embroidery Hoop Crafts

It is no small secret that I am absolutely obsessed with alternative ways to decorate your home. One of my favorite DIY décor ideas is populating gallery walls with new and exciting shapes, sizes, and textures. Hanging printable wall art, canvas art ideas and more can really add some visual appeal to your gallery wall, but to really add eye-popping ideas to your walls, embroidery hoop crafts are the way to go! These DIY cuties allow you to skip the all-square boredom of framed ideas and show off your well-rounded crafting know-how. Adding projects like the 11 Unexpectedly Simple Embroidery Hoop Crafts to your walls easily adds visual interest to your indoor world.

Embroidery Hoop Crafts

11 Unexpectedly Simple Embroidery Hoop Crafts

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What is your fave wall decor piece you have in your home?

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