16 Unexpected Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

The Easter bunny will be hopping around before we know it! There’s no better time than now to start looking into egg decorating ideas to surprise the family with. Go old-school and dip your eggs in dye, or try one of the craftier methods we have rustled up for you. Egg decorating ideas come in all forms, whether you’re using hard boiled or plastic eggs. 

Decorating Easter Eggs

How to Hard Boil the Perfect Egg

Tips to the Perfect Hard Boiled EggHard boiling eggs may be second-nature to some, but many of us struggle to get it right. Always end up with the perfect egg, and take a few hints from our guides below. This year, the first step to the ultimate Easter egg will also be the easiest.

  1. Tips to the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg
  2. How to Boil Eggs for Easter

Coloring Easter Eggs

Natural Dye Easter Egg Tutorial The traditional way of coloring Easter eggs is to take hard boiled eggs and dip them in various dyes. While we have a blast every year dip-dying, there are so many fun ways to color your eggs! Try turning Dad’s old ties into an amazing Easter decorating tool, using a Sharpie to doodle on your eggs, or using Jell-O to tint them.

  1. How to Dye Easter Eggs with Old Ties
  2. Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs
  3. Jell-O Dyed Eggs
  4. Natural Dye Easter Egg Tutorial

Perfect Plastic Eggs

Fabric Covered EggsWho says that Easter eggs are only for eating? You can use fabric, Sharpies, glitter–practically anything–to dress up a set of plastics eggs for Easter! The ideas below will inspire a new and improved Easter egg hunt that the family will love.

  1. Fabric Covered Eggs
  2. Altered Plastic Eggs
  3. Glittered Easter Eggs
  4.  Baker’s Twine Easter Eggs
  5. Yarn and Fabric Covered Eggs

Egg Cozies and Wraps

Simply Pretty Crochet Egg CoversSwaddle your eggs with yarn to give them a soft and cozy look with this warm Easter egg designs. Keep your eggs safe with these cozies; they’re functional and also make for a fun way to decorate.

  1. Chick Egg Cover
  2. Simply Pretty Crochet Egg Covers
  3. Stripe Teapot Cozy and Egg Cozies
  4. Egg Cozy Chick Family
  5. Granny Crochet Easter Eggs


What’s your go-to egg decorating method?


  1. Gabrielle Pawlikowski says

    I’ve been looking for ideas to decorate my eggs this year, and these egg cozies are too cute to resist! What an adorable way to add some pizazz to Easter, and something that I never would have thought of on my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Lily says

    When I was little my grandma used to always knit egg cozies for Easter. There are still some of them sitting in a bowl in my parents house, even though it’s been years since my grandma passed. I don’t have my grandma to pass down the tradition, but I love the idea of picking up the hobby myself. Thanks for the diverse list!

  3. Sabrina Hill says

    The egg cozies!! I never would have thought to put cozies on an egg, but it’s so adorable. Also, who know those old ties were secret decorating tools? With Easter this upcoming weekend, these are some great ideas to get started on during the week!

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